September 4, 2011

Sum of His Parts Tues + World Cup Monday (inspired by Susan:)..Soccer Playoffs in New Zealand - Go Team RA Go!

                                          If a man is truly the sum of his parts....

Is he checking for an invasion of FAN GURLZ*he can run, but he can't hide..well, NZ is a challenge:)


In the mood to exercise your God-given right to vote? Well then, what do you think about the above TDH man..might he be the sexiest one on British TV?  Probably not a surprise to you that my reply is - Most Certainly!! If you feel the same way, you can vote daily for him

Sue, aka Susan, informs me Ian (RA's character) is actually playing Rugby in these Ultimate Force pix

New feature called ‘I Read it on Twitter‘:
~~ RT: 'Callipygian' is a word coined by the Ancient Greeks ('kallipygos') that means 'having beautiful buttocks'.
~~ In Medieval England 'aleconners' were officially appointed in each ward to test the quality of locally brewed beer. [Can almost hear dh’s reaction to that one..”they had their priorities in order.” *bottoms up!* Oooh, look how nicely this one ties into the previous quote]
~~ The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing. MARCUS AURELIUS (121-180)
~~ The US Navy has more aircraft carriers than all the other navies in the world combined.
Last but certainly not least for today:
~~ WARNING if you get a tweet from me with a link asking you to look at canned meat DON'T OPEN IT .. its SPAM!

I truly do believe American football teams should inaugurate the European soccer teams' tradition of ripping off their shirts at the end of each match.  Listen up National Football League!! *dream on woman*


Past Post: See adorable *laughing baby* vid


                                                   Saved the best for *the end*

Wicked Game: Guy & Marian (Richard Armitage fanvid) from angie long on Vimeo.

Do me a favor - just pretend the following isn't here... the following until you read RA's credit and you'll automatically be absolved from ogling Stapleton & Winchester above *amen:)*   I've narrowed listening to the Project Dawn theme song from 5Xs daily down to about twice a day.  Estimate in another week I'll be satisfied to only hear it at the beginning of each new ep...


Sue said...


You little beauty! Thanks for putting up those piccies of Richard in Ultimate Force. I remember actor Ross Kemp giving what is apparently known as a "hospital pass" to Richard while playing rugby (in character of course). Wouldn't mind hospitalising Richard myself!(Or at least being in a scrum with him - same difference!) Apparently RA had to learn how to play rugby before he could do that role (yet another string to his bow!)

PS: Being calling Susan takes me back to my school days, (many moons ago) when I was always called by my full name when in trouble.

RiCrAr said...

hee hee Sue:)..I can hear the teacher now.."Susan! why are you and Richard late returning from recess and why does he look so crumpled?" If you'd been his *first* he'd no doubt have quite pleasant memories to last a lifetime.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the rugby pix. Being in a scrum with RA does sound like a tempting treat...scrumilicious *heart flutter*

Fingers crossed that Recognize mag will release either the vid or interview this week. They are masters at the slowww tease.

Sue said...

Well Richard did seem to like it alfrisko (sorry I mean alfresco of course!)Maybe it wouldn't have been in a tent, just the back of the bike sheds! I wonder if his "first" ever read his comment in that interview?Maybe her recollection is just a little bit different from Richard's. Memorable though I'm sure. I loved his comment that "I probably wasn't very good" - ahh.... little sweetheart.(How many men would admit to that!) Any improvement do you think?Practice does make perfect of course and RA did say some time ago that he wasn't short of dates. (Assuming he wasn't referring to the type of fruit that you eat - never really liked those myself).

Love the piece about the word for lovely buttocks, perhaps Richard should adopt it for his nickname?

RiCrAr said...

Great idea re a lovely buttocks nickname for him, Sue. *Peaches* of course has been RAworld's code word for many yrs - that doesn't mean we can't develop our own RA dictionary. Too bad 'deep throat' has a nasty connotation because that would be an ideal
reference to his voice.

If you enjoyed the buttocks trivia, you'll no doubt have a good laugh at the list of Female/Male stages of life..e.g. at 17 a female fantasizes about a TDH while the male needs only a thought about a breathing female.

Violet said...



RiCrAr said...

Yes Violet - an actor who fills our minds with interesting thoughts, our ears with dulcet sounds, and eyes with nature's beauty - definitely deserves CLOSE UPS!:)