December 15, 2009

COUNTDOWN: 9 Days...1) 9 RA Loves/Hates 2) Deck the Halls etc.

9 RA Likes & Dislikes given during a 2006 RH interview.  Wonder if any of his loves/hates have changed in the past 3 yrs??

Richard's Loves:  1. SUSHI: I prefer clean, unfussy food. But my body's only a temple during the week, at the weekend it's a skip!
2. MUSIC: Listening to, playing and writing--I play the cello and flute and amuse myself by creating poor dance tracks on my Apple Mac.
3. ALL THINGS ITALIAN: I love everything from the food to the language--I'd love to speak it but am currently reduced to talking in English with an Italian accent.
4. DANCING: I get off on the euphoria, so I'm always the first one on the dance floor. My style is sort of smooth, Latin, snake-hips--at least that's what I like to think.
5. RUNNING: I'd love to run the marathon in aid of a cancer charity. I was going to do it this year but my training got interrupted by filming.

Richard's Hates:

1. WOMEN'S Obsession with their Hair:)
You spend hours faffing around with it, then it looks exactly the same as when you started. Why can't you just wash and go?
2. Over-zealous Make-up Artists:
I'm currently filming in Budapest and as it's so hot I'm constantly having 'touch-ups'. They're only doing their job but sometimes I feel like swatting their prodding hand away.
3. QUEUE-JUMPERS: The other day I was waiting to check in and joined the queue just before this guy, who was furious. He was huffing and puffing in my ear, so when I got to the front I turned round and said "After you". He went bright scarlet.
4. WATCHING MYSELF on Screen: I hate the sound of my voice, the way I look, everything. It's all completely excruciating.

9 Days for everyone to deck the halls, address Christmas cards,  wrap gifts, attend religious ceremonies.....getting more frantic with each item:)....not really -- Let's take a moment to relax with comedy relief.   Do you keep an eye on the world of golf?  One of the most famous golfers in the world is recently in the headlines but not in the usual way.  Is it possible we would ever one day see similar headlines for RA??....very highly unlikely:)

Golf affionados are forwarding the following pic to each other with the caption '2009 Woods Family's Christmas Photo' - if you're in the dark on the details, just  do an internet search for the latest headlines on Tiger Woods.  Of course, the pic is a manipulation simply because she definitely tried but didn't actually get the chance to inflict that much damage:)

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