March 21, 2012

Richard Armitage + Titanic Mini-series Written by Julian Fellowes(see preview) + Gorgeous Wallpapers by Tanni + Thorin's Last Supper:) See Link + Game of Thrones Trailer--Season 2 Begins on April 1

WooHoo! just noticed there will be an ABC network special (4 hour miniseries written by Julian Fellowes) marking the hundreth anniversary of the tragic sinking of The Titanic that occurred on Apr 15, 1912.  [trivia: timing is slightly humorous since annually Apr 15 is notoriously the dreaded final day for Americans to file their income tax with the federal gov--2 tragedies on the same day this year:]
Following is the preview--of course, there's an RA connection - albeit a somewhat weak one - the actor who played King John in RH2 appears to be the Captain of the historic ship.  One other member of cast that caught my attention in the preview--Queen Katherine of Aragon is onboard ship as well*snigger*

Take a tour of the virtual Titanic:
All aboard! - following is almost worth going down with the ship, isn't it ;)

Time to get out the vote for Thorin - The One Ring website has paired Aragorn vs Thorin.  That won't be a problem after December, but it will take an extra effort today for Thorin to win this one:

Look at these beautiful fan created wallpapers by tanni at the fanpop website.  She's located in Kiev..

Clever - Thorin's Last Supper

Game of Thrones II Review:  Writer says he usually avoids "sprawling, non-contemporary dramas".  Again proving variety is indeed the spice of life - my entertainment preferences are the exact opposite of his.  Give me a historical saga anyday(slightly begrudgingly when fantasy is an ingredient, as in GoT) rather than the same ol' same ol' modern blather we see on TV every day of the week.


Musa said...

Love those Tanni wallpapers, thank you for posting. I especially like the first MI5 one - beautiful and thought provoking. You know I love my Lucas.

I've been voting for Thorin (also for Boromir I must admit). Ricrar, you've been great at getting the word out, and though Aragorn is still ahead, he's only slightly so now. Hope everyone keeps voting, I think it goes on until the 26th.

Also looking forward to Titanic the new series. Saw lots of familiar faces in the preview :)

Ricrar said...

Agreed about Tanni's gorgeous wallpapers, Musa.

You're right - currently there's only a few points spread for Thorin to overtake Aragorn. Problem is the timeline - we only have a few hours to win it. Hopefully the onering website is not running on NZ time or the contest could already be over.

Yes, Titanic looks well done. I'm enjoying the daily tweets from HMS Titanic on twitter. Their describing guest quarters, etc. Should really get interesting as they approach the iceberg. brrrrrr Might cause another downturn in number of people booking cruises---ironic since they've just started to recover from that humungous stricken ship somewhere in Europe..was it Greece?

Sue said...

Re: Titanic by Julian Fellowes

I watched just 15 minutes of the first episode of this mini series before I switched over to Upstairs Downstairs, which was a humdinger of an episode. I'm afraid if a drama doesn't get me enthralled in the first 10 minutes or so I get bored as I must admit to having a low attention span. For once I agree with the critics of Titanic (and believe me that doesn't happen very often!)There were just too many characters and too much going on at the beginning to take in and to be honest it wasn't all that interesting. I noticed that the divide between the classes was duly noted but not much else. It would have been better to concentrate on a few characters rather than trying to fit everything in to the first show. I'll persevere and watch the second instalment but I don't hold out much hope for improvement. Now if Richard were playing the Captain then I might consider going down with the ship. Oh boy, what a way to go! If you only had a couple of hours (or less) to live how would you rather spend it? Nuff said!!!!

Ricrar said...

Hey there Sue, good to see you're still alive and - judging from that comment - definitely still kickin'.Lol

We'll see the new Titanic mini-series on Apr14/15. They're playing 3hrs on Sat eve & final hour on Sun, Apr 15 - actual day the ship sunk. Sorry to hear you don't so far find it very entertaining. upon reflection though, wouldn't it be very difficult for a remake, so soon after the blockbuster movie, to live up to Cameron's classic?

There are maybe half a doz films I've watched more than 3 times - his Titanic is one of them.

Wonder if there'll be a replay of the series in the UK on the actual 100th anniversary - simultaneously showing with the other 86 countries around the globe it's already been sold to - including the USA's abc network.

Quckly reverting back to your vibrant imaginings of how you'd like to spend your final hours on a sinking ship in Capt Richard's private qtrs...*blush*...that didn't come out quite right, did it. hahaha...although I know you'd appreciate the double entendre. *giggles*

Sue said...


I'm afraid after watching the second episode of Titanic (or at least part of it before I switched over channels)even Richard's acting talents couldn't turn this show around. I'm afraid it's likely to sink with all hands on deck. I didn't think it could get any worse, but it did. There is just too much switching from one character to another during the supposedly same time frame. A bit like some of the more modern shows do (mostly American shows I must admit)and I can't stand that.

I saw an interview with the actor Steven Waddington (he of King Richard fame in RH). He plays Second Officer Lightoller. He was saying that he did some research about his character, saying that he was a notherner (from Chorley in Lancashire) and that he sounded an interesting man who had had a tough life to get to where he was. Unfortunately Julian Fellowes decided to "posh" this character up (who is based on a true person)so he had to lose the northern accent. I couldn't help thinking during the interview how interesting it might have made the series if JF had written the show from this character's perspective. He sounded a fascinating man from what I heard, who had dragged himself up by the boot straps. He survived by the way too! (Actually I think Richard would have been perfect for this role!)

Ricrar said...

Thx for the interesting review of new Titanic, Sue. Almost missed your comment - it's under the third post down.

Yes, the character sounds as though it would be a good match for Richard. Fellowes strikes me has someone very focused on class divisions. During last series of Downton, I remember watching an interview of his when he said all the DA characters were give equal treatment. I found that amusing considering some were being clothed by others:) Not very equal in my world, but it does seem to be the niche the writers has carved for himself.

There was more speculation on Twitter tonight that RA's calendar seems to fit in with the one year delay for the upcoming Kenneth Branagh, Kate Winslet film. The Guernsey Cow and ??? Society? Would be wonderful if an announcement of some sort was made about Richard's upcoming professional plans. I understand TH filming wraps in June. He must've given it some thought by now.

Sue said...


I must admit when I read about the delay in filming of The Guernsey Cow etc. I did wonder if there might be a role suitable for Richard. The BBC reported that it was due to the proposed cast's availability (or unavailability). You never know! Stranger things have happened. It must be a little scary to think about what happens after TH has finally finished filming, although that seems to be what most actors thrive on, not knowing what will happen next, the unexpected.

Ricrar said...

Sue, Have you read the latest news article above which speculates about certain actors in The Hobbit who will breakout to stardom?

Richard is first on the list - their remarks about him are very complimentary. They say the Thorin role has Shakespearean tragedy aspects that are perfect for him to display his excellent acting skills and good looks. Then they mention he also has the opportunity to highlight his trademark baritone voice.

If it's alright with you, I'm going to copy your comment about Guernsey Cow and post it in the comment box under the latest post. Perhaps it will pique someone else's interest - if filming wraps in June it doesn't seem too early to ponder where he might go from here, does it?