February 20, 2012

Richard Armitage: John Porter in STRIKE BACK

Congrats! to RA's community of friends - 650 British pounds were raised for charity..

                         Past Post & comments: Oct 2010 -  Interview with Financial Times
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Musa said...

What did you think? Isn't this a great interview? Rarely have I read an interview with an actor or anyone in the arts talking about this side of their life...savings, investments, retirement, cars, swiss chalets,wine...a loving son, a considerate colleague... how adorable can one man be :) Then he tops it by saying he loves "North by Northwest" - I love classic films, and Cary Grant. Some interviews don't tell you anything really new about RA as a person, but this one does.
October 8, 2010 9:55 PM Enrich2 said...

I really enjoyed this interview, too, and how down-to-earth and grounded he is as person. I think that most of his interviews give us one or two new facts, but this one was different because it wasn't promoting a project and is a totally different type of publication. I've never read anything about him that I haven't liked!

October 9, 2010 9:59 AM
Sue said…A very good interview, can't say I'm surprised at what he says as I've always thought he looks like a sensible kind of person when it comes to money and wouldn't get carried away and spend everything without thought for the future. Does he mean he bought his house four years ago or has paid the mortgage off and has now actually owned if for four years, after buying it some time ago do you think? It seemed unclear in the detail.

I think he should make a will though, it's very important and something I did some time ago, although I'm not exactly in my dotage. You never know if you are going to get run over by a bus and it makes it easier for those who are left with the responsibility of sorting things out when you are gone. Saves arguments too over your dosh! It's surprising what distant relatives come out of the woodwork when someone dies if they smell money.

Not altogether wise to let people know where he goes skiing though, I can see fans dashing to the shops to buy skis and head for the alps for their hols.


Sue said...


I see you have already uploaded the month of March on Richard's calendar. Over here in England it will be Mother's Day on the 18th of March (my old mum used to say it was 9 months after Father's Day!) Hope Richard is a thoughtful lad and remembers it!He seems to have a close relationship with his mum, so I'm sure he won't forget.(Will he choose chocs or flowers do you think?)

RiCrAr said...

hmmm, I just wrote a long reply to your comment, Sue, but it didn't post. hmmm..must be some software gremlins again. Thx for the link.

Anyway, in the reply I mentioned Shirley McLaine's addition to the
S3 DA cast. Hope Fellowe's doesn't send dowager countess Violet (w/Shirley's usual loud, often crude American stereotype character) along to some western dude ranch - where the two of them sip whiskey, puff on cigars & chase young cowboys around the ranch:) Then again, that would be great for some hardy chuckles.

Latest buzz is that RA would be perfect as the Dawsey character in Kate Winslet's upcoming film based on novel 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society'. Have any opinion on him playing a pig farmer? (John Standring flashbacks;)

Ricrar said...

As far as Mar 18 and Richard's mum, can't we feel sure he'd never forget her on that particular day. Perhaps she's already received round trip tickets for her and his dad to visit him in NZ for at least that week. If not that gift, no doubt he's thought of something especially precious for her.

Sue said...


I'd forgotten about Shirley McLaine's new role in DA. She's getting on a bit now surely? I remember she used to be into all that reincarnation rubbish at one time. Not a bad actress but a bit loud as you say.

Never heard of 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' but as for RA playing a pig farmer I think he'd be as happy as a pig in sh.... er muck if he were given another role in a film. When he played John Standring he had the sheep eating out of his hand (quite literally!)I was always fascinated how he used to flap his hands at them.

Like the new format, it seems to download much quicker on my computer for some reason.

Ricrar said...

Sue, good to hear the new format has speeded up your download time. I'd delayed making changes out of concern that the deliciously large RA pix might post in a much smaller size. Obviously that's not the case. They're as humungous as ever - Hooray! Still getting accustomed to this template--it's similar to learning a new language.

We've just adjusted to major new changes at twitter as well. Apparently the Google co has made major changes to their policies, and everyone had to conform to their guidelines - conformity is my least fav thing to do;) Most likely due to the fact my paternal ancestors, who emigrated from Northern England, were called 'non-conformists' - which as you know, only meant they were Methodists - not members of the Church of England.

Believe the RA as the farmer in Kate Winslet's new film is merely speculation by some fans. Musa has read the Guernsey book and said the romance between those 2 characters is not fleshed out very well in the novel; however, we feel certain Richard and Kate would display powerful chemistry on-screen, if that match-up ever comes to pass. I've always found her to be an extremely sincere actress - those thespians definitely have that intriquing quality in common.

Musa said...

Hi Ladies,

The Potato Peel Pie Society is an epistolary novel so there's a lot left to the imagination about the romance between the pig farmer and the journalist - but I agree that if anyone can flesh out the part of Dawsey it would be our dear RA. I think the scene when Winslet's character first sees the man she's been corresponding with and she's looking at this gorgeous man would be one worth seeing! I'm swooning right now jut thinking about it :)

Dawsey is a shy guy, yes a bit like John Standring, though more intellectual :) I would love to see RA and Kate Winslet in a movie together.

Sue said...


Sounds promising Musa. Just one snag though, Richard will still be filming TH well into 2013 which means he is going to have his hands full learning Thorin's lines for quite a while.