February 25, 2012

Richard Armitage: New The Hobbit Vblog + Two RA Mentions + Director Jackson Has Announced He'll Soon Release a New Vidblog + VOTE for Thorin Oakenshield for One Ring's March Madness (link below) + One Ring Plans THE HOBBIT Oscar Party for 2013--(Thx to Musa for heads up)

New Vblog from director Jackson:
Obvious with this video which dwarf is providing most of the action (watch the background) --Hint: his name begins w/T;)

Couple RA mentions:

New fascinating archaeological discovery:

After Thorin rides in his barrel to Laketown, look at the clever way he can convert it into a useful piece of furniture.  Fortunate Thorin is a do-it-yourselfer/handyman, isn't it;) See Thorin in his barrel below..

VOTING STRATEGY for Success in The One Ring's March Madness Poll:  
They allow 3 votes per person for different entries, however, if we cast one vote only - and of course make it for Thorin Oakenshield, we can pretty much assure he'll be included on the final list.  By voting for 3 of them, we would actually be diluting the chances for Thorin's inclusion on that list.  

Article published prior to Spooks 10 that rated the show's 10 most unsettling storylines over 9 series--Lucas North's downfall is rated #2

The One Ring website is wasting no time planning an Oscars Night 2013 party.  You'll find all the details here:

Paul Andrews: Between the Sheets


Sue said...

Re Richard playing Paul in BTS and playing footsie under the table.

I just hope he remembered to cut his toe nails - ouch!!!!!

Ricrar said...

Lol...ooooh that could smart Sue! ;)

Paul and Alona helped themselves to dessert before finishing the other courses. teehee

Did you see the latest from Peter Jackson? There's a message on his fb page saying a new Hobbit videoblog will be released soon.

Do you think if we kept our eyes, fingers & toes crossed we could feel certain one dwarf in particular will be prominent in it?

Must do a search and see if there's an explanation anywhere about how crossing fingers would bring a wished for result. Fiwigi eurth
gh'lsil...that's what happens when you do it while attempting to type;)

Sue said...


I hope PJ hurries up and releases that video blog very soon!! I'm getting RA withdrawal symptoms without my daily dose of Richard.

I must admit Paul in BTS was my least favourite RA part. I don't think Richard was comfortable in that role (although he looked pretty laid back in it!)I don't know whether it was the character or his acting but the delivery of his lines were slightly wooden at times. One scene in particular springs to mind, it was when Richard was trying to deliver a funny line as he was walking with a work colleague in the show, it was about his stepson. It went something like "what do you call a boy without a girlfriend, answer, homeless". A bit naff.

Not sure whether I like the publicity pic of RA taken from when he was touring with the RSC. In his earlier photographs he always tends to look like a moody and sullen looking guy. The later pics are much nicer and he looks much happier in them. Perhaps somebody advised him to smile more. If they did it worked wonders for his appeal.

Ricrar said...

Sue, one of my fav BTS scenes is when Paul & Alona's session w/the marriage counselor. IMO, Richard really demonstrated his sensitive acting skills when he described the character's *first time* and his clumsy performance - followed by his boast that he'd improved tremendously and did quite well in the love olympics during college. The whole time Alona was making snide remarks on the side - very funny.

Then they were given a home assignment - another great scene. Must rewatch it asap. Last time was at least a year ago.

Still nothing from PJ - we must be gluttons for punishment ;) constantly waiting at the mercy of men to throw us a morsel of information..*chuckles*..she said while waiting w/mouth wide open..teehee

Sue said...

Just seen PJ's latest video blog on Facebook where they are shooting the second part on location. The views of NZ are absolutely stunning and I'm sure that this film which do a lot for NZ's tourist industry. It's magnificent (no not Richard's physique - well that too - I mean the locations. Lucky escape from those floods though!

Richard's horse and Thorin seem to have a matching mane,very tatty and unkempt, I bet that wig itches like hell in the heat.

So they have filmed the barrel scene. I bet that was fun to film (not!)Hope that water wasn't too cold.

Ricrar said...

Sue, first time I took a quick look at the new vblog, I wondered as well if it was a camel rather than a horse Thorin is riding. Must be a special breed with that long, shaggy coat. Did you notice Richard trying to thrown back all that hair as he was riding - he seemed to have a hardy chuckle when the horse reacted to the motion.

(Tangent: on our way to a local lake for a hike, we pass a small farm where the owner keeps cows and one highland bull which I understand is called a "shaggy coo" in Scotland. We usually comment "there's shaggy coo" as we drive by. He has his own nice size harem--certain our usually bitter cold winters don't bother him at all. In fact, this one might've been too warm for Shaggy)

Did you notice how difficult it seemed to be for the dwarves to climb in and out of their barrels? It's a good thing they're well fed - as Sir Ian assured us. Must be difficult w/all that activity to keep a healthy weight. Although, it doesn't make much difference really, with RA covered in a heavy costume and a long shaggy wig.