December 2, 2009

Spooks, Ep 5: Lucas' Lament

IMO, RA's performance in this scene was the finest so far of many emotional journeys for Lucas.  Love the intense expressions conveying his heartbreak.

Then Lucas' reaction when Sarah started to outline with her finger, in her usual way, the tattoos on his back


phylly3 said...

Yes. Indeed. Once again he says it all with his eyes! This man would have been a HUGE star back in the days before talkies! He'd be like Rudolph Valentino who was probably the first real movie "star" to set women's hearts aflutter back in the 1920's.
But he also has such a lovely voice!....not to mention his other attributes! **blushes**
I can't WAIT for the next episode!

RiCrAr said...

It's astounding, phylly3, how swiftly Lucas' eyes changed in degree of intensity during this scene. Must add a couple more pics that I missed the first time - they're really heartbreaking. Will he ever find true love...suppose we must wait until S9. Unless there's a pleasant surprise in the form of a new 30ish female member of MI5 prior to the promised cliffhanger ending to S8.

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