January 1, 2012

Hilarious Guy vs RH fanvid "Yes, I Can" + Thorin Places Want Ad(See link below:) + Correct Answer to How Many Typos Poll + Happy 2012 aka The Year of Thorin

Thank you, Musa for pointing out Thorin's Ad Seeking Help:)

100th anniversary of sinking of the tragic ship Titanic has stirred all sorts of flashbacks..haven't we all at least once feigned we were Winslet & Dicaprio in their now famous pose...

Following is a movie clip of British actor Josh Bolt in the movie 'Just Henry'.  Sue sees a strong resemblance in him to a younger RA - can you see it as well? See latest poll...

      Thanks to Sue's news last week, we are aware the current Sherlock tv series is causing quite a stir in the UK.  Following article gives details..

40% of you correctly answered 3 typos in RA's thoughtful Christmas message - RA Quote:"Enjoy the typos"..his adorable faux pas are highlighted below...

Message from Richard Armitage, 24th December 2011
Dear All,
It's been one of the most memorable years I have ever experienced, the big birthday (which I tried to ignore, by sleeping through it!) and the privilege to be in NZ working on The Hobbit has make this year unforgettable. The places we have been to and the things we have seen, have surpassed all my expectations. I was very choked up as the plane left Wellington on Weds, it really has become home and to all my new friends there and my old friends here I would like to raise a glass for the festive season.

Thank you for the continuing support which you all lend as part of our community of 'friends', it really has an impact on me personally, I feel very much supported and I hope that waiting for the film isn't too frustrating. I haven't quite had the time to attend to all the signed photos that people were requesting as Christmas gifts for family and friends and I apologise for dissappointing them, I will get on the case as soon as I can.
I would like to say Happy Christmas to everyone who drops in to catch up on the news and further across our online 'party' of friends, have a great holiday, and a cracking New Year. Just think this time next year, we'll all be crossed eyed from all the 3D movies we will have watched, and by 2013, technology will have advanced so much, we won't even have to go the the cinema, it will be transmitted directly into our imagination by a WIFI/Bluetooth microchip which we will have all had installed into our Hypothalamusesl! (Hypothalami?)   Enjoy the typos!   RA
Message was forwarded to:

                    This is soooo hilariously clever *still receiving GoG vs RH joy...



Jonia's cut said...

Wishing you a year of health,
wealth, happiness, luck, warmth…
And loads of love of your dear ones!
Hope the New Year
showers you with…
All that is beautiful!
Happy New Year!

RiCrAr said...

Thank you Jonia - I'd like to return your thoughtful sentiment.

Wishing you a New Year filled with joy and adventure - Happy 2012! aka The Year of Thorin!

MsG said...

Breaking news!
I'm all of a fluster...just found out a friend of mine (who went to dance college with me in the late 80's) was in 42nd Street with RA in 1991!!! She just posted a pic on Facebook and I asked her whether RA was with her and she said "Yes!" EEEEKKK!!!! She said "I think he's in this photo somewhere" then later added "on second thoughts maybe he's not, I do have some of him somewhere tho" I have asked her to dig out all photos and old programmes!! Without sounding like a slightly obsessed fan...so not sure how efficient she'll be with finding the info. But had to share with you gals! How exciting!!
Actually the photo she uploaded does have a tall young man at the back that COULD be him....but not very clear. I asked whether he was a friend :P and she said "not really we all just hung out in a group".
Why couldn't she have kept in touch....WHY!?!

RiCrAr said...

Can't blame you for being slightly a fluster, MsG - that's exciting news!

As for sounding like an obsessed fan - that's an entrance requirement for this blog. *giggles*

If she was in 42nd St as well - no doubt they were at some time in each other's company.

Thanks for the breaking news. Please let us know if she manages to find the other photos.

Musa said...

That is fabulous MsG! How great of your friend to share, and for you to share with us, hope she finds the photos. It is exciting!

Musa said...

That is fabulous MsG! How great of your friend to share, and for you to share with us, hope she finds the photos. It is exciting!

MsG said...

How do I send the Facebook photo to you, so that you can all use your RA assessment skills to examine the photo in minute detail? It looks like a paper cutting of the troup.
I have got a screenshot of it on my mac.

Sue said...


Gosh I look forward to seeing any pictures that are available of RA in 42nd Street! I remember seeing a group photograph with RA in it from CATS and Richard was right when he described himself as a tall, lanky lad. He certainly has grown into his face (not to mention the rest of him!)


I watched a TV drama called "Just Henry" recently with a very young actor called Josh Bolt, playing the role of Henry. It was wonderful! I couldn't help thinking all the way through it though that the 17 year old reminded me of a very young Richard, not just in looks, but his mannerisms and voice were very similar, even how he walked. Very strange indeed!

I managed to find a link to a trailer for Just Henry. What do you think? Am I bonkers or what? (Second thoughts, don't answer that - I already know!)


Here's the link to a newspaper article:


Maybe if Richard ever gets a role where he is the father of a teenage boy Josh could play the role!

RiCrAr said...

Hi MsG,

Can't wait to see the photo, but I've no email capability at this blog and naturally prefer not to have my email address posted on such a public forum.

Do you have a photobucket account or perhaps you could post it at one of the RA Central forums? I could collect it at either of those locations, then crop & enlarge in order to post the photo here. Another possibility would be uploading it at Twitter?

Thx for sharing - very much appreciated:)

RiCrAr said...

That's so true, Sue. Richard really did grow into his face by the time N&S was filmed. Even in Spooks 7, after deliberately losing so much weight for his new role, the hollow cheekbones didn't do an otherwise handsome face justice. Fortunately, chocolate donuts came to the rescue for the last few eps of that series. He was definitely back at *wibble* weight by Spooks8*oh yes!*

Very interesting news about Josh Bolt. I'll check the link and see if it's possible to post the trailer here. Perhaps a poll is in order to see how many can see a strong resemblance, etc to RA.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they someday play together in one of Richard's future projects. I wonder if he has any idea what his first role will be after The Hobbit. He's already #52 on IMDb's starmeter - perhaps that fact will generate early offers to him. *hope,hope,hope*

MsG said...

Okey dokey, I might try sending to Richardarmitagenet.com then gals....keep ya eyes peeled at let me know whether you think it might be him 3rd from the right in the line up (my friend is 4th girl from the left and she's 5ft 7" to get some perspective) OR it could be the guy who is just visible on the bus at the back on the right, kind of looking over the shoulder of the one in front. Personally, I think it could be either! But my friend didn't think he was in the photo, but then again we RA-mob are clever when it comes to spotting the man, even at a distance!

MsG said...

Apologies she is the 6th girl in from the left, for perspective purposes. It will all become clear when you see the paper-cutting/photo. Will let you know if the programme or further photos come to fruition.

MsG said...

Ok, there will be 2 piccies on richardarmitagenet.com...bless her cotton socks she dug out another backstage shot.
Clearer pic (no.2) but bizarrely looks less like a young RA as( unusually) he's not smiling.

He definitely improved with age!!

RiCrAr said...

Thanks, MsG, I'll check for the
2nd photo at RAnet.com. The first is posted above and to me it definitely looks like smiling Richard - third one in on right.

RA has had quite an interesting life - from sleeping along side the elephant tent in a circus to demonstrating his dancing feet on stage and now journeying with The Hobbit cast & crew into all the magic of middle earth.

Best of all, IMO, he has many more adventures to come, as a result of The Hobbit movies. It has been quite exciting these past few yrs to share, at a distance, his exhilarating professional thrill ride. Looking forward to more ahead.