February 13, 2012

Richard Armitage: GoT Art Direction + Middle Earth News + Valentine Flowers and Kisses

Can't imagine why I've suddenly developed such a thirst * or can I * - and why must it be quenched in a rathskellar..;) *the pause that refreshes*

Armitage vs Armitage Past Post---over a year after the hilarious Brit Richard Armitage vs American Richard Armitage graphic was posted here, someone today added another comment to the topic.

Catching up on Middle Earth news:



Annoys me when I read one of the US's historic buildings will be destroyed; find the following equally sad.
Although, IMO private organizations should take on the cost of preserving national treasures -- not taxpayers. The latter is what happens whenever government steps into one of these situations.

Past Post Jan 2011:



Sue said...


I notice that you have included a poll re costume dramas.

How about a role in the new remake of an old British drama? My personal choice would be a part in Upstairs Downstairs which has just started its second series on the BBC. It stars Keeley Hawes who played his sister in VOD. In the second of this series it looks like she is going to have an affair, (although married - tut, tut, naughty girl). Perhaps Richard could be a new love in the future? Now would we choose Richard to take his place upstairs or downstairs? (Along the lines of Lady Chatterley me thinks!)

See the following link for more info:


Musa said...

Intriguing idea Sue about Richard and Upstairs Downstairs. I think the series needs a little excitement and RA would provide it, and inspired by Lady Chatterley, all good. Hope the producers are listening.

He is overdue for a period drama.

Ricrar, one of your gorgeous RA pics in this post reminded me of how much I miss, we all miss, seeing him being interviewed in a talk (chat) show or two and looking forward to the PR to come for The Hobbit. We are overdue for a PJ video blog!

Sue said...


It does seem to have gone extremely quiet on the RA and PJ front. I expected Richard to do a little voiceover or titbit of work during his time off. Perhaps such an extended period of filming is starting to tell on him and he took the time simply to rest up? (That would be my choice). Maybe he is spending the time under the covers (catching up on some sleep of course!)

RiCrAr said...

Good idea about Upstairs/Downstairs Sue. I'll start a poll for it. Thx for the link.

Musa, PJ must be setting his priority on keeping the hobbit production on schedule, therefore not taking time for another vidblog. Don't know if that's really wise - afterall they're going to need enthusiasm in order to lure a humungous audience in a few mos.

Sue said...


Unfortunately Upstairs Downstairs is no where near as good as Downton Abbey (in my humble opinion, which is worth nowt).

Even the servants are a little too prim and proper, which makes them as boring as hell. Keeley Hawes and all the rest of the upstairs cast are all terribly posh and priggish. If you want to take a nostalgic look at Britain in days gone by I suggest you watch "Call the Midwife". The finale got 9.2 million viewers last Sunday when it was shown. No mean fete I can tell you. It's wonderful and so down to earth and the cast are terrific! The BBC commissioned another second series before the first had even finished it was that good. Maybe Richard could play a doctor? (Although one of my other favourite actors, Stephen McGann, does a pretty good turn as Doctor Turner, so maybe a surgeon instead?)

Here's a link if you are interested:


Re The Hobbit, I think the internet is a powerful advertising tool and PJ needs to start harnessing that energy more often otherwise interest will wane in this project.(As well as Richard).

RiCrAr said...

Thx for the link Sue. We just watched the final/Christmas ep of Downton Sun evening. Recently, in one of the DA series reviews I read the series has taught some lessons about the worldwide appetite for costume dramas. DA is shown currently in over 100 countries so the conclusion is that there's definitely a large appetite for period drama but viewers prefer not to know the ending--not knowing adds the edge they enjoy w/modern drama. Hence, the remarkable success of DA.

For S3, Shirley McLaine will join the cast as Cora's wealthy American mother. We can be sure she'll do her usual character shtick as a loud, often crude yankee--she always plays my least fav global American stereotype. That said, it will be downright hilarious when Violet sniffs at Shirley's unladylike demeanor. Should be fun--hopefully Fellowes won't have the dowager countess joining Cora's mom, as they sip whiskey, puff on cigars & chasing young studs on a dude ranch in Colorado:)

Have you heard the latest RA buzz? Seems it's been suggested he'd be perfect in the role of a pig farmer(John Standring flashbacks:)in Kate Winslet's upcoming film based on the best-selling novel "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society."

Dawsey role doesn't sound very compelling to me - IMO, those interested are more fascinated with the writer's story than the novel itself. Sadly she finished it with a friend's help immediately before she died.

Do you feel there's any chance RA would be interested in the role? Kenneth Branagh is the director - they've not yet cast the 'pig farmer' role because the actors they want for that part are currently involved in other productions. Hence, no doubt, the speculation one of them might be Richard.