August 18, 2011

Packed 7 Days of Fun into 5..Thanks to Lovely People of No Carolina! Stay Safe from Literal Damper Irene! + HAPPY BIRTHDAY RA!! + SB2 Article Mentions RA + Back Soon!


Following reminds me of hubby & I, plus extended family,  fleeing the powerful forces of hurricane Irene yesterday.  We lost 2 days of vacation but are forever grateful the storm did not pack as lethal a punch as had been advertised.  I'm certain there will be plenty of property damage and our thoughts and prayers are with the wonderful people of NC.  Also with all those along the northeast coast of the USA.  Stay safe!

Thanks to Musa for the following heads up re complimentary remarks about RA's John Thornton interpretation plus thoughts on his upcoming Thorin.  Reference is made to a 'dwelf' instead of a 'dwarf'.  Have recent photos of RA as Thorin quelled all Tolkien purists' fears the leader of the dwarves might've been given a middle earth makeover?

Strike Back, based on ex-SAS sergeant Chris Ryan’s bestseller, caused quite a stir when it debuted last year thanks to the casting of Spooks heartthrob Richard Armitage in an action-hero role. Armitage played hunky soldier John Porter, oozing sex appeal in his khakis and two-day stubble. For the second series, Strike Back: Project Dawn, Armitage appears only in the first episode — as a hostage.

Musa aka Fabo posted a link to the following obviously infallible way to measure your compatibility with RA.  It's remarkable how much they can discern by comparing both our birthdates. *wide grin*
Before posting this *in depth* analysis of our prospects for a lasting relationship, I'm sorry to have to inform dear RA that there's a major obstacle to that ever happening
(other than the fact we'll never meet in the first place...stop snorting out there - let a girl hold on to her dignity:) and that is - one of us is married - and it's not Richard.  Happy to say that particular obstacle is not negotiable *cough,cough* since dh is also a keeper. Although, I would be happy to consider polygamy if both guys agree to it. *dream on woman* As dh asks whenever I've been extra silly - "have you been into the cooking wine?" :) hic,hic

Ann and Richard Armitage  [whoa! we're already off to a great start]

Numerological Compatibility
Compatibility level: 75% - A relationship that is usually compatible, and easy for the partners to get along.

This is an excellent combination, but because the partners are so compatible, they sometimes enhance each other’s less desirable traits as well.

Richard Armitage is upbeat, expressive, creative and playful. However, as a Life Path number 3, Richard is not always focused and the results of Richard's productivity are not always useful. [sheesh! tell that to all the Guy gals and Hobbit enthusiasts}

Ann's life style is dynamic and, if the decision is in Ann's hand alone, this life style will involve lots of travel. If they happen to share a home, Richard and Ann will have little trouble creating a living environment and a life style suitable to both.  [wibble, dribble]

Both Richard and Ann communicate well. They both thrive on playing center stage, both want to be in the spotlight, and this may cause an uncomfortable competitive atmosphere.

Ann can, at times, say things on the spur of the moment that reveal an underlying problem in the relationship. Richard would do well reading between the lines, because, whatever it is, Ann probably would not spell it out. Similarly, Richard likes to skim over the deeper issues in life, especially those in the emotional sphere. Ann needs to be aware that, even after being close to Richard for many years, much about Richard will never be revealed.[Up for this imaginary challenge:]
Richard and Ann get along very well. Richard likes the way Ann acts and talks. Ann has a wonderful time with Richard's wacky sense of humor and upbeat nature. It is a good combination that can last a lifetime. [or to be realistic - her fangurl condition could last a lifetime]

If problems arise and reach the kind of proportions that put this relationship in jeopardy, it is usually because the partners did not listen carefully to each other. Both Richard and Ann have a tendency to keep emotional problems on the back shelf instead of dealing with them. Then, once the turbulence reaches the surface, it is too late.
Richard and Ann have to pay attention to each other.[Guarantee I'd hold up my end] Watch for subtle signs of discomfort or anger, and deal with it immediately. That is the key to sharing an inspiring, creative, lively, happy life. [Oh yeah, I'm not paying enough attention to him - that's the problem..right:]




Musa said...

Beautiful birthday greetings for our man Ricrar!

I just thought that when it's Sunday for us this week, it will be Monday and his birthday for him. We can celebrate his day twice :) Forty has never looked better.

RiCrAr said...

Thx Musa. Sadly, altho' sharing RA's birthday Sun,Mon and the entire week is something I'd dearly love to be able to do, real life demands force me to be net free starting early Sun morning until following Sun.

Actually, although our upcoming vacation will be wonderful quality time with our children, it does fall this year at an inconvenient time. I expect the Recognize mag interview & pix will be published within the week along with all the birthday revelry.

Ah well, looking on the positive side - I've finally downloaded Sunne in Splendour to my kindle and will spend the week reading it. Trying to look on this upcoming net free week as an opportunity to recharge our familial batteries. Spending it on a beautiful NC beach softens the net disconnection.

In the meantime, I'll be here until late Sat soaking up all things rArmitage to hold me over for 7 days:) Will be in touch. Don't know if you want to go ahead with the 2nd ManCandyMonday RA edition or not. I'll be up for it for sure one week from Monday.

Musa said...

Very good with the numerology compatibility, 75%, I'm jealous :)
Glad you'll enjoy Richard's wacky sense of humor (so do I!).
Since you know my poor numerology score with RA, I wonder if there's a mistake on my birth certificate, change of birthday perhaps!

Just think, you'll have fun catching up with RA when you return from vacation, and I'm also looking forward to your thoughts on Sunne in Splendour.

Sue said...

Oh dear! Not a very good result in my compatibility test I'm afraid. Although the description doesn't sound like me at all but the description for Richard is spot on I think. Although it does say that opposites attract so perhaps it's not so bad after all? (Well a girl can live in hope can't she?)

Compatibility level: 25% - A relationship that presents frequent challenges and requires much compromise.

This is a very promising combination, because, strange as it may seem, Sue's Life Path number 1 and Richard's master number 11 have very little in common. Sue is strong and driven, competitive, motivated and, perhaps, a bit bullish and overbearing. Richard, on the other hand, is by nature more the "power behind the throne", the person who understands what goes on on a deeper level.

Sensitive, intuitive, insightful and supportive, Richard will always allow Sue room to throw some weight around, without loosing sight of what has to be done and how to do it. The fact that Richard does not play a power game has a very important role in this relationship. Both of them know what they want, know how to make the other understand, and, thanks to these abilities, they succeed in complementing each other very well.

Richard is the peacemaker, Sue, the driving, ambitious force. Sue does have to be careful with Richard. Sue's strength is like a strong stick - it would not break easily and is not concerned about getting damaged. Richard's strength is more flexible, but also more vulnerable. Richard will bend and surrender to other forces more easily, being therefore also more vulnerable to verbal abuse and negative criticism, things Sue is perfectly capable of shrugging off without much damage to the ego. Interestingly, it is precisely because Richard is able to bend with the forces, that Richard is the real survivor when a serious storm hits, where as, if the wind is strong enough, Sue's strength may snap.

The key in this relationship is "mutual respect" and "sincerity". Sue has to understand that Richard's willingness to compromise or surrender does not represent weakness or an indecisive nature. Sue also has to be aware that Richard is not easily fooled. Richard may accept a certain explanation or a chain of events without confrontation, but this is more a result of a deeper insight and better perspective than cowardice. Richard recognizes insincerity, lying and role-playing much quicker then Sue. Therefore, Sue would be well advised not to underestimate Richard.

Richard, on the other hand should keep in mind that Sue's showing of strength and bravura does not mean that Sue's feelings are not susceptible to being hurt. In fact, behind that facade of strength and courage is a human being who experiences matters of the heart very powerfully.

RiCrAr said...

oooh, "Richard will bend and surrender*whimper* to forces more easily.." Well, he has made it a point to say he started to avoid reading fan comments about him because he's concerned he'd feel pressure to make us happy, as far as our first choice in roles for him.*who would wager he peeks now & then?*

That would explain the remark about Richard's 'deeper insight'. He want the Porter role and many fans initially were repulsed by that role. They commented that a more romantic, JT type role was more to their liking.

And of course, if we'd been warned the Thorin role was on the table for him, we no doubt would've expressed much angst over that gorgeous screen presence being covered with long hair and beard.

Hopefully once Thorin is a wrap, RA will keep his promise and find a role "all about love". Can't come quick enough for this romantic soul.

Musa & Sue, I'm going to miss getting both your observations and RA news during the next week. Not that this is my last update to the blog...that will continue until dh finally rips the mouse out of my hand and says in his sweet way "get in the car NOW!" haha

Just a joke of course..he enjoys his online friends as well, so perfectly understands why it's difficult to cut the net strings for a WHOLE week;)

Anonymous said...

Well guess what.... I have a 100% match haahha So only for the curious ones:

Compatibility level: 100% - A natural fit that usually produces a very compatible relationship.

There is an excellent compatibility between richard crispin armitage's Life Path number 3 and ******'s 9. The two of them can form a strong unity, one that often lasts for a very long time - if not forever. richard crispin armitage and **** represent archetypes that are almost mythical in their romantic bond. Lots of stories of endless patience and self-sacrifice could be told about this unity. And what makes this so surprising is the fact that this is possible even though both of them are considered self-centered, even egocentric at times.
Both richard crispin armitage and *****have powerful imagination and intense inner lives, and that makes the two of them creative, albeit in very different ways. richard crispin armitage has a unique, somewhat offbeat originality, and expects life to be full of unexpected events and turns. ***********, in turn, likes to manipulate the environment until everything is harmonious. *********has the talent to combine colors and materials to create beauty in a disciplined manner. richard crispin armitage appreciates the way ********** seems to be able to control events and surroundings, while ****** envies the easy manner in which richard crispin armitage accepts, and takes advantage of, whatever life has to offer. This brings balance to their relationship.
richard crispin armitage is often compared to the sun: warming and comforting to everyone, inspiring and uplifting to all. ******** is the most idealistic and self-sacrificing number. Like richard crispin armitage, *********offers love freely and generously. Although they are both loving, generous, and worldly people, they can never forget for a moment that they are at the center of whatever they dispense.
So, they can sometimes conflict, in particular when both are vying for the same limelight. In such circumstances, they are like politicians in an election run-off. Even if, privately, they respect and like each other, they will try to take away the attention and spotlight from their partners. They can become very competitive, in which case, just like politicians, they will do anything to win, even start throwing dirt at each other if they feel justified.
However, that is pretty much the only area where richard crispin armitage and *********may encounter problems. This is, therefore, where richard crispin armitage and *********** will have to be careful. They must not become competitive. They should not feel as if they have to put down their partner in order to elevate oneself. Instead, if they find that in social situations they compete with each other, they need to take an honest look at themselves and acknowledge it. In essence, richard crispin armitage and *********enjoy great compatibility, so they better avoid competition and instead invest in building the caring, romantic, life-long unity that comes so natural to them.

Hmmm I have absolutely no trouble with letting him win at all...
so what do you think, should we marry or not?

F ;)

MsG said...

Hahhahaahahaaa still snorting with laughter over your account of the compatabilty test! I needed a god giggle...

Laura said...

oh, NO, RiCrAr!! You're in NC!! Please, be safe. I won't say stay dry, that's not likely. But you and your family are in my prayers as Irene comes barrelling toward the NC Coast.

PS... I also got a 75% match. It was a pretty good write up. That 25% that was missing is easily overcome!

RiCrAr said...

Laura, Thanks for your concern...happy to report we departed the coast of NC at 9am Fri and pulled into our driveway at 9pm last night. Just in time to see ep 3 of SB2, when hubby stated "this isn't as good as the first season." *smile* I agreed and made a mental note to self: *that's because the best actor isn't really in it*

Well, you definitely captured our attention ******, with you 100% compatibility rating. Now if RA would only compete with you for our attention, we'd all be happy as clams.

It really sounds as tho' you were cheated and your rating should be more like 200%--get thee to New Zealand! woman! The man only needs to set his eyes on you for a split second and he is yours. Enjoy! The rest of us underachievers will expect wedding invites if you please;)

RiCrAr said...

Hi are you? What about your compatibility results? Of course, he's already taken;) so you might as well not waste time on the test. *teehee*

MsG said...

Hi, glad to know you are back safe! We were all worried! Ah...compatibilty results were 75%....hmmm I'm sure I wouldn't mind working on the other 25% given half a chance ;)

RiCrAr said...

Sincere thanks for the thoughtful sentiments, MsG:) Happy to be back - can't tell you how many times I wondered what might be happening in RAworld for Richard's birthday festivities. Appears there were quite a few new fanvids added to celebrate the occasion - I've added a few in the latest post.

It must've been gratifying for him to have his fellow Hobbit cast members throw a dinner in his honor. No wonder he sounded, in his thank you note, extremely happy to be right where he was for his 40th birthday(as well as in a career sense).

Anonymous said...

RiCrAr, well I'm available and I even dare say that I'm his type of woman ;). So maybe I should settle a date and write him a letter demanding.. eh asking him to say yes. Naturally I will make sure that he won't regret his spontaneous agreement for the rest of his life ;)!!!!!


RiCrAr said...

*F* and *eh*...a Canuck...the clues tell all - methinks it's Fitzg who is 100% compatible with RA. Am I right? :)

Yes, do set a date but give the rest of us time to buy our tickets to NZ for the wedding. Now all that's left to do is for you to choose your wedding dress and those of us who'll attend you in the wedding party to decide on a dress as well. What color dress should we search for? Has anyone found an available house for rent on the Wellington beach?

Make certain you give Richard enough warning about the wedding date, *F*, so he can wiggle enough time off from filming to take at least a brief wedding trip with you. AND, by the way, we'd like to go along as well with the two of you...that's not asking too much as your bestest friends in the whole world, is it.
*subliminal thought...nobody will read it--> hopefully F is a sharing type woman* :)