August 10, 2011

Strike Back 2 Review + Richard III Petition Link + Gorgeous JT Painting by Zelda Thornton + John Porter Friday + Farewell Spooks + Honey, Buddy'd Out after New SB2 trailer:) + 2 New Spooks Articles & Remark re RA + Guy Thursday


Strike Back 2 review from LA Times(excerpts)--[Ricrar comment: the review is written by a female(hence her love affair with the word bromance) and she makes a couple snide political remarks that ID her as the usual biased lib-journalist type that habitually writes for the LA Times]:

--"Strike Back" is, at its heart, a buddy movie, a simmering life-or-death bromance between its two male leads: the upright and gorgeously clenched Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), who is British, and the morally cavalier Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), who is American.

--Latif has kidnapped John Porter (Richard Armitage) — who was the star of the first season of "Strike Back," which appeared on Sky TV in the U.K. — and Section 20, now headed by Col. Eleanor Grant (Amanda Mealing) wants him back. Stonebridge, nostrils flaring with distaste, has his doubts but while extricating Scott, fisticuffs with local thugs ensue, and love, in the form of tough-guy admiration, takes root.

--As directed by Dan Percival (one and two) and Bill Eagles (three and four), "Strike Back" unfolds quickly and confidently with brilliantly choreographed fight sequences and the exotic locales. But nothing trumps the friendship of the two male leads. Clear of eye and strong of jaw, Winchester is Prince Charming handsome and Stapleton manages to make Scott appear sloppy and dissolute despite the rock-hard abs, the impressive (and oft naked) glutes.
They each deliver their requisite smart aleck one-liners with the same muscular ease with which they handle automatic weaponry and women's bodies, the cinematic love children of James Bond and Rambo. Stirred, perhaps, but never shaken.,0,3126247.story

Here's the link to sign the Richard III petition along with all the background history.  The project was organized by an RA supporter, cdoart - see also her twitter name below for further updates:
cdoart Chris Doart
Update for #KingRichardArmitage petition #RA4R3 ! New #RichardIII biography entered with pictures:

Beautiful painting of JT by Zelda Thornton.  Don't miss early stages of her John Porter Bondage painting at


SPOOKS - Ian Wylie writes a farewell to Spooks:

Thanks to for the above headsup

NEWS:   Spooks 10 articles..One mentions the series can bow out "with characters played by..and Richard Armitage"..huh?  What exactly do they mean?

This is what happens when the American guy is given Brit character and Aussie gets the American role...audience is honey/buddied to death *chuckle*  Winchester dropped the ball when he didn't tell the writers "not all Americans use honey and buddy every other sentence."  Ain't that right, buds?;)  Lord save us from global caricatures...


Sue said...

Just watched the 6 minute clip from SB2 on your blog. It looks very exciting indeed! Especially loved the bare knuckle fighting bit. Isn't Philip Winchester American? If he is, he does an excellent British accent.

Richard has made it to the quarter finals for the best British actor! Get voting though, as he is up against Alan Rickman and is currently losing!

Eliza said...

Please vote in Richard!

RiCrAr said...

Agree with both of you that all fans need to get voting and hunting as well for new recruits to vote for RA. Rickman's peeps seem to be ardent and well organized.
Thx for the link Eliza:)

Sue, the new SB is very exciting and both actors are fine actors plus ManCandy like Richard...not quite as sweet as him, but tasty nonetheless.

I just discovered a blogger on twitter who organized a celebration of lovely men called #ManCandyMonday. She lists RA among those she and others toast. If you're not already on Twitter, perhaps that's could be you motivation to join.

The blogger assembled the perfect man choosing parts from all the hotties she lists - it will not surprise you to hear she chose Richard's voice for her perfect man. Of course, I'd - and no doubt you - would argue we already have the perfect male actor in the form of need to look for spare parts, is there.

p.s. Winchester's mother is British. Either he was deliberately staying in character during an interview on the SB2 set or he does indeed sound very British.

Hopefully it's not what we in the states call a 'Madonna British accent'. haha Her Ladyship Madonna *winks* was born in New can't get more 2nd generation American than that. New Jersey is not entirely filled with the errr,,,*silly*(being kind) people to be found on the tv series 'Jersey Shore' but Madonna's roots are indeed firmly planted in that same cabbage patch.
Lord save us from pretentious people! (getting very prayerful these days, am I not...Amen:)

Sue said...


I'm already on Twitter, but I don't tweet much.

Philip Winchester does a wonderful British accent, best I've heard for an American actor. Interesting to hear that he has a British mother. I believe he went to LAMDA the same drama school as Richard attended. Strange he should have a British accent when he's not even in character, perhaps he's spent a lot of time over here and picked it up?

RiCrAr said...

Sue, Winchester said in an interview that the first time he told his parents he wanted to become an actor, they both insisted he must attending one of your drama schools. Between having an English mother and receiving his professional training over there, the British pronunciation pattern must've stuck:) He seems like a straight-forward type of male--doubt very much he'd bother to deliberately affect an accent.

RA's very first inclusion in ManCandyMonday was a huge success. Musa/Fabo(on twitter) and I uploaded half a doz of his pix during the hour(9-10pm-US-east coast) We had replies from some of the bloggers who've been celebrating nature's masculine artwork for many months. First RA pic was Porter digging the grave - the first tweet said "too bad they killed him." I replied that he'll return as Thorin,King of the Mtn. She said "he can be king of my mtn anytime" *chuckle*

After we uploaded a pic of Lucas, one of the newcomers to RA's twitter world tweeted she just started watching Spooks and can hardly wait to get to series 7. Then she added the suggestion Richard Armitage should be included in every ManCandyMonday. As Musa said "we just can't go wrong with him." :)

If Richard survives to the next round of the bbca poll(have no idea where that stands) perhaps we can drum up new votes for him from these new fans.

Too bad MCM isn't earlier than 9pm each're no doubt deep in sleep by that time of the night over there.

See a new interview in the latest post where the writer/producer of StrikeBack2 mentions RA.