December 11, 2009

Spooks 8 Ep 7 Pics

A few Ep 7 pics.  Sarah didn't make an appearance in this one.  Lucas said he doesn't know her any longer but he does know she's scared to death.  Great deal of conversation about the Pakistani gov and a possible connection to Sarah's Nightingale Group.  Frightening terrorist invasion at a London school was diffused by our hero. *sigh*  Harry suspects the new HS could be with the Nightingale Group. *Gasp!*

Great lines from ep 7:

Lucas to 17yr old  "I've got the cavalry with me" and "yeah, like the Lone Ranger." :)

Best exchange:  Tariq to Lucas "Sarah's memory stick is complicated."  Lucas replies "it belonged to a complicated girl."  Tariq asks "Aren't they all?" :)  Lucas in his most subterranean, quiver-inducing husky modulation said "not this complicated."  
Surprises me the writers didn't take the opportunity to have Lucas reply with dripping sarcasm "tell me about it."

Troublesome line from next week's preview...Lucas to Ros in extremely urgent tone "You have to bail!!!"


phylly3 said...

Nice screen caps. I'm glad you got #9! I noticed that look (where he's in the car with Tarique) and was going to try and capture that shot myself. You saved me the trouble! He looks very Gisbornesque there with the raised eyebrow, eh?

RiCrAr said...

Hi phylly3, Wasn't it a telling scene between Lucas and Tarique re Sarah's memory stick? He said most women are not as complicated as Sarah---let's hope not in such a negative fashion anyway:)

The scene where Lucas laid down his weapon and then walked straight towards the gun-wielding young terrorist made me think his tragic experience w/Sarah might've made him somewhat suicidal. Yikes! Hope not.

Then in next wk's preview Lucas' desperate line to Ros "You have to bail!!" double yikes!!

RiCrAr said...

P.S. Lucas often reminds me of Sir Guy, especially when he gets aggressive with the baddies.(did you notice in ep 7 when he caught up w/the 17yr old in the Aquarium his quick aside was "interesting choice." LOL
Maybe Armitage Admirer will weigh in on her Guy vs Lucas comparison - it's her fav:)

Ragtag said...

Your screencaps show just how much blue there was in this episode.

RiCrAr said...

That's true, especially Richard's blue eyes. Wonder if he's wearing blue contact lenses?...not that it make any difference in his degree of gorgeousness:)

Ragtag said...

Does anyone remember any scene in ep7 where he's running arms flailing like that image in the teaser pic for ep7 with the sports centre in the bg? It must be one of those behind the scenes images.

RiCrAr said...

No can't remember that scene either. Why would they promote with a scene that was eliminated from the ep? Maybe the photo was actually from Ep 8? We'll soon find out. Didn't notice even a glimpse of Sarah in the Ep 8 preview, makes me wonder if her character will carry over to Spooks 9?