March 2, 2012

Recent RA Mention(see below link) + New Vblog for The Hobbit

Visit the website to read a recent article that mentions RA's roles in Captain America and The Hobbit:

Example of Zelda Thornton's gorgeous works of art. She's quite a perfectionist about her work - There are many more to be savored at her blog - address below..

Screencaps from recent vblog provided by both and
Thorin wielding his mighty sword - probably Orcrist

Tudor Spin of Richard III legacy: 

Part IV:The Great Sperm Race--Quote "Female choice runs evolution largely"..well, that's how it should it not?*winks*..Pay close attention to the rivetting scientific research undertaken in a Mens' Club:)
That segment reminded me of Lucas North doing whatever it takes to keep the UK safe while visiting a London "Gentlemens' Club"..


Musa said...

LOL! Interesting Twitter names for RA.

Now that we've seen the video blog, can EricV's promised post be far behind? I have high hopes for the promised pics of RA. The scenery in New Zealand is amazing and they all seem to be having such a great time. What an adventure for all.

Did you notice the padding Richard was wearing on his shoulders and arm when he's waiting to get into the helicopter? Has to be uncomfortable to be wearing all that every day.

Ricrar said...

Hi Musa, I've only watched the vid twice and thought at one point it was RA's stand in - looked something like him but not tall enough.

I did notice how difficult it was for the dwarves to get in and out of their barrels - look above at Richard's arm muscles popping from the strain. *dribble* haha

It will be interesting to see the results of the twitter name poll, won't it. Voted for "sexyandiknowit" myself - how could he not know it after all the fuss we've made - although he definitely still maintains a modest demeanor. In fact, I was hoping while watching the vblog for first time, that RA would push his face into the camera and simply smile and say "hello" or "I'm having a great time". Instead he was preoccupied in the background with riding, running, looking all regal and chatting w/another actor probably about the next scene.

Ah well, it will make Dec all the more delicious - believe that's Peter Jackson's that charismatic voice & presence for The Hobbit premiere, when it's impact will pay off at the boxoffice.

Sue said...


I noticed Richard's arm muscles in the shot where he is getting in to the barrel too. I think there may well be prosthetics involved, as his hands looked a little pudgy. (Not the normal beautiful piano fingers we are so used to seeing).

Sean Bean was recently interviewed on the Jonathan Ross show (funny how I quite like his show now it's on the ITV channel instead of BBC). He said that he was scared of flying and when filming in NZ for LOTR instead of being transported up the mountain by helicopter with the rest of the cast he chose to climb to where they were filming the scene instead. Not only that he did it in full costume!

Ricrar said...

We've seen Sean's interview on that show as well, Sue. I was really amused when he said, while filming the Sharpe series in some remote eastern european location, he made arrangements to take along 90 'pies' of a particular British brand. I take it to mean what we call in the US a 'meat pie' - basically meat & veggies covered with a savory pie crust. My mother-in-law makes a killer meat pie. *yom,yom*..getting hungry just thinking about it.

Sean's new TV series 'Missing' will soon start over here. sounds as though he appears in flashbacks experienced by his widow, while she's (former CIA agent) searching for their missing son. Ashley Judd is the star.

Musa, agreed that the RA/pony tandem hairtoss is the best part of new vid. You can see from Richard's huge smile that it gave him a hardy chuckle as well.

Sue said...


Richard was teasing that poor horse. Was the horse trying to eat out of his nosebag at the time? It looked like it.

The pies that SB took on location were Fray Bentos pies which are lovely! They are in a sealed tin and so can be stored for ages. Lovely soggy pastry on the top but are really high in calories. Various flavours. I've not eaten one of those for years. They also do steak and kidney puddings!Yum, yum.

Actually there's a website called "Distant Brits" where pies and puddings etc. can be bought by homesick wanderers. Wonder if Richard would be interested in any of them?


Ricrar said...

Thx for the link Sue.

What do you call fruit baked in a crust? That's what we call pies - a dessert (apple pie, blueberry,etc)

There are all sorts of dessert pies, not just fruit--those were the originals. Today we also have coconut custard, lemon sponge, lemon meringue, etc. As for puddings, ours are not in a crust. Most popular are rice, chocolate, tapioca, butterscotch, vanilla, etc.

Latest RA buzz is about the annual event called Comic-con. This year it's in July - Peter Jackson usually attends to promote his current production. Musa asked me tonight if I thought RA would attend - My reply was if he's required by contract, naturally he will do so - I doubt he would volunteer to do it otherwise. Believe it's mostly comic book & fantasy fiction enthusiasts who attend. Captain America was a major draw last year - how many American RA fans would make it a point to attend if they knew Richard will be there? We always manage to get our hopes up, don't we?

Musa - if you happen to read this - thanks for the latest poll idea:)

Sue said...


I don't think Richard will attend the Comicon event. I'm sure he's girding his loins (sounds naughty doesn't it?)and getting ready for plugging The Hobbit films. I reckon he will take time out to publicise TH part one fairly soon.

Over here in England we have both savoury and sweet puddings, such as steak and kidney puddings. We also call fruit pies such as apple or rhubarb "turnovers" and these are slightly different, or even "tarts". Of course a couple of centuries ago miners in Cornwall (usually mining tin)took pasties down with them to eat. They used to contain meat and potato on one side and fruit on the other, wrapped in pastry, which was basically there to act as a container and usually thrown away. Apparently Brad Pitt tried a meat and potato pasty while he was over here on location filming and enjoyed them very much.

Ricrar said...

Sue, we were hoping Richard might've had time for a new narration while home over the holidays. Looks more and more as though he really did take the time for some true R&R. Judging from the recent Jackson vid, I'd say he definitely deserved a long rest.

I recently added a photo above of RA waiting to board the helicopter wearing his Thorin underclothes. They're definitely padded in the shoulders & arms. That's a surprise - Richard always seemed to provide plenty of his own beefing up in those areas. Maybe all Thorin's running, riding, swordfighting for months on end has taken a toll on his weight.

Sue said...


I think the padding is in order to make the dwarves look broader so that visually on screen they will look much smaller in height. I think Richard only beefed up if the role decreed it, otherwise he seemed to slim down a little. I think he may well hate going to the gym but knows it's necessary for the character he's playing.

I read the article which mentions Richard and his earnings for CA and TH, not bad work if you can get it. Mind you some actors let the big time go to their heads and then suddenly find they are one hit wonders and the work dries up. I'm sure it won't happen in RA's case but you have to plan for the times when work is thin on the ground (or none existent).

Just heard that Stephen Spielbergs Dinosaur series has been cancelled by Fox so it looks like Shelley Conn will be out of work. Never count your chickens that's my motto.

Ricrar said...

Sue, the amount mentioned for both CA & TH didn't seem nearly what I'd expected. Thought it would be more in the $4-5M range, but as Musa pointed out, this is Richard's first major movie. His name will require much higher compensation once Thorin makes actor Richard Armitage a household name worldwide. Of course, the $2M mentioned might not include the second hobbit film. Either way Richard is well on his way to that dreamed about ski lodge, if he isn't already in one.(perhaps in NZ?)

I've just added the link to a catalog for Capt America items on sale. It includes Kruger's suit, etc. See it in latest post.