December 18, 2009

Comparison Follow-up

More similarities between Richard and Donny. 

Both look great in black

and another color

We know Richard is very gracious with's Donny with one and with someone I thought at first was another fan, then remembered who she is - correct me if I'm wrong - believe she's Susan Clark? (It's Susan Boyle...thx Nat)  She's the Scottish woman Simon whatshisname? drove almost to the brink. Simon will never find himself in one of these comparisons...won't that break his heart? (what heart?:)...he's one huge walking ego.

Of course, RA's affinity for leather is well known - Donny's not shabby either


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

HAHAHA! I never thought of comparing RA to DO! Do any of those fan pictures feature you? :)
I've actually seen Donny perform a few times. (I'm from Utah, his home state where he still does a lot of local events.) I like him, but not a huge fan... my little sister, however, LOVES Donny and had her picture taken with him. She was shy when she asked for a pic, but he was so friendly and gracious. He gave her a big hug and then posed for the picture with his arm around her, flashing that toothy grin. For being so sweet to my sister, I will always have to admire the guy!

By the way, I think that lady is Susan Boyle.

RiCrAr said...

RiCrAr said:
No, Nat...found all the pics at photobucket. In fact, I've never been to Las Vegas. Too tacky for my taste, although hubby suggests a trip out there every once in awhile--doubt it will happen(he's probably hoping there are still some topless dancers around:) Not worth the flying angst for me. When I fly, it has to be to somewhere I want to go so badly that I'm willing to suffer the tortures of the damned at 20,000 ft in the air, sometimes while over the deep blue Atlantic:) While up there constantly repeat to myself for hours on end "how did you get in this predicament again, with nothing but a thin sheet of metal between you and oblivion":)

Boyle, that's right, thanks:)...knew in the back of my mind it was a one syllable Irish(Scottish) name. Didn't you feel sorry for poor Susan when Simon of the huge head treated her like a freak in his circus? How did that man ever become famous?....he's so downright mean and egotistical. ycccck!:)

As I mentioned before, I'd never really focused on Donny until seeing him dance the tango - hmmm! The man can move and with great dramatic expression as well. Of course, he's been on stage since starting to walk...really shouldn't be surprised at his fancy footwork.

Do you watch 'Burn Notice' starring Jeffrey Donovan? Another TDH hunk. If I could find more about his personality, he would be the next comparison with RA. I'm quickly running out of candidates...only a handful of world-class hunks.

So, you're in Utah....I've flown over it(or close to it) on the way to LA--hope someday to see it close up:)

bZirk said...

I love Jeffrey Donovan and Burn Notice, but Bruce Campbell is my favorite. :D

You ought to visit Utah sometime. It has some wonderful places. I actually live about an hour and a half from it and get to go there frequently.

Katarina said...

Utah, I was there in 1987 visiting a friend. I'd love to go back since I caught some flue while I was there and was not too well. However it was really pretty from what I remember.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, Bruce Campbell - can't place him, but I'll be sure to check him out.

As for Utah, being a genealogy buff, I've recently discovered that considering my heritage, if not for a quirk of fate, the Salt Lake City area could've been the destination for one branch of the family tree (as newly arrived immigrants in mid-19thC). Read recently in a book found on Amazon (entitled 'British Immigrants to the US') that 70% of all British immigrants to the US during the same timeframe were Mormon converts on their way to Salt Lake City. Apparently the fact half my paternal ancestors were very active members of the Methodist Church both in England prior to emigration and post their arrival, determined their newly adopted home would instead be on the East Coast.

katarina, are you packing your bag for that holiday in Rome with Richard?:) You may want to get in some dancing practice in preparation for a night on the town with an Argentine Tango aficionado. Might be wise to get that trip in first, then we'll look forward to your arrival in Utah:)


bZirk said...

Interesting about the migration.

Bruce Campbell plays Sam on Burn Notice.

RiCrAr said...

Here's the exact book title (really great details for anyone in Utah who's digging into their roots - other areas covered as well.

'Britain to America...Mid-Ninetheenth Century Immigrants to the United States' (published 1999) Wm E. Van Vugt, a professor of History at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Katarina said...

Yes, I'm packing as we speak, I just have to work til 4 pm tomorrow, and then I'm off till New Years. My family might think I'm traveling to see them for Christmas. They do not know I'm planing to 'elope' with Mr Armitage to Rome. "Am I dreaming or stupid, I think I've been hit by cupid. I met a tall dark and handsome man, and I've been busy making big plans. But noone needs to kno right now" -Ms Shania Twain

RiCrAr said...

Shania Twain, a country western singer - I'd never heard of her before you mentioned her name. At first, I thought it might be Mark Twain's daughter..LOL..he's a famous 19thC American writer:)

Just read some of Shania's lyrics and Yes....she gets quite specific about girl-guy needs & wants. One of her songs even mentions a love rendezvous in Rome. Enjoy!--we'll be thinking of you...and him:)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Yes, bZirk and I are neighbors. (I think you said you're from CO, right b?) My ancestors are mainly from Wales and Ireland. (Explains all the redheads in the fam.) I haven't done much digging around in geneology, but I should since it's interesting!

RiCrAr said...

Nat, if your family has been in Utah since the 19thC, there are many family trees from that era posted at showing Irish/Welsh surnames as 'born in Irl or Wales and died in Utah'. In fact, many of those women were named 'Mary Ellen' which was my Irish gggmother Dixon's older sister is the current generation's Maryellen.


RiCrAr said...

bzirk, after Christmas we'll have time to compare Jeffrey Donovan w/RA. New season of Burn Notice returns in Jan. Did you know JD produces that show as well as stars in it? Wonder where such a young man would find the resources to produce a major TV series.

There's a video on youtube of Jeffrey being interviewed with the woman who plays Fi--his Irish girlfriend. The man seems to be as down to earth as Richard - hope he manages to remain that way.

Trivia: Donovan is another one of my ancestral surnames - from Co Cork. In fact the name Donovan in Gaelic means 'dark one'...Jeffrey is definitely another TDH hunk:) However, he doesn't seem to have RA's intellectual curiosity(could be wrong) so for me he only gets a B for hotness...maybe B+. Won't he be devastated. LOL

bZirk said...

I just realized you don't have a picture of Richard with a fan.