January 31, 2012

Richard Armitage + Game of Thrones 2 Trailer + Virtual Super Bowl Bash(See buffet choices in latest poll) + Fabulous Friday

Past posts: March 2011--first one has comments that have to be the lengthiest discussion ever about the nature of RA's perambulation...

Want to hear RA's American accent? He might have more than one - I approve of this one (certain he'd be relieved to know that;) *chuckles* believe it's the third reading..they're all music to the ears..

Plethora of tweets saying someone just saw Daniel Radcliffe's new film 'The Woman in Black' and the viewer can't believe the resemblance to Richard Armitage -- thanks to bccmee for her clever vid..

Oh my!  Why would you possibly ever feel this is the appropriate outfit to wear?

Perhaps the only time would be if a certain 6'2" TDH picked you up to attend a Holiday party dressed like this...

Is it a case of severe crinkles?..no need to be concerned--it's not contagious;)
He's so shy....

The askmen.com website states in the following article that picking up girls isn't a science because we're "harder to figure out than the Riemann hypothesis." :) It's a humorous article - worth a read:

Every single poll of women says the same thing: The number one thing they look for in a man is confidence.
It's A Man's World" is a column on anything and everything related to the modern man, by Ian Lang.
Who doesn’t want to do better with the ladies? Even if you’re in a steady relationship (or even married), it’s nice to know you’ve still “got it” when it comes to the fairer sex. Sadly, nature (being the mother of all cock blocks) makes it difficult for us by making women harder to figure out than the Riemann hypothesis. This is good for women because it makes it such that only the most capable of suitors find themselves getting the ladies’ attention (a damning example of the 80/20 rule if I ever saw one).
Does this secret weapon even work?
Fortunately for men, all is not lost. Our secret weapon in the battle of the sexes is known as the dating coach, a “professional” who, ostensibly, has the know-how and skill necessary to transform Stan Marsh into Steve McQueen. [R: why would someone today use an example of a deceased movie star as an example of the highest standard for a chick magnet?  It's not as though there isn't a long list of today's alive and kissing actors to choose from]

(cont'd)Indeed, many companies and individuals advertise guaranteed results, though I’m not sure how they define a result. Thousands of men spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on books, seminars and boot camps hoping to improve their chances of consensual coitus.
There is such a thing as a good dating coach (I’m by and large a fan of David Wygant’s writing, here on AskMen and elsewhere, and there are a handful of other good dating gurus whose writing appears on this site), but most of these coaches are good at teaching men overall life skills and applying them specifically in a romantic setting. Because, really, that’s more or less what dating success boils down to -- social skills. Men who are able to read into social cues and respond accordingly are simply going to be more successful in any situation (including dating) than men who are not, regardless of looks, status, etc.
But instead of just teaching broad, common-sense concepts that would neither fill many pages nor be considered revolutionary to many readers, many dating gurus develop theories and strategies that promise to unlock the secrets of exactly what you need to say and do in order to score that hot half-Asian/half-Colombian girl beckoning you from across the bar (I know most guys like blondes, but it’s my column, so we’re using my fantasy).
Practice does not always make perfect
                         [Lee didn't seem to do too bad with practice makes perfect strategy]
(cont'd)To demonstrate my problem with this, I’m reminded of a fraternity brother of mine. He purchased some dating books and would often “try out” some of the lines on his female roommate. I give him a lot of credit for at least practicing, but, unsurprisingly, his roommate’s typical response was, “No, that probably wouldn’t work.” Similarly, I recall being in a bar in Stamford, CT, sitting next to two women who were maybe in their 30s. A guy my age approached and proceeded to spit out entire routines of canned pickup material. Despite making no headway whatsoever, he plowed ahead with all the finesse of a torch juggler, finally asking for and being denied phone numbers.
Both anecdotes represent the fundamental problem with any dating manual: There’s no such thing as a universally perfect pickup line.

[R: Oh, I don't know, JT's "look back at me" is usually the tipping point when most females watching North and South say to themselves - "if she won't, I will!!" haha  Another pick up/chat up line was in response to the question whether or not the Lucas North tatts were real - the reply: "why don't you come over and find out?"(delivered in a very seductive rathskellar level voice - on national TV! *teehee*).

(cont'd) My reasonably good-looking and successful fraternity brother’s lines fell flat for the same reason those of the nerdy kid did. It doesn’t matter how brilliant something is on paper or coming from someone else’s mouth, because if it’s not something that you would naturally say, women are going to know it. A chubby, awkward guy trying to demonstrate status by telling a girl his ex was a model will come across as less believable than a bunch of politicians playing an honest game of poker. For as much as dating books highlight women’s heightened ability to pick up on social cues, much of their advice centers on boldly ignoring that and misrepresenting yourself in one way or another.
Every single poll of women says the same thing: The number one thing they look for in a man is confidence. I don’t doubt this, but most men misunderstand or misconstrue what confidence really is. Going out of your way to demonstrate your value as a suitor is the opposite of confidence. All the money, all the status in the world is rendered moot when you have to flaunt it for attention.

Confidence is the starting place
[R: Actually IMO this isn't true for all women.  In my case, the guy who caught my permanent attention did not give me the impression he was Mr Cool & Confident when we first met.  In fact, one of my first thoughts about him was "he's seems so intelligent, has a great sense of humor but doesn't give off vibes of having nearly as much confidence as he should. hmmm..perhaps a li'l positive reinforcement from me could remedy that situation."  We were married a year later and have never looked back.  And, yes, his confidence increased dramatically.  Suddenly he was determined to set more ambitious career goals and didn't rest until they were reached]

(cont'd) Confidence is a result, not a cause. A lack of confidence isn’t necessarily the result of failure, but rather the failure to meet expectations. If you’re unemployed but feel like you should be working on Wall Street, then you’re not going to feel very comfortable in your own skin. But if you’re unemployed but have a realistic view of what you can do to get back on your feet, you’ll have a lot less anxiety. Women recognize that. Musicians get laid for two reasons: 1) They can play music, and 2) Most of them genuinely believe that the sky’s the limit in terms of their success. That kind of steadfast optimism and self-assuredness is intoxicating.
                     [Certainly Middle Earth's rock star - Thorin - does not lack confidence..]
If you find yourself failing with women, maybe the problem is less about the man you are and more about how comfortable you are being that man. Don’t look for pickup lines, cure-alls or secret codes, because none of it will work if you’re not in the right place mentally. Reevaluate your ambitions and goals, and you’ll start coming across to others (men and women alike) as more stable, easygoing and, most importantly, confident.
If you need a dating or life coach to help you do that, fine. Remember, if there really was a successful formula for figuring out women, whoever came up with it would be a lot richer and a lot more famous than any pickup artist you’ve heard of.
Read more: http://www.askmen.com/dating/curtsmith_600/665_how-to-talk-to-women.html?utm_campaign=Argyle%2BSocial-2012-02&utm_content=johnny&utm_medium=Argyle%2BSocial&utm_source=twitter&utm_term=2012-02-01-16-15-00#ixzz1lASZ17tk

Lucky woman! You're going to the Oscars ceremony with 'you know who' - Which dress will you wear? See latest poll...





Laura said...

I've been thinking about the bit from last week (?) about RA's next role, and how we'd love to see him in a RomCom... and I suddenly got a flash of an old classic (for me, anyway), with a new face in it. "Romancing the Stone", with RA as Jack Colton, instead of Michael Douglas. It made me giggle. So I've been pondering over it today... what other RomComs or Romantic Adventure movies would I like to see him in? ... It was kinda fun, so I figured I'd put it to you, and see what you thought.

RiCrAr said...

Good choice, Laura, Richard would no doubt be great in that role.

My first choice of course would be for his natural British accent for any of these roles. It's too soon for a remake, but IMO he'd also be wonderful in Hugh Jackman's role in Australia.

Most others that come to mind are not rom com/adventures despite the fact that's my first choice in genre for his second major movie.

IMO, RA would be spectacular in a new or remake of any Bond film. Both his acting style and personna perfectly fit that profile.

Isn't it time for a Gone w/the Wind remake? If license could be taken with the origins of Rhett Butler(perhaps as a Brit cousin to one of those southern families) Scarlett O'Hara would not be content to say(in reference to luring him back) in the very last moments of that film "I'll think about that tomorrow."

A great action role for him would be The Last of the Mohicans. The novel was written so early in American history - it wouldn't seem odd to hear what could be construed as the remnants of a Brit accent spoken by the male lead.

For instance, often while I'm doing genealogy research - reading an early census for local communities - I've always found myself imagining what it must've sounded like to hear a large group of those early immigrants chatting amongst themselves. Every other person on the census is usually recorded as born in England, Ireland, Germany, Wales, France, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland etc etc

Thx for the rom-com role feedback, I'll give it more thought and add to the list of possibles for Richard.

Laura said...

I am SO with you on the Bond role!! He's obvious. I think he'd do some major justice there. I will confess that I haven't seen Daniel Craig in the role, but so far Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond. He had just the right mix of panache and tongue-in-cheek humor (adjusting the tie while driving a tank through rubble still cracks me up). I think Richard would do even more justice to the role; he's got the class, the wry humor, obviously he's got the romance... AND the action chops to get the job done. Where's the casting director? How come he hasn't called me yet??

Anyway, I haven't figured a straight-up RomCom yet, since most of the good ones are led by women, but I'm sure I'll think of one soon.

Sue said...


Reading about that poll which comes to the conclusion that women prefer confident men must mean I'm a member of a very small minority of women who prefer the complete opposite! An over confident man who thinks he is God's gift is the last thing I look for in a man and is the one thing guaranteed (but not the only thing) to turn me off! Was this poll carried out with American women per chance? I think Americans probably go for more strident personalities. I love the fact that Richard is shy and lacks a little confidence in that department and find it very endearing. Of course it must be absolute hell for him, especially when in his chosen profession he is expected to exude confidence and meet and greet on the red carpet.

I bet lucky old Richard is lapping up the sun back in NZ (isn't it their summer now?) Over here in England we are shivering under a carpet of snow and ice! Even the brass monkeys are shouting for welders it's that cold! Ahh well winter drawers (draws) on as they say!

RiCrAr said...

Laura, this one isn't a rom-com but would be simply delicious to see Richard play the lead in The Thornbirds. Ooooh..Catholic priest falls in love -- nothing like forbidden love to stir all senses. I stumbled upon the idea on twitter and remembered how intriguing that storyline proved to be.

If it wasn't too soon, what about a remake of When Harry Met Sally starring RA? Who would play Sally?

RiCrAr said...

Sue, that article about men's confidence came from a mens' website. Love to peek at what they consider interesting topics. Maybe it's actually a misconception of most males that women are looking for cool & confident specimens of that gender?

I'm with you - the basically wonderful men, who don't really realize early on just how sexy they truly are, for me too are the hottest prizes to be found. Once you make it clear to them that they fulfill all your expectations in the love and every other dept, they evolve before your eyes into the magnificent man you knew they could be.

Sorry to hear the UK this year must've received our share of Winter on the Mid-Atlantic. It's been one of the warmest, snow-free Nov,Dec,Jan in recent years. Hopefully we won't need to pay in air-conditioning costs this Summer what we've saved so far in heating bills. Few yrs ago we had a blizzard on Easter Sunday, so not taking it for granted we won't get a wintry blast before Spring finally arrives.

Musa said...

I have to agree that I too am not attracted by Type A overconfident men. I prefer down-to-earth and intelligent men who are humble and even a bit shy. The proof is that my two favorite actors are both shy in real life.

I think RA is secure in his knowledge that he has talent and he works hard, and has worked hard, to achieve the success he's had. But I like that he's humble about it and doesn't take himself seriously, though he takes his work and the nurturing of his talent seriously. It is terribly attractive I think that such a good looking man as RA is shy.

I have to read the article about men's difficulties with picking up girls! But if there was ever a man who didn't need a pick-up line, RA is the man. He had me at "hello" - LOL

Sue said...


Richard would be wonderful in a remake of the Thornbirds. It was a massive hit here in England with Richard (another Richard) Chamberlin (don't think I've spelt that correctly). My mum used to go mad to watch it each week.


I'm glad I'm not the only one to like shy men. I also like a man with a sense of humour and not afraid to laugh at himself. Looks may come and go but a good sense of humour lasts forever!

The snow has cleared where I live but the problem is the ice now. I knew we'd had too mild a winter for it to last.

RiCrAr said...

Musa, I didn't realize SB is also shy--suppose that's a tribute to his acting skills. If RA had not been so forthcoming in past interviews, we'd never be able to detect any shyness either(unless the role called for it--John Standring).

RiCrAr said...

Sue, not to rub it in but the temp here on Feb 7 is almost 50deg. Usually we're under 3feet of snow and the temp is hovering in the teens. Nice to finally get a break--our winters are usually brutal from Jan through March.

Be sure to take a look at the lovely handmade quilt an American RA fan created as a gift for him. Richard suggested placing it up for auction - all the details are at the link above plus the pic. The detail is unbelievable. It must've taken her forever to complete all that handiwork.