September 19, 2011

PJ's Nov Schedule via (see link)+ Commenters Discuss RA's Voice(Nov 2010) + Spooks 10, ep 1(also Unpopcult Reviews) + John Thornton and Harry Potter..Clever vid by bccmee

Past Post with much discussion about RA's voice, PJ's Christmas list, etc:
From a Sue comment that day…”Richard really does have a wonderfully rich and decidedly sexy voice. I know many fans liken it to Sean Bean, but as I've mentioned before SB's voice conveys the message "I am what I am, like it or lump it" attitude, where Richard's voice conveys something like "I'm a naughty little lad at heart, full of fun and mischief".

Then Musa said...
“I love his voice. Not only because of how deep and beautiful it is, but because of how many layers of emotions he can express just by how he says one single word. Other actors have beautiful voices, but RA's voice has the greatest range and versatility of all I think..”

Comment capture:  Angie recently said "I never stop missing Guy.."

Details of PJ's filming schedule for November..

There are posts of mine from at least 2yrs ago expressing the amazing resemblance of Daniel Radcliffe to RA...might've even inferred he reminded me of an RA mini-me:)  Bccmee's talents bring the comparison to life...


Comment cap: one of our clever commenters responded to the fact Brendan Coyle said in a recent interview that he's ready to marry.  Her reaction was "too bad he's well past his sell by date" *chuckle*  Then Sue added "By the way I forgot to mention in the post above about GOG's nemesis (his sister Isabella)actress Lara Pulver. She was actually very good in Spooks last night, not over the top like the actress in Strike Back, Amanda Mealing. It looks like a very good meaty role for her."
Yet another comment capture:  Musa said "It was great to read the inteview with Brendan Coyle. I've been watching him in Larkrise to Candleford lately, my PBS station has been showing the series on Saturdays for a while now. I've liked Brendan in every role I've seen him in. Since we know Julian Fellowes has seen North & South and is obviously a fan, wouldn't it be wonderful if he would write a series or movie for RA! I'm also a fan of Julian Fellowes since seeing him in Sharpe!"

New Spooks vid by Musa-Fabo


Notes made while watching first ep of the final series of Spooks.  Will avoid spoilers.
--Harry repeating "shoot me now" to Lucas on rooftop reminds me of a fav Bugs Bunny cartoon..


--The bloody hand..Yikes!
--didn't I just glimpse "Harvey Oswald" on one of those file papers?
--"debrief" *snigger* forms..pills..leather gloves..hmmmm
--surprised to see black spear-headed wrought-iron fence.."our nanny state outlawed use of those decades ago"
--Harry: "my mistake"  Ruth: "someone jammed the guillotine"  Ruth:..."wanted forgiveness"
--CIA hdqtrs.."here we go again..another obnoxious agent..well, it is Obama Adm:) afterall"
--Home Secy to Harry:"would it have killed you to pick up a golf club now and then?" Harry's reply: "Yes, it might have"
--"new big boys: China..."    oh really? haha..if Americans ever stop buying all their *stuff* it will be turn out the lights for that country - the financial party would be over for them.
--Tariq looks much older..
--Erin(Lara Pulver): "conduct a ghostsweep - leave everything as found"
--found myself admiring her close-fitting narrow jeans & made mental note to buy some jeggings
--Was it Calum or Dimitri's line.."just like we were never here" *hahaha*
--Did Dimitri just say he misses killing people????:O
--As soon as young Russian explained who he was my mind decided the two people in the room were more closely related then it appeared at first blush...dumdedumdum..obviously been watching too many spy dramas
--cute line from cia official to Harry "are you too British for a hug?" and Harry's reply "are you too American for a handshake?"
--Russian reception taking place at Bannon Hall?? I have to look it up to see if it's an authentic location or fiction..
--ahhh, silver-tongued Harry line: "very glamorous..yes, you'll fit in perfectly"
--At the very moment of most confusion on-screen, after Erin barked an order to other agents, my mind noted "Lara Pulver said RA is a firm friend"..
--made a mental note: "Dimitri's snug fitting long sleeved dark blue tshirt looks same as the one worn by Lucas North....get those yummy pix!" (are they recycling some of LN's wardrobe?:)
--Ruth line: "some say the past is a foreign country" Harry: "One it's difficult to leave.."

Very exciting storyline..enjoyed ep 1 very much.  Had the same thought I had when the long running series '24' ended - viewers are insane not to demand a couple more years of such a well-written show.  That category of TV show is very scarce....well written that is...

Let's see what the reviewer at Unpopcult picks up on for following 3 shows: Spooks, ep 1; Strike Back ep5; Downton Abbey ep 1..
September 19, 2011 .....CJ Cregg
Er… What happened to all the running and the shooting?

Harry’s been on enforced leave (“At one particularly dark moment, I actually considered gardening” – Heh) since the whole Albany and “Lucas/NotLucas” business, but the Home Secretary wants him back to make friends with the Russians. This poses a problem, as Harry’s already been a bit too friendly with a particular Russian a long time ago, and that particular secret is about ready to bite everyone in the butt.

I just wish it would hurry up about it. After a classically Spooks-style assassination in the first few minutes of the episode, we then had to sit through about forty minutes of staring and glaring, before the action picked up again, and while this type of slow-burning Cold War intrigue can be a great idea, it’s not what we watch Spooks for, is it? I was bored, to be honest.

I do love Harry, but the show is crying out for a Ros or a Lucas to do the high-octane action stuff, while he does the tortured and sardonic manoeuvring in the background, rather than shoving it front and centre. And instead of giving Dimitri, who’s more than up to the task, the chance to step into the shoes of the dearly departed, we’ve got two new characters who aren’t up to much at all. Section Chief Erin is about as exciting as a boiled egg and self-satisfied git Calum is a buffoon. Which doesn’t bode well for the next 5 episodes. What we need is more Demetri, more Tariq, less of the two new no-marks and everything to happen a lot faster, or this one last series is going to be one last series too many.

Couple more interesting comments:
MsG said: " has it's downsides as well as it's ups! (RA no less....and blogs for us to have a good ol' natter on)"

Laura comment: “I have a question that maybe y'all can help me clear up. In the "Vicar" Video, at just after 6:03, when Harry is talking about doing the accounts for Geraldine's friends. He leans back on the couch, and says, "Just Owen's to do now..." and right after that, says something that I have not been able to catch. Does anybody else know what it is? It's been driving me nuts for YEARS (which, admittedly, is not a long trip). It happens at 6:06, to be precise…” [Ricrar: Sue stepped in to help]

Teuchter made her first comment..(hope it‘s not her last):
“Lots of reasons to dawdle here and lots of places too! ;) *Blush*”

Happily it was's Teuchter comment responding to Laura's query:  Geraldine says "That shouldn't be too difficult" to which Harry replies, "No, except he's told the tax office he's dead!" Hope that helps! Such a cute scene! Isn't Harry just adorable?"


Teuchter said...

Geraldine says "That shouldn't be too difficult" to which Harry replies, "No, except he's told the tax office he's dead!"

Hope that helps! Such a cute scene! Isn't Harry just adorable?

RiCrAr said...

Thx Teuchter:) Hopefully Laura has seen your helpful explanation.

Yes, Harry probably improved the public's impression of accountants tenfold. Believe his glasses had the strongest effect on me. They helped add credibility to the story. We all know at least one handsome man with a humble personality - Gerry's new parishioner became exactly that - especially when wearing his glasses.

Musa said...

Thank you for posting my Lucas/Beth vid :) I really liked the first episode of Spooks 10 and look forward to more, but I missed Lucas so much.

Loved going down memory lane with the blog comments :)

I need Harry to do MY taxes. I wouldn't mind tax time so much, I would look forward to it. Maybe a romantic dinner while we go through all the paperwork.

Sue said...

I liked the joke Geraldine made about accountants and pencils myself. That would certainly put me off chewing the end of any pencils! Trouble is it also had me imagining Richard as Harry "working it out with a pencil" and I'm not talking arithmetic here!

PS: It would be well worth me getting into arrears with my accountant if Harry came to collect them! (My God I might even consider paying his fees in advance!)

RiCrAr said...

So true, Musa, if our accountants, handyman, plumber, etc all looked like Richard we'd be deep in debt after requesting their services for any lame excuse possible:)

haha Sue..Harry's pencil and former Pres Clinton's cigar...ooooh, we're definitely using our imaginations to provide some steaminess during this lonnnng RA drought.

Reminds me of the joke: "where do naughty girls go?" Answer:
"wherever they want to go".