August 6, 2011

Vid:Well-Dressed Man JT(Thx to Beg&Ana on Twitter) + Vote(link below) Watch & Weep:( New SB2 Vid(thx to bccmee) + Apparently RA Has Returned to NZ + Benjamin Franklin's London Digs Found on Twitter(Amazing!)

He and Orlando Bloom were seen in a restaurant together enjoying lunch.  The woman who tweeted said "sooo exciting..sooooooo handsome." 
Vote for your fav dwarf here:


Located in London on Craven St                     Excerpt:
Craven Street was originally known as Spur Alley until it was redeveloped by William Craven, afterwards 5th Baron Craven, from 1728...Benjamin Franklin moved into the first floor rooms of No 36 in 1757, when he came to London as a representative of the Colony of Pennsylvania. He remained in the house until 1762, when he returned to America. Two years later he came back to London to contest the moves by the British government to tax the American colonies without representation. He stayed once again with Mrs Stephenson at No 36, and lived in the house until 1772 when they both moved to No 1, since demolished. He returned to America in 1775.

I was commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of the interior and exterior of the house. My company Papers and Paints mixed all the colours specially to my instructions.
From twitter account: Patrick Baty       @paperspaints

[Ricrar:  Did Benjamin Franklin before journeying to London as the Rep for Colony of PA ask acquaintances in the PA General Assembly if they could recommend a place for him to live while in that city?  Perhpas one replied that his friend Wm Craven owned property with rooms to rent and conveniently located close to government offices?],_North_Carolina Excerpt:
Craven County bears the name of William, Earl of Craven, one of the eight original Lord Proprietors of the province of Carolina, and his nephew, William, Lord Craven, who succeeded him as Lord Proprietor. Established in 1712, Craven County was the site of North Carolina's first capitol

New Bern, NC - Tryon Palace - Colonial Governor’s Residence (actor & writer Tom Tryon was a member of the Tryon family),_5th_Baron_Craven

In 1663, King Charles II issued a royal charter to eight nobles to settle the area south of Virginia. They created Carolina and included the previous settlement. However, because of internal problems, the crown took over the colony and formed North Carolina and South Carolina out of it in 1729.

All of the above brought to mind a conversation we had about the social networks.

Yesterday while walking around our fav lake, hubby and I started to discuss the differences between FB and Twitter. He only participates at Facebook, and gave his opinion of it in a nutshell with the words “it’s shallow.”

I told him about one of the first tweets I’d ever read as a new member of twitter: “on Facebook you try hard to impress friends and family, while on Twitter you tell the unvarnished truth to strangers.” Then went on to give my opinion that Twitter is also more informative and educational as well (or more correctly has the potential to be the latter)

Of course, it all depends on who you choose to follow whether or not you’ll benefit from that social network.  In my case, I’ve tried to include people who not only represent my interest in RA, but also other personal penchants, hobbies. One of my primary interests has always been history and historic buildings.

Was very pleased today to find a person on Twitter whose business analyzes the paints and papers in historic buildings. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but “Benjamin Franklin’s House” in London. That discovery led to the list of bookmarks above. Wm Craven’s nephew inherited his title and properties - he and Franklin were contemporaries. The Craven family is one of those granted a royal charter by Chas II which resulted in founding of the colony of Carolina - it later split into North & South.

Interested in how the designer who RA wore to LA premiere might dress you, OR whose designs you might want to emulate in future additions to your wardrobe? Which style would you be most likely to wear?..

Twitter this and that:
My ol' twitter pal(& Musa's), Cardinal Wolsey(Sam Neill), has a blog for his winery.  Be prepared to read posts about the animals on his grounds.  For instance, they own chickens and each one is named after a film star:)  There's a list of names and alongside Meg Ryan's name is says "busy making a chick flick"

Sue mentioned noticing Philip Winchester in Camelot(Leontes) and then casually made a reference to a certain bum, which prompted the need for the following bum runoff, so to speak:)


A.  Richard

B.  Phillip
(Best for this purpose of the few photos available)

What do you see? [more info below]
Did you see a duck's head or a rabbit's? It's called a bi-stable image


Sue said...

It seems like this story could be correct as quite a few actors have been seen around Wellington.

Here's a link to the most recent regarding Orlando Bloom:

Now if only someone would spot Richard out and about that would be ace!

Musa said...

I agree Sue, would be great if someone with a camera would spot Richard out and about. I imagine he's not as recognizable as Orlando right now, so even if he's out and about, he's not spotted.

Stephen Fry is in NZ filming and he's been tweeting and sending photos, but none of course about the filming itself, I'm sure he's under orders from PJ not to.

Ricrar, I thought from the menu items on the restaurant link you posted whether RA ordered the dish with chopped coriander? I still remember his great chopping skills from that talk show!

Is Sherlock still filming? They may be filming scenes that don't involve Bilbo to get ahead of schedule.

Musa said...

Just watching the new SB2 clip. I want to go out and rescue JP myself!

I wish they would show SB1 on US TV, on Cinemax. If you're just watching the episode this Friday you can't really get a sense of who John Porter is. RA's voice - he's breaking my heart.

RiCrAr said...

Sue, the woman who saw Richard & Orlando at the Wellington Maranui surf club said it's not cool to snap actors when they're dining:) She was 2 tables away from them...why did she have to have scruples when it comes to celebrity etiquette. *just joking*

She was right of course that it would've been thoughtless to interrupt their meal BUT she could've waited outside and asked to take a photo. *grin* She tweeted later that she didn't pay any attention to the service..was totally focused on glancing at them.

Yes, Musa, Richard probably did choose one of that cafes famous "big salad bowls". He and Orlando are probably both diet conscious in midst of shooting a film.

Didn't RA say he would have *4 weeks* off during the hiatus? So, yes apparently PJ wanted him back in NZ earlier than some of the others. His CA Kruger role probably didn't help make Richard more recognizable for the public, because his hair was much longer and no beard.

RiCrAr said...

Musa, all that went through my head after watching the latest SB2 trailer was "RESCUE HIM DAMNIT!"

Not certain whether we'll renew our Cinemax subscription for SB2. If they replayed SB1 it would be a definite Yes. As it is, I'll probably pay close attention to the reviews and IF it's a hit I'll order the dvds as Christmas gift for dh. He enjoys action packed dramas. In fact, when we're finished watching The Tudors, he wants to rewatch SB1.

Chuckled last evening as we watched a Tudors ep, when I remembered being shocked to see Sam Neill was following me on Twitter after I'd followed him. First time Cardinal Wolsey appeared on screen I said to dh "there's my twitter pal." teehee Had to explain myself of course.

Since it was my idea to watch the entire Tudors series, I was gratified to hear hubby say he's enjoying all the religious intricacies and palace politics subplots.

Laura said...

I'm sending a request out to whomever the lovely soul was who did SB1 on YouTube, to repeat the performance for SB2. Even if they do take out JP (NO!!!), I want to see it, and at the moment, there's no cable in my future, let alone particular movie channels.

So unless someone uploads it (and yes, I will sit and watch it in 15-minute increments like I did with SB... twice now), or Netflix picks it up, I'm sunk.

Sue said...

I notice that an actor that caught my fancy recently in the series Camelot has hot footed it to Strike Back 2. Philip Winchester who plays Leontes in Camelot appears in the trailer if I'm not mistaken. Looks like Richard has been traded in for a younger model. (Oh dear Richard do you think your bum may be just be about to drop to the floor?) I did see his replacement do a nude scene in Camelot and very nice it was too!Unfortunately he was written out this week and given a warriors funeral, obviously now so he can join SB2. Oh well as one door shuts another one slams in yer face!(Dunnit just!)

RiCrAr said...

Sue, I'd match Richard's bum with Philip's any day in the week;) Oooh, feel a bum run-off coming on. Need time to assemble the contestants and their uhhh, necessary parts, so to speak. Surely RA's Hobbit schedule was the reason he could no longer play the Porter role. He said he needed to 'wiggle' out of a contract.

Winchester caught my eye too in Camelot, but Peter Mooney(Kay)caught both eyes and triggered the need for a drool bucket during his scenes. I've seen a number of viewers expressing disappointment that series wasn't renewed.

Laura, I'm sure you're right that a thoughtful soul will upload SB2 to YT. My advice is not to expect to see RA beyond ep 1. Not really certain of that, but most evidence points in that direction.

It's a cable channel production so NetFlix might very well offer it shortly after broadcast.

RiCrAr said...

Sue, there were very few pix available that 'displayed' Phillip Winchester's almost non-existent posterior:) As you can see in the pic above, which looks as though it's at least 5yrs old, there's almost nothing whatsoever to pinch or hold unto *blush* if necessary;)
A girl has to plan ahead.*giggle*

Latest poll will decide which hottie has the best bum.
Thx for the idea -- just wish there had been at least one other angle for Phillip. No shortage of that particular angle for Richard...teehee...his fans have their priorities in order.

Sue said...


Believe me when I saw Philip's backside in Camelot there looked plenty to hold on to and pinch (not as much as Richard's of course!). The question is do you prefer veal or fully matured rump beef? Personally I aint fussy I'll take whatevers going!If my old mum was still alive she'd have been at 'em with a pitch fork!

I saw in the bi-stable image a duck at first and then a rabbit, not sure what that says about me!

I'm guessing Richard's rather glad to be in New Zealand at the moment. Don't know whether you've heard on the news in America but there have been some terrible riots across the UK. They started in London and are spreading north. Lewisham was the nearest they got to where Richard lives in Dulwich, but rioters and looters are mainly targeting large cities and shopping areas. Manchester got it last night. I live in Cheshire, on the border with Manchester (I have a foot in both camps as it were)and there was some pretty fierce rioting going on in the centre of Manchester near to where CA was filmed. Just as well they aren't filming there now!There was nothing where I live as I live well away from that area, but I did hear helicopters flying over head to the scene from where they are based not far from where I live. There was also rioting in Leicester too, although I'm guessing that this would be in town centres, not residential streets, but I pity the poor souls that live over these shops or near to busy towns, thankfully I live next to open parkland myself.Personally I'd use tear gas on the buggers!

Sue said...

Sorry, the "If my old mum was still alive she'd have been at 'em with a pitch fork!" was meant to go at the end of my comments, although to be honest she may well have got stuck in to those backsides with a knife and fork!She was a game old bird!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, your mum sounds like quite a woman - her dau didn't fall far from the tree;) Don't know if I'd be inspired to spoil plump peaches with a pitchfork..would prefer to enjoy them smothered with freshly whipped cream:)

I share your sympathy for those unfortunate people caught in the predators path. There's a pitiful photo on one of the news websites. The caption reads "innocent forced to strip"...pic shows a young man possibly in his early 20s removing his clothes as one of the low-life bullies forces him to strip at gun-point. Hope the full force of the law deals with these animals with as much humanity as they've shown to their victims.

Sue said...


Luckily there isn't much gun crime on the streets over here, only in a very minority of cases, which is just as well because our police aren't armed! Personally if I had my way I'd blast 'em all with a double barrelled shot gun and pepper their arses for them! The Prime Minister is saying that he will come down on these thugs with the full force of the law, unfortunately we have to catch and arrest them before we can do that. Then where would we put them? This government is in the process of closing prisons, not opening more to house them!

RiCrAr said...

Your police are still unarmed in this day and age, Sue? Whew! difficult to believe...ours would be wiped out within a few wks if they were unarmed. Mexican drug dealers do not play around - they're as heavily armed as an army. Perhaps the fact your nation is an island has prevented that type of thug from moving in as easily.

Our southern border is very porous and unfortunately it's not always those merely seeking jobs who cross it. There are also many dangerous criminals.

Looking on the positive side of the recent economic downturn, I've heard illegal entry into the US has dropped significantly.

Best wishes that the current situation over there will soon be under control. God bless.