December 12, 2009

COUNTDOWN: 12 Days...of Christmas Kisses

From one that really meant nothing (he nonetheless looked great doing it) to gallantly granting a dying girl's last wish:(

In ascending order of passion

Despite the negativity of the Sarah relationship, Lucas certainly enjoyed kisses


Best in Show - After many months of JT's yearning unrequited love, at long last to everyone's delight...especially Margaret's - the ultimate passionate kiss


Ragtag said...

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? I've always wondered if Lucy had to stand on a milk crate to kiss Richard in that second last image kiss between Marian and Guy.

RiCrAr said...

Yes, I think Lucy did stand on something in order to enable the camera to show her distracted eyes over Guy's shoulder (watching Robin and company pass the door) while her lips were engaged in a far more interesting activity. whew!'s definitely getting warmer here thinking about that kiss...plastic around my keyboard is starting to melt:)