February 6, 2012

Richard Armitage:Reads TS Elliot + richardarmitagenet.com Website Discovers New Photos(see below) + Hand-made Quilt Charity Auction(see link below) Phantom of the OpeRA + Narrates Cornwell's Lords of The North (see link below)

Here's another actor (British again:) who just seems to do things that are so uncelebrity-like that they make my heart melt.  Henry Cavill took time from his Superman shooting schedule to meet and greet American airmen and women at Edwards Air Force Base.  I remember seeing an interview where, when asked what he might've done with his life if not an actor, Cavill said he had planned to enter the military - same as one of his older brothers.

Past Post with THE HOBBIT Thorin excerpt plus long discussion about a most revealing RA early interview.  Also links to filming locations of The Tudors:
Henry VIII's Hampton Court kitchens--600 meals prepared there twice daily in C16:

Thanks to the http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/ website for newly discovered pix - including the one above and two below..

Isn't it obvious the photo below was used as the prototype to make the Guy of Gisborne action figure?

Dec 2009 - we were all atwitter over the Argentine tango:
Russian fans have graciously made their RA calendars available - following is definitely my fav..

There is another narrator besides RA for Bernard Cornwell's Lords of The North.  That's why it's crucial to make certain you're ordering RA's version - following is the BBC's site offering his audiobook:

A lovely hand-made quilt, created by an American fan, will be placed up for  charity auction (RA's suggestion).  See further details at richardarmitagenet website:

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Eyes and ears always tuned in for something special...

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CORRECT POLL ANSWER: 48% answered correctly that the gift sent to RA, which he said "cleaned my mouth out", was chocolate soap:
Query:"Apr 2008:in a thank you message to fans,RA listed gifts that were sent to him--one was "Chocolate___(really cleaned my mouth out!)"--fill in the blank"
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My very favorite superbowl ad this year--I'd never paid any attention whatsoever to him before...wonder why this suddenly caught my attention*cough*must've been the overabundance of tatts--they're not sexy;) 

Tatt-less eyecandy *yummy*

Oct 2010 - Past post: comments about Spooks 9


Musa said...

That is an amazing quilt! Lovely of Richard to suggest the charity and so perfect for the quilt. Hope we find out what lucky RA fan will get the quilt.Perfect addition to any bedroom.

Anonymous said...

It is a gorgeous quilt. Expect it will raise a substantial sum for the charity. RA has so many talented admirers.

Sue said...

There has certainly been a lot of hard work which has gone into the making of the quilt. A labour of love one might say? And all in a good cause too!

RiCrAr said...

Has everyone seen the newly discovered RA Recognize photo? Richard is in a very pensive pose. Also a few new Guy pix - Will post asap.

Sue said...


I've seen the new Recognize photo. Now why do I get the impression Richard really isn't taking the shot seriously but is inwardly laughing at the situation?

I watched Stephen Fry being interviewed on the telly last night, here in England. He says he is due to fly out to New Zealand today (10th) to join the cast of TH. He also mentioned an interesting piece of information. He is currently working on the script for a remake of The Dam Busters film and Peter Jackson is to direct it.

Here's a link to some info:


Now instead of Richard in a romcom role how about him taking on Richard Todd's role in The Dam Busters? (RT was actually a WWII war veteran). It's a wonderful film and I'm sure Stephen Fry will do a brilliant job on the script.

Still on the subject of TH I also heard that Scottish comedian Billy Connolly is to play the dwarf Dain Ironfoot. He should really liven things up! BC is a complete headcase!

Woman in Black premiered last night with Daniel Radcliffe at the Southbank. It looks a scaaaary picture!Not sure it's the type of film I'd go and watch.