January 3, 2012

Thorin 2012 Calendar Designed at theonering Website + Benedict Cumberbatch Gives Interesting Details re THE HOBBIT(see link) + Radio Interview from Feb 2009 + Thanks to MsG & RAnet.com(see link) - Photo of RA with Cast of 42nd Street

THE HOBBIT Newshttp://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=32799

I take it Jared is a jewellers?

Have you listened to this RA radio interview about Spooks and Robin Hood?  It also features the actor who played the Home Secretary in Spooks..forward to 13min for their interview(the host explains the clinking noises heard now and then are from Robt Glenister's tea cup:)

Don't know if blogger can handle all this combined heat - might self combust..

Happenings Far Over the Misty Atlantic Cold:
Rick Santorum was one of the contenders in the recent IOWA caucuses(cauci?? It‘s as bad as hypothalamus:) Mr Santorum, a former Republican member of the US Senate, came in second in almost a photo finish with the most likely person to win the presidential nomination - Mitt Romney. In Rick’s thank you message he referred to his wife by quoting C.S. Lewis..

“C.S. Lewis said a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words"..        

The above incident gave me reason today to purr like a kitten, when hubby related Santorum’s message to me and repeated the quote. I’d not heard those C.S. Lewis words before and replied “what a lovely compliment to his wife." Then, “you do realize C.S. Lewis was British..and a friend of Tolkien’s?” DH’s mouth almost fell open - he said “how do you know that?” My response was to the effect I’d learned it while reading The Hobbit and subsequently the background of it’s writer. He shook his head and said “sometimes you amaze me.” *gloat, gloat* This fangurl condition can certainly have positive results:)

Book Review: ‘The Company They Keep’ by James Huston (about Tolkien and Lewis)

                              Did you spot him right away - The third in on right...


You just never know what a creative RA fan will think of next---do you have a burning desire to see John Thornton, Lucas North, John Porter with Guy of Gisborne series 3 hair?  Your wish is someone's command...
CORRECT ANSWER to the Empire Mag Poll:  The reviewer did indeed say Thorin "growls" and Armitage's "increasingly impressive" Thorin plus "spine tingling stuff" - they did not however mention "velvety voice."
67% of you chose the correct Misty Mtn lyrics:  "The winds were moaning in the night"


MsG said...

Way-hay! There it is.
Unfortunately the 2nd one won't be publicly released after all as other site not entirely sure it's him. And it's a private photo rather than a publicity shot.
So there we are...

MsG said...

LOVE the calendar Ricrar!! :P

RiCrAr said...

MsG, I'll crop it for a closer look and post above. How old was Richard when he appeared in 42nd St? He looks so boyish in the above photo.

Musa, I wanted some green in the March photo but didn't consider shamrocks a diplomatic choice:) Perhaps you need to be a history buff to get the joke. I'll manage to work plenty of those in somehow as Mar 17 approaches.

Doesn't Richard make a ruggedly handsome soldier...and spy..farm hand..mill master..medieval Guy - it's all good!

RiCrAr said...

My first reaction after posting the closer vantage point was "oh yeah..those are definitely RA's long legs."

MsG said...

Think he must've been about 20 I guess? Maybe 19?

MsG said...

It looks like he has a 2nd head growing out if his neck doesn't it?

Joanna said...

Thank you for sharing this discovery MsG:)and RiCrAr:)
This sweet boy has grown into a nice guy and still now and then looks much younger than his peers.

Sue said...

Richard looks extremely young in 42nd Street, glad he's filled out a bit since then.(He does look a bit geeky).

So, Richard does a bit of the old soft shoe shuffle does he? Obviously those tap dancing lessons his mum made him do because of twine toes paid off! Who would have thought that in the process she was helping to create the next Fred Astaire

Musa said...

Looking at that adorable pic of RA again MsG I think someone should write and produce a movie for him with a few dances, the tango preferably, thrown in so we can see him dance.

Ricrar - no shamrocks for our Englishman! Maybe the White Rose of York.

Great poll on RA playing Lord Byron, he certainly has the look :)

Sue said...


Love the poll about what Richard might be doing while he's back here. I think it may well be a combination of all of them (although the skiing may be a bit of a risk. If he broke a leg or arm that would be the end of the film! What a disaster for his budding film career!Not to mention for us!)

Mind you over here in England we have had terrible storms and gale force winds. In Leicestershire (Richard's home town) they were without power in some homes. Perhaps you could include a "having dinner by candlelight" alternative? I reckon knowing Richard he will be back in Dulwich and back on the treadmill (workwise and as far as spending time in the gym is concerned).Wouldn't be surprised if another voiceover was in the pipeline. Busy, busy, busy!!!!(as a bee!)

RiCrAr said...

I'll keep the rose in mind, Musa:)
Yes, he has the Byron look AND they were both born in No England. Sort of remember Richard commenting that he enjoyed the naughty banter when he performed in The Rover during drama school. Evidently a film focusing on the poet's life would require a few steamy scenes as well.

That's true about skiing Sue - we don't want anything to prevent Middle Earth's rock star from leading the dwarves in more haunting chants--they sounded almost gregorian in the trailer.

We've had very mild winter weather so far - you must be receiving our share...sorry about that;) We're usually kneed deep in snow/ice by now but today was 50deg - downright balmy for Jan.

Might RA have already sold his London home, considering he knew he'd spend the majority of at least two yrs in NZ? He seems to be taken with his new home away from home, perhaps he's bought property there.

Once he starts promotion appearances for An Unexpected Journey, we should get some answers to that type of question. Will the first one out of reporters mouths continue to be "is it true you joined the circus as a teen?" *chuckles* Surely they'll have something more interesting to ask considering his current hobbit adventures.

Laura said...

It's a little thing, really, and not even RA-related, but I have to say it, considering it's where I live...

It was the Iowa Caucus, not the Idaho Caucus!! And apparently, it's now being challenged. I heard a quick blurb on it today, but no details.

And I sure hope he's not moving to NZ. He's already far enough away!! If he *really* wants to move out of England, I know of some very nice houses in Midwestern America...

RiCrAr said...

I'm so sorry, Laura - I didn't even realize I'd switch the names of those 2 states. They sound somewhat similar and of course, are way over there to the West while I'm way over here in the East. *waving* I'll correct it asap.

I didn't mean Richard might plan to move permanently to NZ. First of all, that would probably not be convenient career-wise for him. I throught perhaps he might have considered selling his London house more convenient than being concerned about it over such a long period of time.

Although, he would need to find somewhere to stay when he's on break, as he is right now. So, scratch the *sold the house* suggestion. He's probably up on the roof trimming back the ivy as we type:)

MsG said...

he he he....I would guess that he may have rented it out perhaps? Or just had his dear old Mum pop down every so often to check things are ok.
If he'd needed a house-sitter he had only to ask! ; )

MsG said...

@ Musa....oh yes! If only an argentine tango movie was on the cards.... :P

Laura said...

I *had* to pop in and get a bit of love for my little flyover state. We take such a beating during Caucus season. The talking heads love to hate on us.

Anyway... I think you're right about someplace in NZ. When you explain it that way, it does make sense. Although I would think he'd prefer a rental to a purchase - with a purchased place, he'd be responsible for all the upkeep, including anything that went wrong. And if he's putting in crazy filming hours, would he have time for that?

Ps... can I tell you again just how much I love this site? I may not comment much, but I'm hear nearly every day. Thank you SO much for the beautiful job that you do. It puts a smile on my face *every time* I come here, and some days, that's a tall order to fill!

RiCrAr said...

Hey there Laura & MsG, good thing I checked way down here, or I would've missed your comments.

I was ust telling Sue that a 24hr stomach virus had me floored for most of today. Finally starting to feel as though I'm back in the land of the living.

A rented house for Richard does make sense, MsG. Perhaps w/a pasture in back where he can practice horse riding on the few days off.

Your kind words are very much appreciated Laura. It's great to know this site gives you joy.

Now, believe I've expired all the energy I'd managed to muster after leaving the sofa for the first time today. On my way back there asap. But, I will be back tomorrow hopefully w/more energy. I have not had time to dissect RA's interview, other than to be thankful PJ realized Thorin could be more expressive without undo prosthetics. I'm sure there must be a good-looking dwarf somewhere in Middle Earth:)