December 5, 2009

Spooks 8 The End is Near-Will Lucas Survive?

Ep 6 was quite an emotional roller coaster ride. It's clear Lucas wanted desperately to believe Sarah's explanation that her boss Samuel Walker was corrupt and dangerous.

He appeared relieved when she admitted the truth about her presence at the meeting in Basel, symbolized by the brief touch of her hands as if to offer comfort or possibly as a gesture of his continuing love?

Did his eyes in fact well with tears when he finally realized the full extent of her involvement with the Nightingale Group?

Will this emotionally torturous relationship ultimately place in our hero's hands a dreadful Sophie's Choice - the survival of his country or his lover?

At the summit of this thrilling ride, the following moment reminded me of a similarly chilling situation for Sir Guy in RH3.


Ragtag said...

The end really is nigh. Can you believe we're up to ep 7 already? Time has just flown, but maybe this is because i'm used to those US shows where 1 series is like 24 episodes or something.

phylly3 said...

Scary ending to that episode! I'm still not sure exactly what happened. Did you hear Lucas whisper, "Take me with you!" At least that's what I thought I heard!!!

bZirk said...

Lucas' neediness is starting to irritate me.

RiCrAr said...

Ragtag, I know what you mean - even RH had 13 eps per series, so the 8 eps of Spooks 8 seem to be moving at warp speed. It's a good thing we have the 6eps of 'Strikeback' to look forward to...does it start in Jan?

phylly3, Yes..Lucas did say "take me with you" which at first didn't make sense to me. If he expected to be shot by Sarah when she said "goodbye Lucas", why would he then say those words to her??

bzirk, you know Richard is loving every moment of Lucas' complicated emotional state:) Is it possible he was simply trying to dissuade her from killing him when he asked to go with her? Was his devastation caused by the fact he now knows beyond a doubt that she loves him(in her own unique way:) The tension could be cut with a knife during those seconds Sarah found it impossible to eliminate him in the same way she callously killed the others. Question is - will Lucas be placed in a similarly emotionally traumatic situation in ep 7 or 8? If so, will he also find himself paralyzed at a crucial moment?

Would you have found it more satisfying if Lucas had shot Sarah during that scene?...inquiring minds want to know:)

phylly3 said...

Well, personally I am glad he didn't act like an unfeeling robot and shoot her. I'm glad he didn't shoot the assasin either. I think (hope) it's because he's a real hero, but I'm starting to worry that he might be one of those double agents! (I feel like when I was rooting for Snape not to be a bad guy.) I thought he was, but then I hoped he wasn't.
I think the actress who played Sarah Caulfield did a wonderful job in that scene, very touching...she definitely had tears in her eyes.
Now tell me, do we know what actually happened to her?

Ragtag said...

Yeah it's not very clear what happened to her. I think she unclicked the gun, left the flat slamming the door. I watched it with my partner and HE thought the slamming door was her killing herself! I think that was wishful thinking.

RiCrAr said...

Sounds very familiar...when I described the scene to hubby he had the same reaction. After I had mentioned the loud noise he jumped in with the remark "she committed suicide" and was surprised to hear Sarah couldn't do it. Hopefully the writers didn't force RA to kill off another leading lady--he'll get a reputation as a ladykiller. HA!...which would be extremely accurate:)