December 19, 2011

Links to The Hobbit Trailer(see below) + Did Sir Guy Deserve the Lasting Legacy? + Merry RA Vids Are Rockin' YouTube

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What about the BBC's most recent Guy of Gisborne? Did his image receive a fatal blow at the hands of an excellent actor?  Did he have the misfortune to be played by someone with powerful acting chops, who would thereby forever seal the leather-clad knight's destiny to be remembered as a ruthless knave? *wide grin* Here's the incident that prompted the question...

Yesterday I received a thank you note from my older sister saying she really appreciates their Christmas gifts from us, which were Spooks 7 and RH2. However, she apologetically returned RH saying they already purchased it after watching last yr's gift from us - RH1. This is the same sister who sent N&S a few yrs ago at this time of year. That frequently-watched present had triggered the whole fangurl adventure for me (and hundreds of thousands other females around the globe).

I had to chuckle when reading in the same letter - "as to Richard Armitage - we loved him in North & South & The Impressionists, but he played his part too well in RH and I kept wishing he & Keith Allen would get it right between the eyes. He's a good actor, though."  Then she added "We really enjoyed RH Series 1 but when they eliminated Lady Marian, I lost interest in the series. We watched it through to the end of S3, although it was never the same without her."

Next poll will ask if you believe Sir Guy deserved to "get it right between the eyes" or rather as RA himself said "in the neck".



See first 10min of Downton Abbey season 2..scroll..


Musa said...

Lovely assortment of Christmas videos - especially the JibJab one -Gracias!

My special favorite is the NCW and RA one. Jamie and Gisborne together - Swoon

What will we all be doing tonight at 10:00pm EST I wonder :)

RiCrAr said...

Yes, Musa, evidently quite a few RA fans had the same positive reaction to Jamie Lannister as we did:)

haha..mmmmmm...where might we be at 10pm? *chuckles* definitely not dozing off for a good night's sleep. In fact, falling asleep might become impossible after all the excitement. We'll learn which song Thorin sings w/the other dwarves & hopefully hear at least one of his lion-like roars at the goblins or trolls.