September 27, 2010

Richard Armitage: Ep 2, Spooks 9 + Ep 3 Promo uploaded by bccmee

                                                         Is it a Dancing w/t Stars tryout?

In the running for new Christmas greeting - simply add a wreath ;)
Ep 3 promo uploaded by bccmee..


Musa said...

OMG - Just finished watching 9-2 and I'm exhausted. I feel like I just ran the Boston Marathon with Lucas/John?????
Lovely pics though RicRAr. Love the new Lucas(?) look.
Kitchen table 9-3?

Ricrar said...

Musa, do you find RA's eyes seem to reflect a special something in the Lucas-Maya scene, ep 2? The love is burning a hole through her, almost as searing as that for Mgt & Marian. Ahhh, good to know Richard yearns to return to a role all about love. *melt,melt*