September 17, 2011

Tyrion(Peter Dinklage) of Game of Thrones Wins Emmy + Guy's Little Sister Stars in Spooks 10


Thx to Musa - here's an interesting article about Brendan Coyle who played Mr Higgins in North and South.  In fact, this excerpt explains why the Downton Abbey writer was inspired to write Brendan's role in that period drama:  "EXCERPT: The thing is, in the flesh Brendan is, well… he’s Mr Bates – stoical but broodingly passionate and very sexy. Julian Fellowes wrote the character for Brendan after he saw him in the 2004 BBC series North And South because, he has said, he knew ‘he had the capacity to suggest a character’s bitterness and painful past without doing too much to indicate it’.

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Tyrion towers over all actors in the supporting actor category:
no small feat for vertically-challenged actor - Peter Dinklage (centerpiece of the saga: Tyrion in Game of Thrones)


Sue said...

Looking at all those RH piccies really makes me yearn for GOG. It was pure fantasy that character, what a shame the BBC don't repeat the series.

Looking forward to watching Spooks series 10 on the telly tonight. The BBC have been selling the new show like crazy (should have done that last year!)

It won't be the same without RA but I'll soldier on bravely. From the glimpses of the trailers it looks exciting this season, the scriptwriters seem intent on going out with a bang (poor Harry I think he's going to get it this time).

Saw Hugh Jackman on the Jonathan Ross show last night. He seems quite nice but not a patch on our Richard. (No luscious thighs for a start, a big drawback in my opinion).

I've just changed my browser to Google Chrome and it's driving me mad. For some reason it takes ages to load your website RiCrAr. It is simply taking too long for Richard to warm up (and that will never do will it?)

RiCrAr said...

Hi Sue, I've added more videos than usual the past few days, perhaps that slows things down. Will return to past practice with fewer vids..let me know if it speeds up loading time for you.

I'll check for that Jackman interview on youtube..he's another one of those rare actors w/contained egos. He & Richard keep to their knitting(so to speak) and don't concern themselves with areas not in their expertise. Then there are our prima donna entertainers who believe fame makes them wise on all topics. When they start promoting their political biases, it totally turns me off to their acting. e.g. Sean Penn(Yck!dumb & dumber:) He married Madonna..nothing more needs to be said*chuckle*

Geo Clooney might be nice to look at, but his political diahrrhea of the mouth erases any charm whatsoever for me. Have never watched an entire movie of his...they're usually silly featherweight fair anyway - not worth the time. Leonardo diCaprio is more discriminate in choosing interesting films & roles..sadly he no longer provides any eye candy. If I'm going to spend 2hrs of my life watching a film, it's nice to have all senses simultaneously engaged. Of course, course, if the storyline is rivetting that will over-ride the other considerations for me and I will watch. That's happened a couple times w/diCaprio films.

Enjoy Spooks - hope you'll let us know what they say about Lucas:)

angieklong said...

I only know Tanni Tani from FB and the Richard Armitage Friends Network. She's a new member from the Ukraine. We were discussing how Richard reminds us of certain animals--big cats, wolves--and she did those clever manips. So I countered with my Alpha vid.

I don't have the heart to watch Spooks anymore. I got so upset over what they did to the character of Lucas--not the fact he died so much as the way they assassinated the character before he ever jumped. So at least I don't have to resort to any under-handed methods to watch in a timely fashion *ahem*

angieklong said...

Oh, and I never stop missing Guy. That's why I write Sloth Fiction and have him hang around my den eating junk food and verbally sparring with John Porter aka "Soldier Boy" . . .

RiCrAr said...

Hey there Angie:) Agreed about Lucas in Spooks but after watching for 3series, I'm curious to see what happens to Harry/Ruth. Altho' I fear for him in particular after being warned all viewers should sip on some of Agent Pierce's fav brand of whiskey for the final 6hrs of the series:O

It's undeniably true that Richard created a rivetting character in Sir Guy...and Lucas North...and John Thornton. There's an adage in reference to 'puter technology - "garbage in garbage out" but in RA's case we can use the reverse - "Solid Gold in, Solid Gold Out!"

I've just recommended your new vid Fantasy on twitter and will add it here asap. Really enjoyed it.

p.s. The lion/wolf GiFs are terrific.(rather partial to the lion myself w/mental images of trying to tame him..grrrr) Isn't it amazing how Richard inspires so many different forms of creative expression from his fans.

Sue said...

Watched Spooks last night and it was a real corker of an episode with all sorts of skeletons falling out of Harry's murky closet! (I won't reveal what they are for fear of spoiling it for those that haven't watched it yet). Suffice to say it may not be a happy ending after all for Ruth and Harry as it seems an old Russian lover makes an appearance and muddies the waters a little I predict. Another clue is "who's the daddy".

Now for our dear departed Lucas/John Bateman. He did indeed meet his end (that doesn't quite sound like I meant it to). All we got to see in the first episode of Spooks was a blood stained hand at the bottom of the tower block. (It wasn't even Richard's hand, ha, can't fool us fans producers we'd know those gorgeous piano fingers anywhere, besides his fingernails were too long!Doesn't RA keep his nails trimmed short?)It did show a few past clips of Lucas though which was nice.

It looks like Spooks 10 is going to be a bumpy ride for Harry as MI5 are up against those pesky Ruskies!

It's my security software that's slowing my computer down RiCrAr, blummin' thing!

RiCrAr said...

I've watch ep 1 as well Sue...really enjoyed it. See my notes above.

My fav line was after Calum & Dimitri were given orders to conduct a ghost search and you know what occurred - the line "like we were never here"haha

Did they recycle Lucas' snug-fitting dark blue tshirt for Dimitri? Looked very familiar but not nearly as sexxxxxy on the latter.

As usual, the story was very exciting...don't know why your viewers aren't protesting the decision to call it a day for the series. I was sorry to see our long-running series '24' fade away. The number of tv shows that are that well written can be counted on the fingers of one hand...both countries combined:)