January 21, 2012

Richard Armitage on List of Top 10 Actors w/Smoothest Voices(see link) + Commenters Speculate re Panther, Tiger or Domestic Cat? + RA Youtube Channel(link below) + A Tail of Two Movies - Is it a CATastrophe?(see vid) + Richard Armitage: Interview Guy 2

EXCERPT:  9. Richard Armitage

I first had the pleasure of enjoying Armitage’s magnetic performance in BBC’s North & South (see the proposal scene below). As if his dark looks weren’t swoon-worthy enough, he’s got such a deep, breathy voice to match. No wonder he’s made voice-over work his second career, lending that golden pipes of his to narrating documentaries, audiobooks, and various radio work. I LOVE The Hobbit trailer largely because Armitage gets to sing as Thorin… I sure hope he gets a ton of lines in the movie as well.


Youtube has collected the over 3600 Richard Armitage videos and assigned them a channel:

2012 Oscar Nominations announced:


Indulge me--following is my huge contribution to the over 3600 RA fanvids on youtube *snort, chuckle* ;)





Musa said...

The Hobbit cat trailer is so funny! What have they done to poor Thorin!What an imagination.

I love the Guy pic after the interview.

RiCrAr said...

hehehe - feline Thorin is rather pale, isn't he and very vampireish w/those long fangs. Worst of all - Gandalf has the blue eyes while Thorin has green. Now, we know that's definitely not realistic. *chuckles* Although, it's really amazing how well Thorin cat can sing;) *meowvellous*

Musa said...

LOL! You are so right! I think the cat hobbit group have been listening to Ann Rice :)

I answered your RA and characters cat poll. I think it's difficult because RA has something cat-like about him definitely. More big cat than domestic cat :):)

Isn't it great that YouTube now has put together an RA channel!!

RiCrAr said...

I'm not a youtube expert, Musa, so don't yet appreciate why having his own channel is a good thing. The over 3600 RA vids seemed to be well organized before, but there must be an advantage to the new arrangement. Will need to rummage around there one day to discover what's special about an RA channel.

Good point about Richard's characters having a cat-like quality - primarily in their sleek, sinewy gait I would say. A black panther does come to mind for many Guy strutting and Lucas running scenes. There's a wonderful fanvid which coordinates the RA Tiger narration with Lucas's purposeful slinking along Moscow streets - the similarities become obvious. No need to tell you which one I find more snuggle worthy:) *purrrrr*

Months ago there was a discussion here about a word the British use for cats. Mozzy or mozzie? At that time, I found a definition explaining it referred to a cat's muscular prowling movements.

Perhaps we've found an appropriate nickname for RA - Mr Mozzie:)

Sue said...

Love the trailer cats. Although I do think Thorin would be a Siamese cat with those bright blue, slightly slanted eyes and a cocky sinuous gait. Completely white perhaps? Somehow I see him as a black cat myself, long and sleek.

All in all I prefer the characters to remain as they are as much as I love cats (and believe me I do).


In the still photo above where Richard has his hand raised (fiddling with his trusty shoulder bag/brief case I think)it looks as though he's about to thump somebody!

National TV awards are on the box over here in England on Wednesday (25th Jan)evening at the O2 in London. Lets hope RA gets a gig there.

Joanna said...

Hi RiCrAr!
Richard looks like happy domestic cat,I see no signs of wilde panther or tiger. :D

RiCrAr said...

Really hope we're surprised by one particular presenter at your National TV Awards this year, Sue;)

Joanna - I've run with your feline threesome speculation in the latest poll. It asks whether RA's characters have most in common w/the tiger, panther or domestic cat. Will be fun to see the final results.

Sue said...

I think if Richard had to be a domestic cat it would have to be the Siamese cat, which have those slanted eyes and distinctive faces.

Mind you I'm tempted to choose the panther as it is highly intelligent, sleek and uses stealth and cunning to catch its prey. It's a beautiful animal but you know it would be dangerous to get too close to. (Like a moth to a flame).A good choice.

Sue said...

PS: Re you poll RiCrAr.

I'd say that Richard's part as Lee, in Cold Feet, would be my choice of characters most resembling a cat. Not necessarily because of looks but because he was a randy old tom cat!(Perhaps a trip to the vets would be in order!)

RiCrAr said...

True Sue - doesn't the Siamese also have blue eyes?

Lol...a randy *young* tom cat;) My fav scene in RA's eps of Coldfeet was when he and his wife(Ramona?) were arguing in the kitchen - suddently a cell phone chirped. Lee asked "is that your phone?" - she replied "No, mine plays the Macarena" haha - with that they both jumped into a pile of laundry searching frantically for the phone. She suspected he was stepping out and of course she was correct.

Many thoughts about "a trip to the vets" but none would pass the *be especially good* standard RA suggested in his Xmas message. *teehee* Saint Ricrar
Have you ever had the thought that Richard might be inclined someday to enter a monastery? I'm getting the picks & shovels ready just in case we need to dig a tunnel into it. *winks*

Sue said...


If he were to have "at trip to the vets" he wouldn't need to remember to "be especially good" - he'd have no choice but to be good!(What a waste!)

Talking about "The Hobbit". Did you know that Ken Stott and Richard have shared the same woman! Yes it's true! Remember those sex romps in "Between the Sheets" with Julie Graham, well I remember Ken Stott, who plays the dwarf Balin in The Hobbit, also boffed Julie Graham in the series Rebus! Julie Graham's character turned out to be an undercover cop. Here's a link for more info:


I've also discovered a puzzle regarding the series Rebus. Richard is listed as being in an episode of Rebus but under the name of Richard Johnson. I don't remember seeing Richard in any of the series (I was a big fan of Rebus, which was a hard hitting police series set in Scotland) and yet he is listed as being in an episode under the name of Richard Johnson. Personally I think this must be some kind of cock-up. What do you think?


Sue said...


re the above about Richard aka Richard Johnson in Rebus. There definitely has been one hell of a cock-up regarding this. According to the following link this actor is 84 years old! Looks well for his age doesn't he?

They have posted a photo of Richard with the wrong info on this website. They have even included Spooks in the list for this actor!



RiCrAr said...

Cockup??? Are we still talking about a "trip to the vets" Sue? *giggles* go ahead..slap me about the head ;) getting stir cRAzy during this lonnnng, quiet drought period.

Hmmm..sounds as though Richard's agent should contact the website and insist they correct the error. Of course, if an industry insider sees RA's name along side photo of the 80yr old actor - then finds the first few photos PJ released of Thorin, they would probably be convinced they found the right person.
Thx for the links - will check it out.

It's official - PJ stated TH resumes filming on Feb 8 & continues for 100 days thereafter. Why then has Richard said he'll be in NZ until end of July? I recently tweeted that question to another fan and a woman in NZ, who happened to see it, replied to me "because he loves it here!" Told her he recently said as much to a visitor.

Most of us in his "community of friends" can be curious as kittens about these details, can't we?:)

Sue said...


The almighty cock-up on the website re Richard Johnson photo, should certainly be corrected. This is what Richard Johnson really looks like:


I remember he was in Spooks as a double agent and a friend of Harry's from the old days.

I'm sure Richard will get some time off around about Easter and not continue working right up until July. It depends how long he has off and whether it is worth making such a long journey home, just for a few days or a week.