September 13, 2011

Lara Pulver Mentions RA in Wylie Interview + The Final Splat! (how insensitive:) - RIP Lucas North

It's only fitting that the newest character should be included in this LN tribute - sort of a preview of the next career stage for RA...*The last character is dead!  Long live the next character!* Watch also for a North and South mention...


NEWS: Lara Pulver mentions RA in Ian Wylie interview:

Downton Abbey fever is rampant in UKland..clever:

Pretend it says Spooks 10


Sue said...

It looks like GOG set a precedent for the rest of Richard's characters. Guy bought it in RH, then Lucas North, and I wouldn't be surprised if John Porter didn't pop his clogs in the 2nd series of Strike Back either.Not to mention the fact that poor old Thorin cops it in The Hobbit too!I hope this isn't a bad omen for Richard's career.

RiCrAr said...

If it's a bad omen, Sue, it certainly had the reverse effect career-wise. The day can't come soon enough for fans, when Richard will have the luxury of choosing among many role offers. I take it you've not yet seen the 2nd series of SB?

Most of the reviews and comments from viewers of SB1 make it clear they're downright perplexed and disappointed Porter did not resume his role as the leading character.

Have you decided which show you will watch this Sun(Spooks vs Downton Abeey) and which you'll record? My first choice would be rejoining those on the grid - the lemon drizzle cake should stay fresh for a couple days:)

Making myself hungry - off I go to raid the's almost lunchtime and I've not yet eaten a thing.

Musa said...

I love Dollhouse Downton! Clever kids,very clever kids.

I'm very curious now to see Lara Pulver in Spooks. I hope she and RA get a chance to work together again, and not as enemies this time.

RiCrAr said...

Agreed about Lara, Musa. It was so sweet of Richard to email her on her first day of Spooks filming.

I recall a RH3 interview when Lara described RA as very hard working. And in one of his early interviews for the same series he described her as having coloring similar to GoG - as well as enjoying the feeling of having a sister (since he really has only one sibling..a brother).

Guess everyone Recognize's that mag will probably not be published..wasn't it supposed to be in the Sept edition? which is half over.

Sue said...


I've not seen the 2nd series of SB, as I don't subscribe to Sky TV. I don't think I'll bother buying the DVD either, although I may weaken when it's released. I'm not keen on all the male posturing thing it seems to have in it. I much preferred the original format, which set it apart from the rest of the Neanderthal programmes on TV. Still I don't suppose the producers were all that pleased at Richard's decision to duck out of the series either. I don't blame him though, The Hobbit is a wonderful opportunity to break into films.

I will be watching Spooks on BBC1 on Sunday night and recording Downton Abbey, mainly because of the adverts on ITV. I can then watch it back without any distractions, although it will probably only be about half an hour long with the dastardly adverts edited out!

Spooks 10 looks exciting and I think they'll give Harry a wonderful exit which will make it a great finale for the series. Perhaps Harry will actually die this time, he must have used up all his nine lives during the length of the show after all, surely?

RiCrAr said...

Agreed Sue that SB2 takes the alpha male escapades a bit too far. The Scott character seems to spend at least half his screentime in his birthday suit..nice one though it is, it's really gratuitous. Sullivan Stapleton(Aussie) plays that character - IMO he's running away with the show..leaving poor Winchester in his dust..not only in the ladies man dept. I read a review today describing him as 'charasmatic'. I wouldn't go that far..he's slightly rough around the edges for my taste, but he definitely has tinges of our hero Porter. Stapleton's acting has an edge & intensity - that & his huge stunning blue eyes and muscular body give him a 7 with Richard as the gold standard 10.

If I'm successful in catching Spooks/Downton (we have our ways..(bwahahaha:) will be happy to compare notes with you next week.

Yes, Harry deserves to be sent off in true Spooks fashion although I would prefer a romantic ending for him..with Ruth of course. It might've been Ian Wylie who said everyone needs to sip on some of Harry's whisky for the final 6hrs of the show.

p.s. Tonight the actor who played Vaughan in S9 will appear in SB it Ian Glen?