August 8, 2011

Which is Better Hovercraft?(examples below) + VOTE + Strike Back 2 Review + Vote for RA at Below Link

POLL EXAMPLES: Which makes the better hovercraft..RA characters or Sam Neill’s Cardinal Wolsey?..

Example #1: RA characters hovering at female lips: First Marian’s in following clip (RA hovering commences in Locksley Manor scene..then at Maya’s lips during Phylly3’s fanvid)..I've always said only the UK's Harrier was as fine a hovercraft as an RA character in kiss mode - yet while recently watching Season 1 of The Tudors, discovered Sam Neill's Cardinal Wolsey (example #2) presents another interesting hover entry...



Sam Neill as Cardinal Wolsey employed his own rather ominous form of hovering..


Thx to Musa for this Article by Stephen Fry describing his recent visit with twitter pal Cardinal Wolsey *winks*

Lucky 'Strike'
Action series combines the violence of ‘24’ With humor of ‘Lethal Weapon’
By ROBERT RORKE  -  August 7, 2011

It was a far cry from the time in 2007 when he played Edmund to Ian McKellen’s King Lear at a production of Shakespeare’s tragedy at the BAM’s famed Harvey Theater, but the Montana-born actor adjusted immediately upon meeting the gregarious Stapleton.

“Sully and I met each other at a screen test in London. I really liked him then. We then met up with each other in Capetown. We had a natural banter. Sully’s very much a lad. Out of [our physical] training, these characters developed. Stonebridge has given his life to this company. In comes Damien Scott: He’s a womanizer and a layabout but still gets the job done.”

Winchester was especially relieved that he didn’t have to do any nude scenes. Since Scott beds many of the women who cross his path (or tries to), the Australia-born Stapleton is naked through a good portion of the first episode. In one hilarious scene, he has to relieve a Pakistani terrorist of his firearm while completely starkers.

As for the nudity, he says, “I knew there was bound to be sex, but I didn’t know it was going to be pegged on me. I didn’t think I was going to do all of it.”

There’s more to “Strike Back” than the camaraderie between the two male leads. Section 20 is headed by Col. Eleanor Grant, a cool and controlled woman who favors the Peter Pan haircuts popularized by Morena Baccarin on the defunct sci-fi series “V.” Actress Amanda Mealing had to chop off all of her hair and undergo her own rigorous training. There were some injuries.

“I did work out with the SBS (Special Boat Service) commander. We were boxing. He had a routine and he went off it and I punched him. I dislocated my shoulder,” she says. “He didn’t flinch. These guys are hardcore.”

As the first original series in Cinemax’s launch, “Strike Back” hopes to capture the excitement of 1980s action movie franchises such as “Lethal Weapon” and “Die Hard.” Kary Antholis, President of HBO Miniseries, says that “Strike Back” was the ideal choice for the relaunch of the premium cable network for subscribers because the series blends so well with its most popular movies.

“We looked at high-octane, combat-oriented movies — the “Transporter” movies, the Tarantino movies, “X Men” — and thought that this could be a great and cost-effective way to show a high-action, mini-movie in every episode,” he says.

In the first quarter of 2012, Cinemax will debut a series starring actor Chris Vance and based on the testosterone-fueled Luc Besson “Transporter” movies.
STRIKE BACK  -  Friday, 10 p.m., Cinemax


Sue said...

To be honest I'm not sure that the second series of SB sounds as good as series 1 after reading the above. Perhaps they've changed the format and direction of the series because of Richard's exit, maybe not. I'm not really a fan of american styled series and much prefer the action type shows to be like Ultimate Force and more realistic, tough but not overstated. Perhaps it's just as well Richard decided to move on and do The Hobbit. Although I must admit the thought of RA doing those nude scenes might not have been so bad. Would rather have had the JP type character centre stage though kicking sofas out of the way in a paddy than testoserone fuelled naughties. (Did I really say that, God I must be getting old!)Personally I think the original format based on the actual book SB produced a much better storyline than future scripts will.

RiCrAr said...

Hi Sue, I've read your post below re the current riot situation. You answered a couple questions running through my mind. Good to know you're safe and the situation in RA's London neighborhood. I'd even checked an online map marking those locations across UK where the malcontents were disrupting law-abiding peoples lives.

We are getting reports of the riots here but not nearly as frequently as I'd expected. That leads me to believe it's a deliberate strategy to try to keep exposure limited in order not to simply inspire more incidents.

Within past few days, the US had a similar incident at a state fair in Wisconsin. That's why I suspect our strategists may very well be tamping down the alarmist aspects of the news coverage.

I agree the SB2 format sounds more intense in every way but one - the best actor of the 3 will not be onscreen as long as we'd like. I'd described the story to dh as an American and SAS agent partnering to eliminate baddies and his masculine vibes are looking forward with anticipation to an action-filled drama. I'll be watching mostly to see the few moments of Richard, even though I know the entire time I'll feel like yelling "LET HIM GO YOU

The Aussie's complaints in article above are funny but perhaps he protests too much. Look what the Chas Brandon role did for Henry Cavill. He exposed all in ep 1, series 1 of The Tudors and now he's the new Superman. After Winchester's experience as Leontes, he probably stipulated a similar scene so soon after Camelot might leave him over exposed:)

Sue said...


The news channels over here in England are full of the riots and looting that is going over here at the moment. It doesn't give a good impression for staging the Olympics next year to visitors that's for sure. London was blitzed with police officers from other areas of the uk, which unfortunately left the north of England a little bare arsed to say the least as the riots had moved north! It was very bad in Manchester in the city centre where all the expensive shops are, but the Mancunion police are reknowned for getting stuck in and did a sterling job. No public transport such as the Metrolink tram system in or out the centre of Manchester though, so if you were there quite innocently you ended up marooned!We are bracing overselves for another night of rioting, hopefully I should be okay where I live out in the suburbs, but you can never tell. There was also problems in Birmingham (Richard's old RSC stamping ground)and the Midlands, including a place called Cheylesmore in Coventry. No idea where RA's family live, but hopefully they are safe. These are big cities that are being targeted, so even though you may live in one of them it doesn't mean you are affected by the riots, I pity those that are losing their homes and businesses.Parliament is being recalled tomorrow (the politicians have finally realised there's a problem and called short their hols, finally getting off their butts and joining the real world. This is just complete thuggery on the streets. Take note American politicians, this is what you get when you make stringent cuts to public services, including the police force!

I don't think the media are deliberately limiting reports about the riots over here. Unless things are happening in the country's own back yard it often doesn't get reported.

Andy Serkis who plays Gollum was being interviewed last night, promoting another film he's in which is a prequel to Planet of the Apes. It looks very good, very different to the film in the 80's, which if I remember rightly starred amongst others, Charlton Heston. No monkey suits this time, he acts as an ape using the same technology as they do for Gollum, very clever indeed and effective results.

I hear that the film Dirty Dancing, originally with Patrick Swayze is going to be remade. Now wouldn't it be great if Richard could do a bit of footwork in that? My goodness I can imagine my legs wrapped around his hips now (strictly in the name dancing of course!)Well he can dance so that's a start isn't it?

RiCrAr said...

Stay safe, Sue. You, and all Brit RA fans we've enjoyed chatting with over the past couple years, are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely hope law and order will return to your streets as soon as possible.

Hopefully those who enjoy pointing fingers won't start accusing PM Cameron of incompetence - the guilty parties are those harming their peaceful fellow country men and one else. To let the heartless bullies get off easy would be a crime in itself. However, those on the left side of the political spectrum never let an opportunity such as this go by without attempting to make the innocent feel guilty. That's one of the main reasons I could never return to the liberal side - it's necessary to be illogical and an emotional basketcase to do so.

Laura said...

Oh, Sue... stay safe! I've been watching what I can of the riots, and just cannot believe some of the things. It's incredible. And it makes me so MAD to see this stuff going on. But mostly, I worry about those people that I "know" through the internet, you and a few others I've "met". I hope this stuff is dealt with swiftly and in a way that discourages further mayhem.

Meanwhile... I'm LOVING the visual you're providing for Dirty Dancing, but I'm growing rapidly tired of all the remakes. Now they're going after one of my all-time favorite movies... and I don't know that I'm at all happy about it. DD is a classic, and should be left that way. I don't know that they can ever recreate the magic, and fear that they'll tarnish it, rather than enhancing it.

Laura said...

RiCrAr... "return to the Liberal side..." is that like turning to the Dark Side?

Sue said...

I agree about remakes, they are never as good as the originals. Patrick Swayze was wonderful in those dancing scenes. I can't dance but I love watching those that can. I think Richard with his experience of choreography and dance would be a wonderful choice but unfortunately being tied up filming The Hobbit for the next 18 months has its drawbacks.

All was quiet on the western front last night over here, probably due to the heavy rain we've been having more than anything. Hopefully it's over, now the clear up operation is in progress. Liverpool also had riots, near to the Liverpool One where the premiere of CA was. Ealing in London had problems too, right near the Ealing studios where Peter Jackson filmed some of his recent blog.

Just heard that the series of Spooks, due to show in the autumn over here in England, will be the last. No more Spooks! (Boo hoo, I love that show). Apparently this series will focus on Harry and Ruth and a dark secret he has which could ruin things. Just as well Richard bailed out and joined The Hobbit cast otherwise he could have been out of a job! Shrewd move on his part.

RiCrAr said...

I agree with both of you that a remake of Dirty Dancing is probably a bad idea. It is very difficult to recapture the magic that goes into a film considered representative of a generation. More I learn about film making, more I'm convinced all the stars(not a pun:) must be in perfect alignment in order to make one of lasting quality.

Great to hear mother nature put a literal damper on the troublemakers mayhem, Sue.

See latest post with 2 new articles re Spooks 10. The Telegraph's in particular is really interesting. They comment that the series will be able to bow out gracefully "with characters played by...and Richard Armitage STILL OUT THERE" What do they mean by "still out there"?

Sue said...

I doubt very much that Richard will make an appearance in the last series of Spooks. (Mind you we never got to see his body splattered all over the pavement now did we? I think that was deliberate on the part of the scriptwriters, leaving a door open for his return). To be honest I think this is a prime example of a journalist not doing his homework properly.

I think Harry may well be killed off this time (well he has had quite a few near misses in the past hasn't he so perhaps he's used up all his 9 lives).

I'll miss Spooks as I've been a fan since the beginning, but I do think the series was becoming a little jaded.

By the way I was reading in the newspaper (Manchester Metro) that Andy Serkis has finished filming his role of Gollum in The Hobbit now.


I've voted on where I think RA would choose to stay in NZ (picking the apartment nearest to the studio, being the workaholic that he is). Personally left up to me I'd have chosen the place near the beach!

RiCrAr said...

Hi there Sue, I take it all was quiet on the rioting front last night? Hope so in any case.

See link in latest post to Ian Wylie's farewell to Spooks. I've not read it yet but noticed a Wylie tweet saying he added a BBC interview to his blog with comments from the actress who plays Ruth. There was also an ominous tweet saying Kudos never promised a happy ending for Harry & Ruth..YIKES! Don't like the sound of that.

Your comment about a journalist not doing his homework made me chuckle - very few do today on either side of the Atlantic. Their primary goal, as far as US national media, is political spin in favor of the Left no matter how wrongheaded those policies might be.

My vote went for house on a beach for RA's NZ abode. He's a runner and there's no better place in the world than a beautiful stretch of sand on the water's edge for a morning sprint. He might very well find himself addicted to living so close to the ocean. We will be enjoying quite a few energetic walks & leisurely cups of coffee soon in a very similar setting.

My understanding is the beaches near Wellington are very close to Jackson's studios - perhaps he can enjoy gorgeous ocean views and quick trips to Jackson's studios simultaneously.

I expect to be sorely tempted to shout *BArSTewARDS* :) at the tv screen tonight as the terrorists push Porter around. Read that substitute word for the first time during a real time commentary for Spooks(by generous RAC volunteers) and have been using it every since when the occasion called for it.

Sue said...


I never thought about Richard and his jogging when I chose his abode. Perhaps he could do a bit of swimming too! (Preferably in Lee's speedos from Cold Feet!)I must admit I envy my family in Australia who boast they spend Christmas day on the beach in the sun, I hate winters!

All quiet on the rioting front I'm glad to say, they are now processing those caught through the courts. A fifth man died today, due to injuries sustained during the riots. It's terrible, three people were deliberately run down by a car in Birmingham because they were protecting their temple/church.

One thing the rioting has done is up the purchase of baseball bats, personally I prefer a lump hammer myself. (Never sleep without one by my bed yer know - well you never know when Richard might drop by and I want to be prepared don't I? No chance of any escape that way!)

RiCrAr said...

LOL..maybe he'll stop by in your dreams Sue - just don't accidentally konk yourself on the head with that hammer in the excitement.

Have you taken a peek at the latest post above? There's a gorgeous painting of JT - I told the artist she definitely captured Richard's features including his kissable looking lips.

I've just added a link in latest post to the Richard III petition and relevant history. It's a project organized by one of RA fans - her name and twitter info are with the peitition link above.

Only 1.5hrs to go until SB2. Expect to be tweeting with other RA fans afterwards. Doubt we'll do more than console each other over the beating he takes - really hope that's as final as it gets tonight.

Will report back on the two new guys - we'll see if they come anywhere near Richard's heroic John Porter.