April 5, 2012

Richard Armitage Paints it Black as Guy of Gisborne + Salsa anyone? + Game of Thrones,ep 2 Reviews + HAPPY EASTER!

Tonight's Dancin' w/the Stars theme was rock music - guest band was KISS. Every costume was head to toe black.  One of the songs chosen for contestants  was the Rollin' Stones 'Paint It Black'...had to tweet:

Hilarious Game of Thrones Reviews:

Last week Wm Levy did the salsa on Dancin'...he explains beforehand why his family found life in Cuba so difficult.  During tonight's show Wm said no one is allowed to listen to American music in that country, therefore he wasn't aware of the long-haired rock bands phenomenon.  I'd call that cruel and inhuman punishment:) 

Are you planning a Hobbit party for Dec, 2012?  Why not order customized M&Ms?  You can even upload a Thorin or other pic to be printed on each mouth-melting chocolate-filled piece of candy.

No need to mention the name of the historic/spiritual figure this brings to mind--especially for Easter weekend:

Yet another Game of Thrones, ep 2 review however this one doesn't mention Stannis -- how could the writer not mention the once sex-apathetic Lord of Dragonstone's chess table romp with the red priestess Melisandre?? 
The first The Hobbit tshirt was recently released -  much prefer this version;)

Maids of Honour Row, London - luvvvv this type of historic trivia.  It seems there's a connection to Charles Dickens due to the fact a character in Great Expectations visited a woman living in one of the houses.  The historical origin of the townhouses is fascinating as well. (see link below)


Faboamanto said...

What a lovely Easter Bunny! Such lovely ears and smoldering blue eyes.

I think we're overdue for an Easter message from PJ! It feels like years since the last Vid Blog.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Ricrar said...

haha - we do like our easter bunnies to smolder, don't we Fabo;)

Agreed re PJ - a new Vblog would be very welcome.
Happy Easter to you as well. Hope all your chocolate eggs are Cadbury:)

Ricrar said...

Sue made an interesting comment in post below this one about recent article describing RA's fans:

Sue said..
"RiCrAr, Re: Hobbit article and Richard "This guy has fans and they're extremely devoted, but he isn't in the minds of the general public" Aren't we RA fans part of the general public then? We must be some kind of extreme alien race perhaps!!! I love Richard's husky voice in the clip where he says he cannot guarantee TH's safety. Very sexy!"

Ricrar said...

Another comment from Sue on Apr 7 - copied from under Mar 30 post. Clever idea for the Thorin tshirt:

Sue said...

Richard has got a unique voice which makes me go all weak at the knees. He tends to speak his sentences as he breathes out, which makes it sound quite husky.

Re TH t-shirts. How about each Hobbit character gets their own t-shirt. Obviously Thorin's will be at the top of the list. Maybe it should have underneath his picture the words "I cannot guarantee your safety".(I think I'll take my chances don't you?)

April 7, 2012

Sue said...


I've just been looking at the Richard Armitage online website and found that it mentions that there is a picture of a very young Richard on the site dedicated to Miss Pat. He has the number 129 on the front of his shirt. Must have been in a dance competition me thinks!


Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, I've seen that pic of the very young Richard. As usual he's towering over everyone else - even in early teen yrs.

He's mentioned more than once that he felt as though he was already treated as an adult at the tender age of 14, when he'd already sprouted to 6'2".

His fan base is definitely sprouting as well these days. Are current fans ready for the flood of newbies as RA starts promotions for the first Hobbit film? No doubt we'll need to explain insider jargon like *6 little words* and *crinkles* to a fresh crop of mesmerized cRAzies. *bring it on*;)