August 3, 2011

Round 2: VOTE!(link below) + Richard Armitage as Clarissa's Lovelace:Thx Musa for New Discovery ALSO Thx to Jonia for Entire Narration(link below) + New RA Article in 'Female First' + Thx to bccmee for New Strike Back Trailer + Thx Again to Musa for Jigson's Latest + Coal Mining Industry History

Never thought it would happen, but bbcA did indeed pair RA against Henry Cavill. Oh No!!  Can we call it a draw please?  No?  Then you know for who we must vote (bye Henry...we loved ye! ;)

My vote goes to Gerard in this one:
                                                         From the bbcA website:
"We’ve entered Week 2 of our quest to name the ultimate Anglophile fan favorite of 2011. In Round 1, more than 120,000 votes were cast, and a somewhat surprising group of men advanced. Colin Firth, Richard Armitage, David Tennant, and Benedict Cumberbatch all skated into this week, but we saw heavy-hitters like Robert Pattinson, Daniel Craig, Ricky Gervais, John Barrowman and Matt Smith all eliminated.

Week after week, the pool of contestants will shrink until we have one man standing. Sixteen men remain in eight epic battles – there’s only one thing left to do. Vote! (Note: polls close Thursday at noon.)

Can't believe I've just found this gem(thx to Musa) - it's an excerpt from RA's narration of Robert Lovelace in Clarissa..
Thanks as well to Jonia for providing RA's entire Clarissa narration for download at her blog:


       New Article
          QUOTE:  "it was only a matter of time before the big screen came knocking"

WooHoo!  It's 11am, Thurs here, which means it's 4pm in the UK; therefore, whichever timezone bbcA used to calculate the end of round 1 - that phase should be over.  Results for the Richard Armitage vs Matthew MacFadyen (hope it's spelled correctly) matchup are:
Richard Armitage or Matthew Macfadyen?
Richard Armitage 55.82% (9,211 votes)     -   *HAPPY DANCE* :)  now for round 2
Matthew Macfadyen 44.18% (7,291 votes)
Total Votes: 16,502

It's hilarious - Peeder Jigson's latest has RA(mighty fine lookalike:) saying he plans to spend his hiatus looking in the mirror...hahaha...No need to do it RA -- Leave gazing at your image to the experts, who are your legion of fans.  The video asks cast and crew members(all impostors:) what they plan to do on hiatus. 


After uploading to youtube RA’s reading of the miners’ poem (see post below), Musa mentioned the Bevin Boys.  I’d never heard of them before, so as usual, curiosity had it’s way with me.. (scroll to see list of famous Bevin boys)



MsG said...

Phew! I've caught up!
What a lovely lot of pics and vids and interviews to catch up on in a week.
Shimmy-week was lovely and hot! And I met a guy called Guy!! (not GoG) ; )

Brown-eyed Girl said...

This man takes my breath away...

That whole ProjectMag photoshoot does unspeakable things to me...

Musa said...

LOL - Love your "leave it to the experts" line :) about Peeder Jigson's video.


RiCrAr said...

First of all--has everyone seen the new SB trailer?'s posted above. I'd say it gives us hope Porter is rescued, if not for the recent article reviewing SB2. The writer wrote the ugly truth about what happens and shortly later, after complaints, rescinded his words. Boohoo! Wish so badly they'd found a way to make RA's part larger in the 2nd series. The Hobbit better be da#% good considering the ogling opps we must forego until it's release. That didn't sound selfish, did it? *wide grin*

hmmm, MsG, you say "shimmy week was lovely and hot" in a good way or stifling heat? ;) Tell us more about this guy Guy..we're all ears(considering radical surgery if ObamaCare covers it:)

ok, BEG, whenever you've stayed away too long, I now know which pix will lure you back..bwahahaha..evil laugh *rather partial myself to the full-length pic above..that bad boy is teasing us and we like it..wibble*

Musa, thx for the tip about Jeegson. Those kiwis have a very familiar sense of humor---crazy Celts that most of them are! :) did you find it interesting they teased RA about his good looks rather than the dwarf advertised as The Hobbit hottie - Aidan? Even men know which one of the two is's a natural law that cannot be denied by either gender;) [theory might be a stretch]

Sue said...

Thanks RiCrAr for uploading the latest trailer for SB2. It looks exciting doesn't it? Mind you the trailers always show the most exciting scenes (naturally) and then the rest of the show will be a lot of yakking! By the way Spooks is starting fairly soon over here in blighty. It looks like poor old Peter Firth is going to have a bit of a rough time of it this series. (Probably pining for Richard).

As for The Hobbit, I think Richard looks kinda funny as Thorin with his short stumpy legs and hob-nailed boots.

Laura said...

Ok, I've heard almost nothing about SB2, but please don't tell me he dies. I've just watched Heinz Kruger die. I'm currently watching Lucas North come apart at the seams. I don't think I can handle him getting taken out *again*! It's time for a silly romantic comedy!!

And this is completely out of the blue, but is there any way I can be buried with that leather jacket that Lucas wears?

alfie said...

LOL: Loved the Peeder Jigson - Haven´t seen him before. They acknowledge Ra´s good look ;-)

Also love the perspective where from Bilbo is filmed :-)

Sue said...

High Jinx on the Captain America set! Richard might well hide his blushes behind that fuzzy beard of his!

I've just read a report that there were some naughty antics on the Captain America set inbetween filming. I hope those trailers they used had good suspension I suspect they might have given it a bit of welly! (And we thought all Richard got up to inbetween takes was reading the Hobbit book in his trailer!)

Here's the link:

Brown-eyed Girl said...

@Ricrar: I come here every single day, I'm just too lazy to comment :)

RiCrAr said...

ok Laura..won't tell you that *sob* :) A hint..I'm not ordering the dvd set. We had a brief discussion about it on twitter. Richard & his advisors apparently made the decision that the Thorin role would be more worthwhile for him than Porter2. No doubt The Hobbit will make RA a major star...the audience for SB2 will be much smaller.

Yes, Alfie...Jigson deliberately held the camera so high that we can only see Martin's head..haha

Sue, I read the article and I for one hope the director does release that piece of film. Chris & Hayley sound as though they had fun while waiting for filming to resume. *naughty,naughty*

BeG, well, we'll need you to comment on much needed strategy for winning the next round for RA in the bbcA contest. The nightmare scenario has indeed occurred...they now have Richard paired against Henry Cavill. *woe is me* I drool for both of these humble hotties and it hurt today to vote against Henry. BUT our main actor squeeze needs our support more than Cavill. Henry is engaged to be married--his lovely betrothed will console him when he loses..we hope he loses:O

Will get the link to the ballot page and post it above.

MsG said...

oh hot in a good way...and stifling heat!
Guy v.nice, charming and a bit posh...will keep you up-to-date. Not got RA's looks tho...can't have everything...well, unless I head up to East Dulwich! Or NZ? Where is he now? Thought he wasn't due back in NZ til early Sept...maybe he's having another quiet break and a 40th birthday bash with friends before going back to work?

RiCrAr said...

Looking forward to you keeping us up to date on the new Guy, MsG. As a married woman, will live vicariously through you:)

As for where RA might be - has he been shopping for that ski chalet he was dreaming about not too long ago? Perhaps he's planning to spend his birthday there--wasn't it somewhere in France?

Second thought - maybe he'll see his parents for his natal day. Afterall, the hobbit requires extensive stays in NZ and they are not getting any younger.

Found myself voting for Gerard Butler in the bbcA contest after giving Richard a vote. The remark in Butler's matchup said "a gentleman against a hirsute Scottish brute" and that sounded downright insulting to Gerard. So, I immediately hit the circle beside the phantom of the opera's name;) Perhaps they mean 'hairy & bristly' in a good way. *chuckles*

Laura said...

NOOOOOooooooo!!!!!! Not AGAIN!!!

Sigh. All this drama is killing me.

Laura said...

PS... thanks for putting up a picture of him in The Coat. I'm serious. I *need* to be buried in that coat. And the scarf from Strike Back. (sorry, it's late. I'm a bit weird when I'm this tired)

Sue said...

I love all those piccies of barechested Richard. Which has given me an idea. How about a "best pair of nipples" contest? Well men discuss ours so why can't us ladies do the same? I've heard one comment made saying that men prefer nipples that are "big enough to tweak but no big enough to hang your coat on". (Sounds painful to me either way!)

Have you seen Chris Evan's nipples in CA? They look very small, pink and near enough non-existent to me (and believe me I've studied this subject thoroughly!)Perhaps it's just the spray tan that has disguised them. Richard's on the other hand are rather pert and supremely superior to most hunks on the telly. What do you say, how about "nudge a nipple day" in honour of the man himself!

RiCrAr said...

hahaha you've finally hit my line drawn in the sand, Sue. Can you imagine a page of nothing but RA's nipples - couldn't do that to the dear man. teehee You are oh so naughty. Methinks perhaps it's one of your ways to relieve the tension everyone over there must be feeling right now.

By the way, Chris Evans nipples and newly improved pecs are to die for in CA. It's worth going to see them alone on the bigscreen.

He's really a low key celebrity - reminds me of RA's attitude.

Sue said...


You're right about humour as a way of relieving tension, even if it is a little bit too naughty at times. I thank heavens that one of the things I inherited from my mum was her wicked sense of humour. I can't imagine going through life without it. It gets you through most scrapes in life and is well reknowned in the north of England, especially Liverpool.

Just imagine all those piccies of Richard's nipples though. Sure you can't indulge me just a little? (Only joking).As for Chris Evans pecs in CA, they look a little prosthetic to me (a bit like his feet), totally unnatural. I much prefer Richard with his gentle contours.