August 13, 2011

Quote:"Porter's tough--a few cuts Won't stop Him "+ See Spotlight on THE HOBBIT + View OnLine - Courtesy of Cinemax & bccmee:Links to Eps 1&2, SB:Project Dawn + RA Needs Your Vote

RAnetdotcom tweeted the TV & Sat Week account mentioning Porter's battered face..reply reads "He's tough..couple cuts won't stop him"

TVSatelliteWeek TV & Satellite Week
He's tough, a few cuts won't stop him! RT @RAnetdotcom @TVSatelliteWeek there's a battered looking John Porter/Richard Armitage on the front

I sincerely hope everyone is able to view these Strikeback:Project Dawn episodes...
Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Have you read Hollywood Spy Dezz's Spotlight on THE HOBBIT?  Today's the last day to vote in his 'Your Fav Hobbit Star' poll.  Following RA/Thorin graphic was created by Dezz..


RiCrAr said...

YooHoo! Laura and anyone else interested in watching ep 1&2 of SB:Project Dawn. The links are available in post above.

Cinemax made them available at their website & someone alerted bccmee to that fact, which she tweeted. Ahhh, the wonderful world of modern communications:)

DEZMOND said...

thanks for mentioning HOLLYWOOD SPY, my dear :) and love that pic of Richard on the green armchair!