December 28, 2011

Happy 2012!! + Dwarves Misty Mtn Vid by bccmee + Interview with Interesting Comments about Richard III Dream

Tangible evidence RA's star has ascended - Not certain how infallible the starmeter at IMDb might be, but he is +882 to #52.  Martin Freeman is #40.

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RA interview Quote:  I always look for good within bad and vice versa. That’s what appeals to me about Richard III. The villain, the hunchback, child murdering, usurping monster – I want to try and find the man who loved Anne Neville, passionately, from childhood until death, who was inconsolable at the loss of his only son and who put in place the ‘even handed’ judicial system, which we enjoy today; and then have him ‘slaughter’ the Princes in the Tower. It’s all about contradictions"

Another daily workout video:
We can all jump in the swimming pool afterward:)



Musa said...

I know those lyrics - Sharpie!

That's a beautiful video by Bccmee isn't it from The Hobbit trailer. PJ is going to have to release the movie soundtrack before the movie so we can hear more of RA's dark and deep singing voice.

RiCrAr said...

You're definitely *Sharpe* Musa;)

Is there an average timeframe for soundtrack releases prior to the film opening? Six months would be a welcome reply..haha..then we can order it as the production breaks for Summer.

BTW, don't miss another dwarves chant video added above. It developed an echo as it was being uploaded to youtube - gives it a unique sound.

Sue said...

I love the video and the singing. Richard has such a lovely sweet, mellow, yet haunting voice. I hope we hear more of it. Perhaps they will include it on the DVD "extras"? I certainly hope they include some interviews of the cast and director about the making of the film when the DVD is released.

By the way I've just seen a trailer for the new series of Sherlock on the BBC over here in England. Martin Freeman (aka The Hobbit) is Sherlock's sidekick in it. I thought you might also be interested to learn that Guy's sister (Isabella played by actress Lara Pulver)in Robin Hood also appears in the latest series (as we've never seen her before!Unlike her Spooks role she doesn't keep very much undercover! Basil Rathbone never got up to such shenanigans I can tell you!!!!

Here's the link to the trailer:

Sue said...

PS: Here's a preview clip of Lara Pulver's character, Irene Adler. Who is apparently a "dominatrix" for hire! This clip isn't the same one I saw on TV yesterday (which was very naughty - just up Richard's street perhaps? Wouldn't mind giving his peaches a good pasting I can tell you!)

RiCrAr said...

Sue, Thx for the link..I'll take a look.

As far as other Thorin songs, there's much discussion about the soundtrack & the fact they're usually released prior to a movie's opening day. Definitely something to look forward to earlier than Dec 2012.

I can see you've taken Richard's fatherly advice to be "willingly" good and even "extra good" to heart with your Sherlock comments. *cough,cough* haha ;)

IMO, a dram of harmless *naughty* is exactly what it takes to enjoy the breadth & depth of being human. So, be sure not to miss an ep of the current saucy adventures of Sherlock.

Check the latest poll asking which words are authentic RAspeak and which term on the list is not in the RA dictionary. We'll need to wait for more poll results to get a true read of just how many of his "community of friends" know the '6 little words' or meaning of TDHCMO.

p.s. there's a recent clever game on twitter for Richard's's called #howtospotanRAfan -- funny stuff:)

RiCrAr said...

Happy almost 2012 Sue and Musa!

Hope it's a wonderful year for both of you and for all RA's "community of friends."

2012 - The Year of Thorin!:)

Musa said...

Happy New Year!

Only 347 days to go until the premiere of The Hobbit!

MsG said...

Happy New Year all! xxx

RiCrAr said...

Thanks Musa and MsG - hope 2012 treats both of you very well.

Sue - see above for link to an article from the Radio Times about Sherlock. They mention Irene(Lara Pulver) "strutting around starkers."

Sue said...


Yes, I am taking Richard's advice and trying to be "willingly good". I always try to do my very,very best in every way. However as my old mum used to say "if you can't be good be careful", very wise. (Didn't Richard say he was "careful" as far as romance was concerned in one of his interviews? Maybe he's not planning on being so good after all!)

I watched the episode of Sherlock with Lara Pulver and it was pretty darn good. Much better than the last series I believe, as I wasn't too keen on those storylines (or does that have something to do with the smutty content?) Poor Irene Adler got beheaded at the end of the show, so no grand reunion. Interesting that the Sherlock star has so many followers on Twitter, RA had better look out or he may be usurped by a younger (but not better looking) model!

As for the ratings on IMDB for Richard, they won't really show a true reflection of his fanbase because, like me, many fans have refrained from commenting there any more because of the hassle from other less forgiving fans. I got fed up of someone jumping down my throat every time I made an innocent, but naughty, comment. Your blog is much more forgiving RiCrAr.

All the best to everybody for 2012! I've a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride this year.

RiCrAr said...

Lol - I'm convinced you'd make a great detective, Sue, after reading the timeline and conclusion you provided, in reference to Richard's admission he's "careful" in matters of the heart. You certainly know how to entrap by using a person's own words*winks*

Agreed about RA's imdb board - it tends to be very hostile to anyone other than a small band of like-minded posters. They often savage those with a warm-hearted sense of humor that's very similar to RA's. That fact and their constant nasty cannibalizing of each other makes one wonder if they're truly supportive of the actor whose message board they constantly taint with unforgiving and anything-but-peaceful banter.

Hoping your prediction of a "bumpy ride" in 2012 is a reference to The Hobbit activities - once they resume filming in NZ. Perhaps PJ will release more frequent vidblogs and interviews as An Unexpected Journey nears completion.

Sue said...


I agree with your comments regarding messageboards. It's such a shame that such a small minority can spoil things for others.

My comment "bumpy ride" was in relation to the 2012 economy over here in England. I think things are going to be very gloomy for quite a while. I envy Richard living and working in NZ for the next couple of years. It seems that he is very lucky to be able to ride the worst of the storm out somewhere like that.

I see that presidential elections are looming for Barrack Obama in 2012. It's interesting to watch all the various party hopefuls trying desperately to fight their way to the top of a very greasy pole. Rather them than me!

Interesting that you mention the new film with Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher. I do say that it seems very cruel to portray her as an old fool during her last few years. I reckon as old and frail as she might be she could still cut a person to shreds with a few words.

I don't really find MS very convincing as Maggie. Not nearly haughty and authoritative enough in manner or voice.I would much rather have seen a British actress in the role.