September 26, 2010

Scorching New Vid: A Retrospective of Sorts;) Will Tonight's ep 2, Spooks Make it Seem Tame? + Laila Rouass Interview - Quote: "I Love Him"

                          Two of my favorite things in the whole world in one pic...Nice!;)

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Laila Rouass interview in the Mirror & her character's relationship with Lucas in Spooks (spoilers): about 8 hours ago via web Retweeted by you<

Laila Rouass excerpt:

>“She’s the love of his life and he’s the love of hers. Their relationship is dynamic and explosive and it makes them both question certain things – he has to make some serious decisions.”

Are there any strip searches?
It gets hotter. There’s one scene where we get together in the kitchen and the director was like, ‘Come on, let’s be honest, you haven’t seen each other for years, you’re not going to get all romantic, you’re going to shag her on the table,’ and I must have looked a bit nervous because Richard whisperered, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not really going to shag you on the table, you’ll be fine’.

[**It appears whoever typed the article got a bit unnerved upon reading it...or is whispered incorrect?;]

Would you like to have him under surveillance?
Well, of course I fancy him. Everyone fancies Richard. All my friends love him. He’s adorable. I met him a few years ago in LA when we went up for the same audition and we’d got down to the last two. When I heard his accent I grabbed him and was like, ‘You’ve got to stay with me, I haven’t met any English people for months’. We went to lunch and he calmed me down. I love him.<
New Vid: 'Never Gonna Give You Up'(Barry White) by Miss Marian825


Musa said...

RicRAr, I read the interview this morning and had all sorts of thoughts-LOL
You know if he whispered that to me I would maybe suggest he and I rehearse the scene at his home (I'm assuming he has a kitchen table) and for the sake of realism and doing the scene justice, we would just see what happens during our personal rehearsals...
I think we all can agree he's adorable. I think she's trying too hard to convince us the reason she grabbed him for lunch when they met years ago was because she hadn't seen a fellow Brit in months. According to another interview she said RA kept telling her he had a flight to catch and she wouldn't let him leave. Not that I blame her at all! Can't wait until tomorrow's episode of Spooks.

Ricrar said...

Maybe RA has a kitchen counter, Musa, instead of a table. Know you won't let that deter your mission;)

What type of female will finally set off his 'must have her for the rest of my life' alarm?

The thought reminds me of a brief conversation today while walking with DH. I pointedly asked "did you read CA comics as a boy?" His response..."Sure did! and the other superheroes as well; but, my favorite was 'Wonder Woman' - she really filled out that hot costume(devilish smile on his face;)

Perhaps Richard is looking for a wonder woman...good luck with that! haha

Anonymous said...

OMG how sweet this man is! I think it is the rule every girl who 'meets' him fancies him :P

I hope he finds that woman that as you say "sets his 'must have her for the rest of my life' alarm", he deserves it.

OML :)

Ricrar said...

OML, I've dedicated the latest Spooks video at the blog to you. Thought you might want to meditate for a few min before finally closing that chapter of Agent Adorable's lovelife...certain you share the sentiment - may 'She' R.I.P.

...will Maya & LN use a tablecloth?'s the least they could do for future diners..hehehe.