December 7, 2009


Harry saying to phylly3 & kc  "with tongues"

Harry is certainly more lovable than that other famous accountant

Ebenezer Scrooge -
They do have the scarf and spectacles in common

Has everyone seen the following teaser pic for Spooks 8, Ep 7...He can run but he can't hide from us, can he? hehehe


phylly3 said...

Oooo! Thanks for the picture of Harry! I LOVE him in those glasses. NOT the ones Lucas wore on Episode 6 as the Russian rich guy. Although, he didn't look too bad in those either.
I wish I looked like the gal who is puckering up. Only in my dreams...

RiCrAr said...

Hi phylly3, just noticed your comment under the GoG:Time to Make Merry post. Want to be sure you've seen my reply which is:

"OMG phylly 3, you are in for the most delicious series with Guy & Marian in RH2. Guy's relentless pursuit of the woman he called 'the love of his life' provided many sizzling moments, and he looked even more gorgeous than usual(difficult to believe, but true). Tell us when you begin to watch RH2 and we'll enjoy reliving RA's passionate performance while hearing your reaction to each episode:)"

phylly3 said...

Thanks for the offer ricar! I am hoping to get Season 2 for Christmas. If not then, I will certainly be ordering it for myself shortly thereafter!
I have been following mulubinba's blog posts about RH season 1 at An RA viewer's perspective.
Ladykate also posted a link to her RH forum too. I only briefly checked it out so far though.
So many good websites out there. I thought I was addicted to RA, but now I think I'm addicted to the people who are addicted to RA! LOL!

Ragtag said...

So maybe you're addicted to RA, and those who are addicted to RA, and maybe also addicted to the addiction of RA!!!