March 11, 2012

Superb Compilation Video by Musa/Faboamanto + Richard Armitage - It's All Good

Guarantee it would be a challenge to not acknowledge St Pat's Day in some way in New Zealand - perhaps the hobbits will toast each other with a pint of green beer - or a shamrock shake :)

Superb compilation by Musa, also known as faboamanto, at the White Rose blog.
 She's created a lovely collection of RA's comments about his "community of friends": 

Why would a house suddenly appear among all the RA pix, someone might ask:)  Explanation is actually quite simple.  Made a really thrilling discovery recently during a family history research session.  Some of my maternal ancestors lived in this house in the mid-1800s.  The house is called Violet Hill and it's located adjacent to Cork Harbor, Co Cork, Irl.  The evidence that this is the exact house is quite substantial(official records); however, the story at the time was really heartbreaking for the family - you see, the father of 5 young children died prematurely in his 30s.  Ultimately, after a few years of struggle, there was a happy ending for the entire family.  His widow and their five children eventually - via Wales - found their final home in the USA surrounded by other loving family members.     


Sue said...


Thought you might be interested to know that there is a pub in Southampton, England, called "The Hobbit". It has recently come under fire for breaching copyright and Stephen Fry has just waded into the fight in support of the pub in question.

Read more:

By the way I've just read an interview with the father of a child actor who acted with Richard in Captain America (Kruger takes the little boy hostage). It seems Richard chipped the boy's tooth by accident with the imitation gun he used in the scene. Seems our Richard is accident prone when it comes to smashing peoples teeth in. Didn't he whack Keith Allen in the mouth resulting in him losing a tooth when he was filming RH? (That also involved him using a prop - his sword as I remember. WARNING: Don't act with RA if you want to keep all your own teeth!!!!You may end up being nicknamed "Gummy Gob").

Ricrar said...

Saw that about poor li'l Max, Sue.

When you think about it, how many other actors/tresses and stunt people has Richard man handled w/aplomb on screen over the years, yet managed to leave them intact - other than Max's chipped tooth. Wasn't Richard asked about Allen's tooth and denied he was responsible. It's the interview that someone recently slowed down to deliberately give the impression RA was under the influence.

In the vid - not the slow mo version - when asked the Allen/tooth question he looked straight into the camera and said. Keith lost his tooth because he didn't brush (pause) kids!(with emphasis on "kids") It was adorable. *has there every been a time I didn't quote him and then find it adorable?* Might not be an objective reporter. haha

Thanks for the link re The Hobbit restaurant. The barrel posted here printed with 'Armitage' came from a restaurant website. It's called 'Armitage' - somewhere in California--I added 'Thorin'.

Sue said...


I remember Richard in the interview saying that about Keith's lost tooth. The trouble is with Richard is that you never know when he is joking or being absolutely serious! Mostly his comments are pretty much tongue in cheek. Of course he could have been lying through his teeth and we'd never suspect it. (To good an actor sometimes!)

Ricrar said...

Yes, he does have a dry sense of humor. It seems to be an ongoing theme with his peers as far as joking about injuries. Remember when Jonas Armstrong had a foot injury of some sort and the interviewer asked if he'd deliberately tripped him. Again Richard said "No, the truth is that Jonas tripped over a twig." teehee

BTW, Twitter is filled with protests about the hobbit restaurant - petitions to whomever is giving them a hard time should cease & desist. Even Sir Ian posted on his blog saying first thing he plans to do, once the film is a wrap, is to go to that particular pub for a pint:)

Sue said...


I must admit I find Richard's dry sense of humour exactly to my taste. Of course mine is quite similar but much more risqué, as I'm sure you've noticed. Although in my defence Richard does say he likes naughty girls the most!

The pub called The Hobbit is getting quite a lot of publicity over here in England out of this story. Only last night it was on the TV and I'm sure this will improve trade no end. They have been there for 20 years, so it's a bit late to start complaining now. What harm is it doing? Maybe Richard will drop in for a pint or two with the rest of the cast? Apparently they have all sorts of drinks named after TH characters, such as Gandalf and Bilbo. I wonder if they have a drink after our dear Thorin Oakenshield? If there is I'm sure it will be hot and fruity just like Richard!!!!

Sue said...


It seems common sense has prevailed! The Hobbit pub and Hollywood may have agreed a deal.

See the following link for more:

Ricrar said...

That's good news for the hobbit pub, Sue.

Agree Thorin's drink should be throughly "hot" but, when taking into consideration the connotation sometimes used for the word "fruity" in the US, well...err,,,perhaps something more rugged like a 'Bloody Thorin'. Tomato juice w/stiff shot of vodka and spritz of tabasco sauce to add the heat.

I remember that interview when Richard was asked what type of woman he's searching for - he replied she needs to enjoy food and be slightly naughty. That reminds me of a joke:

Store called 'Shop for a Husband' - women would enter ground floor and see a sign saying "Handsome Men"..most would find that to their liking but always ventured to 2nd floor where the sign promised "Men Who are Romantic". Happier still they'd forge ahead to 3rd floor & see "Men Who Enjoy Handiwork." Most women would take the steps to 4th floor and see a sign saying "No Men Here--We've Proven Women are Never Happy". :) Across the street is another store - sign: "Shop for a Wife"---Men walk in the door and see a sign saying "Women Who Enjoy Sex" one knows what is on the other floors because none of the men went any further. *giggles*

It's so true, isn't it. They're usually easily pleased:)

Musa/Fabo said...

Hi Ricrar and Sue,

Glad The Hobbit pub issued was settled. In my town there is a restaurant and bar that has been here for close to 30 years at least called Bilbo Baggins. For Sunday brunch you can get dishes like Smaug's Delight and Frodo's French Toast. I must go over there and protest that they don't have anything named after Thorin - but I can bet they will after the film comes out! I hope Hollywood stays away!

Thank you Ricrar for posting my video and giving it such a fabulous headline! Thank you so much for your support. I loved going through old Armitage interviews, and I'm glad you liked the vid. I know we all can't wait until Hobbit PR starts up!