December 8, 2011

Thorin's Orcrist & Uhtred's Serpent-Breath + Shop 'Til You Drop Sat

Thorin’s Orcrist:
Uhtred’s Serpentbreath:
Excerpt from Bernard Cornwell’s Sword Song: “I touched the hilt of Serpent-Breath, my sword, then touched the amulet of Thor's hammer that hung around my neck. Kill them all, I prayed to Thor, kill them all but one. It must have been cold in that long night. Ice skimmed the dips in the fields where the river had flooded, but I do not remember the cold. I remember the anticipation. I touched Serpent-Breath continually and it seemed to me that she quivered. I sometimes thought that blade sang. It was a thin, half-heard song, a keening noise, the song of the blade wanting blood; the sword song. We waited and, afterwards, when it was all over, Ralla told me I had never stopped smiling.”

hmmm...deliberating Sue's suggestion of a snuggle suit with wiggle room or the following Santa Suit...we report you decide ;) 

Past Post from Dec 10, 2010:

"if only in our dreams" - an RA clone in Santa's bag for one & all..see coupon at above link

Sit on Santa's lap: Please form an orderly queue ladies & bring your own DB & M ;)


Sue said...


There is a new craze (a crazy craze) over here in England that seems to be taking off. It's called the "Snuggle Suit". Wonder if Richard would consider wearing this in the cold NZ weather? (Maybe not!) I bet he'd look rather dashing don't you? Wonder if there would be room for two!(I love a good snuggle!)

Here's the link:

RiCrAr said...

As usual Sue, you've sent me on a crucial journey of the mind deliberating whether the 'snuggle suit on your side of the pond is the same as the infamous 'hoodie footie' on this side. Looks to me as though they're one in the same(see photo in post). Marketing of products seems to have finally reached the 'one-size-fits-all' long-time goal of global merchandisers.

While checking out your snuggle suit with wiggle room idea, I stumbled upon what you might agree is a better alternative for Richard during the holiday season. See the ultimate Santa suit above. *for some unknown reason have started to hum the lyrics to song 'Santa Baby'*wink,wink*

MsG said...

Santa Suit...oh yes... :P :P

I'm missing his presence

Musa said...

Oh my! That special RA "snuggle" suite! Hope he comes down my chimney with that one.

Love your tree decorations - what could be more in the holiday spirit! We need it while still waiting for Eric's next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MsG, I do think he'll be home for Christmas, I'm sure PJ will give them at least a couple of days off at least.

Carolynd1 said...

Love the RA Santa snuggle suit! Love the Christmas pics!

RiCrAr said...

ok tallying that unanimous for the Santa version of the snuggle suit:)

We can take turn using up any wiggle room in the suit..wouldn't want dear Santa to get chilly on Christmas Eve..would we *wibble, dribble*:) Can't have any disappointed children on Xmas morning. No one would be tempted to distract him from his deliveries, would they *cough,cough*

Sue said...


It looks like the snuggle suits over the pond are the same as here in blighty, only ours seem to have more outrageous patterns and designs (which are awful). I must admit I prefer the RA santa suit. One stipulation for the design though it must have velcro fastenings! (I'm sure I don't need to explain why, do I?)

Richard can't complain about modelling a snuggle suit, not from the man that once danced in a banana suit (according to Sophia Myles).

Whether he will be home for Christmas will largely depend how long they are allowed away from filming. If it's only for a short period then it might not be worth making such a long journey from NZ. I do feel a little sorry for him as all the other actors seem to have moved their partners and children over to NZ for the duration , whereas poor Richie is on his lonesome (I assume). It would be nice if some of his family and friends could visit him from time to time.

RiCrAr said...

Sue, I doubt very much "poor Richie" is lonesome. He's surrounded by cast & crew almost 24/7 according to Eric Vespe's lack-of-sleep complaints.

Besides, don't you just know at least one friendly female will make certain he has all the company he could want, whenever he wishes it.

I'm sure it would be satisfying both for you and MsG to know Richard has again set foot, over the Christmas season, on your native soil. Of course, the best alternative would be for his family to pay him and NZ a visit for a couple wks.

Can't help but wonder if RA world will yet again be abuzz around Dec 23rd?24th? That is, if PJ finds it possible to give the cast a little free time over the Holidays.

Sue said...


"I doubt very much "poor Richie" is lonesome. He's surrounded by cast & crew almost 24/7".

You can be surrounded by people and yet still feel lonely, especially if most of those people don't mean anything to you.

As for an RA clone for Christmas. I'm afraid it would have to be the real thing or nothing for me I'm afraid (likely to be nothing then!)

RiCrAr said...

Agreed, Sue, that you can be surrounded by people yet still feel lonely, but my impression of Richard is that he's a man with natural people skills.

He seems to form a warm bond & friendships with those he sees on a daily basis - at least, I hope that's the case. Besides, right now he's probably either starting to pack a few things for a trip home over the Holiday, or preparing to welcome some family members/friends to celebrate together in NZ.

Have you seen the photo I've posted of our holly bush? It's in the latest post. Does it look like a healthy specimen to you?

Sue said...


Yes your holly looks very healthy indeed. I have some holly trees in my garden along with some ivy. I couldn't help chuckling a little when a neighbour knocked on my door and asked if she could have some holly and ivy for a display in the local church where she is a warden. (Not a churchgoer myself alas, I prefer to be a heathern, much more fun!). As you rightly explain holly (and ivy) have pagan connections and I couldn't help wondering if she was aware of that. (Maybe they like a good old pagan orgy on the quiet!)

It's just as well Richard gets on with those around him on a daily basis, I bet there are bound to be some irritating people that simply get on your wick sometimes in the acting fraternity, especially if they have sensitive ego's. I would find it terribly difficult to bite my lip if they got too precious and can be very sarcastic at times if push comes to shove.Being a shy person Richard must find it difficult to meet and work with total strangers at first, but once he gets to know them I'm sure they discover a naughty and fun loving child underneath that quiet exterior.

Lets hope Richard gets to come home for a while. I remember him commenting about the times he was away filming RH for six months. His life had been so full of work that time seemed to have stood still, and then realised when he got home that he'd been away such a long time and that things had moved on and changed somehow. Just imagine what it must feel like being away for over two years! Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't end up with a NZ accent. My family live in Australia and were born in England but all talk with an aussie accent now.