March 16, 2012

Richard Armitage: Moving On, Pt 1 + Dominion Post Headline:'It's a Sunny St. Patty's Day in Wellington'

This dance was definitely the highlight from first edition of the new season of DWTS.  Wm Levy wowed the audience.  Most amusing are his comments about the difficulty of rehearsals for the show.  There are more accomplished dancers amongst this new batch of body-moving celebs.  Should be an interesting competition..


Musa said...

Thanks for the DWTS video preview Ricrar! I'm beginning to love these teams already and TM and Gladys Knight will be so charming together.

Is that my compatriot on the first few minutes of the video, William Levy! Lordy! I may have to start watching Telenovelas.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Wm Levy is a cutie, Musa. There will be male eyecandy to spare this season. Hope Wm is a fine dancer in order to keep him around with Tristan, Maks & his brother.

My fav female celeb from this group is Sherri - not because she's on The View. I've never enjoyed that show--strongly disagree with most of their views;) There is one panel member who gets it right, but she's much quieter than the others - therefore, not motivated to tune into all the caterwauling.

Started to watch Sherri on The Newly Wed Game. She is such a warm person w/terrific sense of humor. Her dancing partner is Val - Maks' younger brother - they seem like a good match-up. All those hours of dancing rehearsals are already showing--she's shed many lbs.