March 6, 2012

Richard Armitage: Narration Excerpt + Talk Show Guest List:Getting Prepared for Nov/Dec + North & South - Margaret's Green Dress Twice Recycled(see link) + Heniz Kruger Costume/fire arms/cigarette case/lighter for Sale - See Link to Catalog

In a few months as THE HOBBIT promotion season begins - perhaps early Nov - following link to the talk show lineup will no doubt come in handy:

Here's a fascinating website where recycled costumes are spotted and reported.  Margaret Hale's green striped dress was worn twice after her delicious encounter at the train station.  In your opinon, do the other actresses do it as much justice as the object of John Thornton's adoration?
Two more - one was worn twice in other dramas before N&S:


Heinz Kruger's items included in Captain America Catalog.  His gray suit (page 35) w/sidearm of choice. Quote: "Walther pistol and a resin Thompson machinegun that he stole from the old woman in the antique shop." haha our hero:) Price for the above items $600-$800
Also for sale: Kruger's metal explosive cigarette case $200-$300
His Zippo lighter detonator $400-600 (if I was even considering buying one of the items this would be the one for sentimental reasons--have never smoked. It's because Zippo lighters have always been made in the state of Pennsylvania.  Company began as the original Zippo lighter provided to soldiers by the Army during WWII. *cough,cough*)



Musa said...

I didn't know the history of Zippo lighters. Do you have any special occasions coming up - maybe leave hints about a Christmas present?

If only I had money, I would buy the suit ;)

Ricrar said...

What about the cigarette case..not for it's original purpose of course. Perhaps it would make a handy container for something else. What would you do with the suit - besides wrap it around you every evening and remember who wore it the last time. *chuckles*

You're so sweet, Musa:) I'm not really interested in the Zippo. If either one of us ever smoked, we could have taken the drive about 100mi from here to the original factory in northern PA and bought one for about $25. Of course, it wouldn't have the capacity to cause an explosion. Apparently Kruger's really can detonate - why else would it be so expensive compared to other items?

Wonder if Richard was made aware the items are on sale - afterall, the Kruger role really was his very first in a major movie. Maybe he decided the compensation was souvenir enough;)

Phoebe said...

Must dip into retirement fund and make a winning bid - but only if it hasn't been dry cleaned!

Great fun find! THANKS!!

Ricrar said...

Lol..Welcome Phoebe. Keep in mind the total suit package includes the shirt. That would serve as a great wrap each evening to keep arms warm. Chances are much greater that it actually had *tactile contact* w/lovable Heinz;) *thud*

This conversation reminds me of those a couple yrs back when Guy of Gisborne's leathers were on display somewhere in England. Many fans enjoyed entertaining the thought of the possibility they could someday be up for charitable auction. Believe their first choice is the Series 1&2 costume.

Laura said...

I'll let you guys have the suit... I'll even pitch in to help you get it. But you have to promise me that if that black Lucas North jacket ever goes on the block, I have dibs!!

Ricrar said...

Laura, you might just have strong bidding competition for that Lucas jacket. No doubt would make a sizeable contribution for some lucky charity.

Musa said...

I've listened to that clip from the Lemur doc about 100 times now. That Voice. Never were lemur's so sexy.