March 30, 2012

New Article: Who Will Be Next Breakout Star from The Hobbit? Winner=RA! + Guernsey Pie Rumors + RAC Calendars + Quotes:Richard Armitage + GoT,ep 1 Awesome (see review) + Fifty Shames of Earl Grey

THE HOBBIT ARTICLE: (thanks to Musa for heads up)
Excerpt: So "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," due in December and "The Hobbit: There and Back Again" in 2013 combine a large cast, a star-launching director and its blockbuster profile; the film has the juice to make careers. So who stands to gain the most from the project? Let's take a look.

Richard Armitage

Warner Bros.
This guy has fans and they're extremely devoted, but he isn't in the minds of the general public — yet. The "Captain America" star is rich with talent and his role as emotionally tortured dwarf Thorin Oakenshield will let him showcase his abilities.
Thorin is complex and conflicted, will have his fare share of screen time and will also be the most heroic dwarf in Bilbo's company. And, as we already know from the films' single trailer, he gets to use his trademark baritone voice.

The Winner

Ultimately, being in these films is a career win for all of these guys. Others will benefit as well, but this group stands the best chance of reaping the biggest benefits from their work. They can also kiss privacy goodbye and can start planning, if they choose, convention appearances for the next 30 years.
In terms of skyrocketing career moves, Armitage will be the ultimate winner. Thorin will be a more important part of this film than many realize and the Shakespearian tragedy elements, with his talent and good looks, make this a perfect situation for him. Still, the rest of the group can console itself knowing they all will enjoy a pile of dragon's gold, fame and buzz.
Entire article:

Examples of stunning The Hobbit artwork:
First from michaelg04..triggers mental image of Thorin and Gandalf in deep discussion in Bilbo's cozy hobbit hole: 

Second example is a fantastic poster designed by Steve1969 at

The Story of English in 100 Words:
Example of beautiful fan designed calendars available at RAC--See all at

Thorin might almost have taken the words out of my mouth - "I cannot guarantee his safety, nor will I be responsible for his fate"..if ever the opportunity arises to...err,,,all bark and no bite definitely applies..;) On second thought, the latter is negotiable..*snigger*

The following is hilarious.  It's a book titled 'Fifty Shames of Earl Grey', which is a parody on the current fiction craze - the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' - which I'm discovering you either take *dead* seriously or find yourself laughing uncontrollably outloud.  Have the distinct feeling I belong in the LOL category.  If pain was romantic and sexy, we'd all be madly in love with our dentists by now:)  The '50 Shames' writer's bookcover shows a tie as well, only it's covered with 51 smiley faces:)  He explained his book is one more shade better than the book his own parodies. hahaha  In his list of Earl Grey's 50 shames, he includes "not getting Mad Men, not one bit."  I don't either, so think I might've found the man of my dreams, if I wasn't already married to the man of my dreams.  Although, visitors are allowed--in my dreams, that is.  To give you a huge hint why the original novel is considered shocking, the author of the parody awakes and then says he's "brushing his hair into submission." If you did not already have a *rough* idea about the storyline,  hopefully his *dominant* hairbrush and the dentist scenario, have swiftly *whipped* on that proverbial lightbulb in your mind.

Was reminded yet again tonight of the disappointment that RA is not playing Stannis Baratheon(the rightful king) in Game of Thrones 2 - a role I believe he'd have relished as much as GoG. Less than 30min after the spectacular first episode ended, EW published it's A- review:

Have you heard the Guernsey Pie/Kate Winslet rumors? SEE COMMENTS BELOW:


Musa said...

Great poll on RA Cocktails Hour. I made my choice, but really would love them all. Is it too early for a Paul's Peaches with Cream...yummy :)

You know, may be a great idea for a charity "cocktail book" instead of cookbook??

Happy Game of Thrones day today!

Ricrar said...

One peaches w/cream coming up, Musa. Enjoy them,,er,,it;)

Current poll results have Absolut Armitage Bliss spooning with Lucas between the sheets - they're within hugging distance of Thornton's Mocha Margarita.

Received a tweet from a fan saying she couldn't make up her mind--all the choices sounded very tasty to her.

Anonymous said...

A Gisborne martini for me please.

Ricrar said...

There you are - enjoy the gisborne martini, stirred:)

Ricrar said...

Following comment was posted yesterday under the 3rd post below.

Quote:"Sue said...

I must admit when I read about the delay in filming of The Guernsey Cow etc. I did wonder if there might be a role suitable for Richard. The BBC reported that it was due to the proposed cast's availability (or unavailability). You never know! Stranger things have happened. It must be a little scary to think about what happens after TH has finally finished filming, although that seems to be what most actors thrive on, not knowing what will happen next, the unexpected.
April 3, 2012

Ricrar said...

The day before that comment, Sue posted the following with her opinion of the upcoming Titanic series. It played recently in the UK and will play in US Apr 14-15:
Sue said...

I'm afraid after watching the second episode of Titanic (or at least part of it before I switched over channels)even Richard's acting talents couldn't turn this show around. I'm afraid it's likely to sink with all hands on deck. I didn't think it could get any worse, but it did. There is just too much switching from one character to another during the supposedly same time frame. A bit like some of the more modern shows do (mostly American shows I must admit)and I can't stand that.

I saw an interview with the actor Steven Waddington (he of King Richard fame in RH). He plays Second Officer Lightoller. He was saying that he did some research about his character, saying that he was a notherner (from Chorley in Lancashire) and that he sounded an interesting man who had had a tough life to get to where he was. Unfortunately Julian Fellowes decided to "posh" this character up (who is based on a true person)so he had to lose the northern accent. I couldn't help thinking during the interview how interesting it might have made the series if JF had written the show from this character's perspective. He sounded a fascinating man from what I heard, who had dragged himself up by the boot straps. He survived by the way too! (Actually I think Richard would have been perfect for this role!)
April 2, 2012

Sue said...


Re: Hobbit article and Richard

"This guy has fans and they're extremely devoted, but he isn't in the minds of the general public"

Aren't we RA fans part of the general public then? We must be some kind of extreme alien race perhaps!!!

I love Richard's husky voice in the clip where he says he cannot guarantee TH's safety. Very sexy!

Ricrar said...

Well, Sue, long-time RA fans are quite unique, or at least have keen powers of observing an exceptional actor when they see him:)

His voice has always been deeper than average, but I read in an interview for the SB promotion, where he mentioned exercises that helped improve both depth and control of his voice. Perhaps he's using them for Thorin as well. Can't go too deep IMO - the rathskellar level timbre can cause vibrations [not saying where;] *wibble,wobble*

Sue said...


Richard has got a unique voice which makes me go all weak at the knees. He tends to speak his sentences as he breathes out, which makes it sound quite husky.

Re TH t-shirts. How about each Hobbit character gets their own t-shirt. Obviously Thorin's will be at the top of the list. Maybe it should have underneath his picture the words "I cannot guarantee your safety".(I think I'll take my chances don't you?)

Ricrar said...

Lol..great idea re the Thorin tshirt, Sue:)

Did you check out the redesigned Hobbit tshirt in latest post, with Richard at the hobbit door instead of Bilbo. It will be a real challenge to explain to hubby why I'm wearing another man's face across my chest.haha

I'm copying & pasting your latest comment, which I'm responding to, to the most recent post above. Certain others would enjoy reading your tshirt suggestion, but they'd probably not check these older comments and thereby miss it.