September 8, 2011

Chartwell Photo Taken by RA fan + Bonnet vs Bugs + Pic Poll + Richard Armitage: Various & Sundry

PIC  POLL choices..which do you prefer?
1.  The Real Thing

2.  Lucas

3.  Porter or as it sounds to me when RA says it - *Portah*

Following photo was taken by @suseng3.  Many RA fans are world travellers and my #ff today caught up with her in Kent, England where she had visited Chartwell(see below) - Winston Churchill's family home.  As you no doubt know, Sir Winston was the product of a 'special relationship'.  His father was Sir Randolph Churchill and his mother, Jennie Jerome, was an American. 

Bonnet vs Bugs article...referring to scheduling of Spooks 10 opposite Downton Abbey.  See comments below on the subject..

Keep voting daily: (have to admire RA fans persistence, but we know who is the most talented and sexiest Brit actor..the experts on that topic don't need verification from outside sources) *winks & nod*

Guy pic above with what looks like bales of straw, is a reminder the Fall season is upon us.  the colors of this time of year are burnished golds and rusty oranges/reds - they reflect the changing leaves

Musa says she's experiencing heart palpitations after seeing Dr Track's pic above.  Might he rush in to take her pulse and administer mouth to mouth resuscitation if she faints?  I'd better get to the comment box asap just in case she collapses after seeing more of the good doctor...*silly sausages* :)

                                                                w~i~b~b~l~e :P

Isn't it amazing how..errr,,,professional he looks whether coming or going;)

Recent interview with Spooks10 writers:

Couple interesting *I Read it on Twitter*...



Musa said...

Dr. Track! I think I'm having heart palpitations that require his attention. Must watch Golden Hour soon!

Can't believe Downton is on at the same time as Spooks 10 in the UK. Of course if Lucas was still on the Grid, I know which one I would watch.

RiCrAr said...

I've added more Track, Musa, in hopes he'll rush into our dreams and administer mouth to mouth resuscitation after we pass out in his presence.

I agree - Spooks would be my first choice to watch, but want to see Downton eventually as well. Didn't I see a tweet to the DA twit acct asking if it will start here the day as UK. Believe the response was "on a different day." I didn't see a date though..hoping we won't have to wait too long for a slice of the lemon drizzle cake:)

Musa said...

Thank you Ricrar for more of dashing Dr. Track...swoon...faint...

An orange jumpsuit never looked so good...

MsG said...

that half-naked enhanced photo of Guy made me look twice at that little ghoul on the left hand corner!!
Must be my mind....I do apologise.

RiCrAr said...

hahaha..LOL..MsG, I never noticed the positioning of that 'little ghoul' until now. You're definitely naughty but nice:) *blushing all over with innocence..teehee*

In my defense, the distance of the ghoul makes methink he's a wee bit too far away to be anatomically correct. Thx for all the interesting *cough* mental images:)

MsG said...

yes if it was placed within his fist, slightly to the right, we would be snorting with laughter! ;D

RiCrAr said...

*snort,snort* anyway:) haha

See new pic in most recent post of HenryVIII's armor. I sent the person who snapped the pic (over the wkend) a tweet saying "if HenryVIII was anything like Jon Rhy Myers portrayal of him, we get the armor imagery."

Talk about Homeland Security *giggle*

Sue said...

I noticed that Julian Fellowes who has written Downton Abbey has had a bit of a whinge in the Telegraph today. Apparently he was fed up with people finding fault and correcting him on apparent historical inaccuracies. He said that they were just showing off and trying to make themselves out to be superior beings basically. (I heartily agree, they are a pain in the backside and should get a life. Personally I couldn't give a vicar's fart if a TV aerial is in shot or not).

For more info visit:

RiCrAr said...

Sue, I agree that inaccuracies of trivial things such as a TV aerial are inconsequential and that those pointing them out are only being self-important nuisances.

My beef is with film-makers/directors such as Oliver Stone who claim inaccurate historical facts and present them as truth in their movie. He did exactly that in his film about President Kennedy. When asked why he did not give the accurate story, Stone said he had creative license to do so.

They're free to write whatever they want when it comes to fiction BUT delieberately twisting important historic facts, IMO, is totally non-acceptable. When directors/writers do that, they're teaching bogus history to the younger generation. As you can see, it's one of my primary peeves with Hollywood. That and the fact 98% of those creating LaLaLand films are politically biased to the Left and always try to make the Right look like mean greedy jerks.

The clownish movie producer Michael Moore comes to mind - he makes sham documentaries containing completely inaccurate information and then pawns them off as truth to many gullible viewers of the Liberal persuasion.