December 18, 2009

Day 5: Santa Baby

Santa's checking his list and checking it twice

           Finding out which little girls have been naughty or nice

                                           Santa baby,
                 Santa honey, hurry down the chimney tonight


 Wouldn't you rather see that Santa coming down your chimney
                                               than these

Look who gave Santa the purrrfect hat - another cutie:)


                           Is RA singing Christmas carols?

RA dance moves

This last dance step is especially graceful, isn't it. *wibble*
Then a suicidal move - luckily it worked out for our hero.


Ragtag said...

Nice photoshopping!
Oh santa I really do, believe in you...

RiCrAr said...

hahaha....ooh, don't we though. Although, maybe we should have doubts about Santa and he might pay a visit to show his credentials.cough,cough:)

No need to worry about this Santa's tummy shaking like a bowl full of jello:)...not those 6-pack abs.

Katarina said...

Now that's my kind of Santa. I lika audiobooks and like to listen to before I go to sleep, but I won't listen to RA reading something, I can just imagen what kind of dreams that would cause. Not only that sexy voice and now that image stuck in my head

Jonia said...

I love Your blog :)Purrrfect :)

RiCrAr said...

katarina, which RA audiobooks do you listen to?...want to make sure I've not missed anything:)

Warm welcome to the blog, jonia! Thanks for the kind words - very happy you approve:) I'd better not post too many Guy pics now that you're here--you probably wouldn't like it if I did, would you?:)

Avalon said...

Cute! And great photos!

Sue said...

Well it's snow covered over here in freezing England too! As for Richard in a santa suit, bring it on! He can slide down my chimney any time!

RiCrAr said...

Happy you're enjoying them, avalon:)

Hi sue, maybe we should be satisfied with just the hat on Santa for the time being...makes it a smoother ride when he slides down our chimneys. That thought gives new meaning to the term 'joys of the season';)
hahaha...we've ventured into double entendre heaven.

Katarina said...

I think RA has this sexy voice and I just to listen to bits here and there is dangerous to a woman like me. And then to fall a sleep listening to that, scary. No if I want RA in my bedroom I want him there IRL, not on a round plastic disc.
Not that it will ever happend, but if Madonna can have a toyboy so can I. Still I'm not old enough to be his mum like Madonna and her boy.
Guess I'll have to settle for the ordinary nest-door guy. And I do not have to see him kiss other women on the sceen,thank goodness for that.

RiCrAr said...

Yes, Richard definitely has a sexy voice. It's very soothing and at the same time a good way:) Have you listened to his Lords of the North audiobook? He does at least a dozen different voices seamlessly on 10 discs - it's my favorite.

Katarina said...

No I haven't. I like a good reader for an audiobook. Some are just brilliant at it. And some sho do really shouldn't. But for all that I have listen to him read he does a great job.