August 30, 2011

Spooks Thursday + Cultbox Chooses Lucas North as One of Five Top Spooks Characters + Zelda Thornton's Beautiful Artwork

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Relevant excerpt:  Lucas North
(Richard Armitage)
Surely the most ambiguous character in the show’s recent history, Lucas North first appeared at The Grid after eight years in a Russian prison. Covered in gang tattoos and finding huge difficulty in adapting to life back in MI5, Lucas’ eventual promotion to section leader was Harry’s riskiest decision even at the time. He managed to win everyone over with his gambler’s instinct and ability to think on his feet.

However, his past caught up with him spectacularly, when it turned out that he was an imposter. It was revealed that he had put his life on the line time after time to assuage the guilt of what he had done when he met the real Lucas North. His final confrontation with Harry Pearce on a rooftop was one of the most memorable series finales in the show’s history.

Current results follow of their poll asking "Which is your favourite 'Spooks' generation?" I couldn't decide between Lucas,Ros,Jo,Tariq or the list now in second place...finally chose the first(shorter list) Both mentioned my two fav characters Lucas and Jo.  Of course, my Spooks viewing only began with series 7.  After being introduced to the Jo character, I did search out her previous series at youtube in order to learn how she was recruited for the grid.  Here are their current poll results:

Adam, Ros, Zaf, Jo
137 21.5%
Ros, Lucas, Jo, Ben, Connie
122 19.2%
Lucas, Ros, Jo, Tariq
82 12.9%
Tom, Danny, Zoe, Helen
66 10.4%
Adam, Ros, Jo, Ben, Connie
61 9.6%
Tom, Danny, Zoe, Christine, Sam
61 9.6%
Adam, Fiona, Zaf, Jo
45 7.1%
Danny, Zoe, Sam, Adam, Fiona
38 6%
Lucas, Beth, Dimitri, Tariq
25 3.9%
Number of Voters : 637
First Vote : Thursday, 11 August 2011 11:23
Last Vote : Tuesday, 30 August 2011 17:04

Still chuckling over the following news story out of Wellington, NZ..
Wellington NZ: Solace in the Wind statue:
Apparently someone took pity on his nekkidness in the recent snowstorm and found a solution:)

Another of the artist's RA character renditions - Guy of Gisborne...can already hear the squeeing from all you Guy gals out there:)



Sue said...


Talking of stories about NZ, over here in England there has been a story on the news of a penguin appearing on a beach in Wellington, NZ. Poor thing must have lost its way (that's the theory anyhow) and is now being taken back to the arctic after a short stay in the zoo at Wellington. Personally I think the penguin is obviously female and had heard Richard was in town and wanted to meet him and his fellow dwarves!

As for which generation of Spooks I would opt for, it would have to be Ros. I loved her kick ass no nonsense character and she complimented Harry perfectly. I especially liked the scene where she had just been made section leader and attended a meeting with Harry and the Home Secretary where he said to her "which part of Harry did they clone you from". I loved the strong character she was able to portray. The character of Jo on the other hand I found a bit wishy washy. As for Richard well need I say any more except for Wow!

Of course Peter Firth is a wonderful anchor man for all the team and who without Spooks would be lost.

RiCrAr said...

Thank you *Susan* ;) for the idea for Spooks Thurs. See above for pix of the 3 principal ladies of the grid - Ros, Ruth & Jo.

I know Ros was always a lady of steel but something about Jo appealed to me. I enjoyed both those characters and have definitely always appreciated strong females both on and off the screen. Can't explain why Jo made quicker inroads to my affection, other than she seemed very warm and down to earth. I was really apoplectic(a stretch) and disappointed(more accurate) when the writers never took advantage of pairing her w/Lucas in a romantic entanglement. They could've eventually solved the delicate *not fishing off your own wharf* (hubby's way of expressing the situation:) problem by eliminating Jo...which is what ultimately happened to the character anyway.

I was always certain a Lucas/Jo on-screen twosome would've generated as much heat as Guy with Marian. Unfortunately the writers were more interested in importing new characters as love interests for luscious Lucas.

That said, hubby always had a thing for Ros. He really appreciated her no-nonsense way with the baddies. He'd chuckle and say "I like her" everytime she 'splained the program' to some jerk.