September 29, 2011

New RA Pix:Treasure Trove Found Thx to Fabo for the alert & to Daria for Pix

This is just the latest in a long list of serendipities for me since first discovering our fav actor a couple yrs ago.  Stared for a few min at the jacket he's wearing above and then realized it's very similar to one I purchased last Winter altho mine is a deep blue color.  Something tells me I'll be wearing my jacket far more often than planned until today...


Lucas mode with beard & wee piece of lint:) will be easily it some leftover mill fluff?:)

New Showtime Network series called 'Homeland' stars Damien Lewis.  He plays a US marine held prisoner by alQaeda for 8yrs(what is it about prison & 8yr sentences:)  He returns home but is strongly suspected of having ulterior motives by a female CIA operative.  Series promotion provides ep 1...hope it's available to everyone...

Humor me:)
Saw it on Twitter: Cancer is hubby, I’m Sagittarius & RA is Leo…my astrology sandwich

#Cancer is one of the best signs to marry because they always try to keep their partner happy. (slightly edited-- it was more specific)
#Sagittarius are known to be intuitive, they tend to rely on their gut instincts
#Leo has such amazing charisma they can easily reach their goal without making an enemy.
#Cancer with there gripping might, will never let go of their loved one no matter what and only want to be cherished in return.
#Sagittarius will give pure passion and nothing less to their loved one, and want patience in return.
#Leo will always show their true and utter love for their loved ones and want understanding in return.
#Cancer's are very flirtatious but are considerate & respectful to their partner.
#Sagittarius will give the world to their love, but can easily snatch it right back if wronged.
#Leo the Lion is a mighty leader and go-getter. They get irritated when they see others being lazy and not living life to the fullest.




judiang said...

That beard on him is growing on me. Gonna have to confess that, but only on HIM. :D

RiCrAr said...

Hey there judiang:) know exactly what you mean by the beard growing on you. Might be the age-old "absence makes the heart grow fonder" syndrome. There are many more luscious new pix..will add more asap. In meantime want to share the luv on twitter. Doesn't it feellike Fri despite being Th:)

Musa said...

ooooh - I can see you wearing that coat all the time now Ricrar and thinking of RA...

I love all his pics with the various dark coats and the blue suit, brings out the blue of his eyes...and standing there on the stairs..Gorgeous.

Daria has made this a wonderful day!

Judiang! Even you can't resist the beard :) I confess, I like him with the beard, without the beard, with stubble...

Teuchter said...

WOW!! Is he gorgeous or what?? Those skin tight jeans sure emphasize his amazing thighs! :D

Sue said...


Just seen your item about star signs. I'm Cancer, so obviously I'll agree with everything said on your blog!(It is very accurate though).

As for those designer clothing Richard is modelling they're not very original are they? I also have a hooded sheepskin coat similar to the one Richard was wearing. I do like the overcoat with large lapels on him, that's my favourite and it suits him the most. That again isn't very original in style, looks a bit like an old army trench coat.

Musa said...

Looking at the pics again I wonder if RA has those incredible thighs insured by Lloyd's of London?

Carolynd1 said...

Gorgeous pics! That first pic of him on the stairs with his amazing thigh and his shirt unbuttoned turns me on more than you want to know. LOL

RiCrAr said...

Well, think it's safe to say "the thighs have it!!" Might find a medical description listing the physical benefits of having well developed thighs. *whimper*

You're right about the jacket, Musa..can't wait for the temps to fall so I can slip into it and feel the surrounding warmth - might forget it's being provided by the fleece lining and instead remember who else wore one very similar.

Yes, Teuchter, know everyone here agrees he's absolutely gorgeous...we can see the intelligence streaming from his eyes(attempting to sound like a somewhat objective female here..haha)

Oh yes, we do want to know Carolyn *winks*..know you're capable of eloquently making it very tell all *please,please*
RA dreamers think alike...found myself counting the number of buttons undone on his snug fitting shirt. What a tease he is and we luvvvvvv it *YUM!*

Teuchter said...

LOL re the undone buttons RiCrAr and Carolyn!! How did I manage to miss that? I don't remember seeing that many open before - below the "chesticles" even. Sometimes just a hint of what is underneath is even better than revealing more! *Cough*

MsG said... hmmm...hello....thank you....missed a few days...catching up...mmm...thighs...stop it...rolling tongue back up...thighs...sorry thank you

Carolynd1 said...

Oh yeah, thigh got my eye, then my eye just started upward and that's when I noticed he had the extra button undone..then I was undone..

RiCrAr said...

Commenters write an RA poem:


Oh yea, thighs got my eyes
Noticed he had extra button undone
Then I was undone

Does he have those thighs insured by Lloyds of London?
How did I miss the undone button?

I do like the overcoat with large lapels on him the most
The other looks like an old army trenchcoat

That beard on him is growing on me you see.......THE END

Joanna said...

He looks intimidating:)
So H A N D S O M E!.
Am I ridicoulous or only pathetic?

MsG said...

Ya poem tops the lot Ricrar! ;D ;D ;D

RiCrAr said...

Joanna, you're neither ridiculous or pathetic - just feeling the effect we're all experiencing when we gaze at thos pix...especially the 7th down..*falling in a heap*

Haha MsG..the poem would be nothing without *phlubberhoorrshlurperr*...takes it to a whole new level:)...of what I'm not sure *winks* teehee

Joanna said...

Yeah Dear RiCrAr!:)
"especially the 7th down"...and the 6th...and 4th..then i mentioned
second and first photho?:D