December 11, 2011

Branding Profession Definitely Has It's Perks(see *green* news below) + Brief Review of The Hobbit Trailer + Your Fav Version of A Christmas Carol? (See Below for Opening to Ours)

Her blog and twitter timeline speak for themselves.  She's a branding professional who will shortly visit NZ and all about it here:

NEWS: There's a paragraph about The Hobbit trailer plus reviews of a few other new films:



Even a safe house should have a few holiday lights...hope they're not keeping him awake;)

Christmas is only two weeks away...we'd better visit a few Christmas Markets..
Then we can visit the lovely Longwood Gardens.  What could possibly be more beautiful than their conservatory during the Holiday season - unless it's The Nutcracker's Suite..stunning marriage of the two...


kathrynruthd said...

I love the Deadzone vid...JulietD001 does such amazing vids with perfect music!

RiCrAr said...

Hey there kathryn :) Welcome!

Help yourself to some of the Christmas eyecandy I've just posted above. *no cal but verrrry delish*

We're agreed that Juliet's vids combine fine visuals(well, how can we go wrong in that department with Richard as the focus?) plus the added bonus of perfect background music.

You've reminded me that I've not posted her 'What D'ya Want From Me' Lucas video in quite awhile. Must remedy that situation asap.

There was a scrumptious RA fanvid available on youtube for a couple yrs but disappeared at least a yr ago. It used Canadian singer Celone Dion's??(sounds something like that) hit song 'Seduces Me'. I remember the pulled fanvid had the title 'RA Seduces Me', to which I'm certain many of his current fans can strongly relate . Perhaps you could pass along this message to Juliet - that song begs to play again during an RA video. *not so subtle hint* haha

Don't be a stranger - hope you'll drop by again soon.

Musa said...

Christmas at Longwood looks so beautiful. Would love to go to Longwood one day. I can't believe Christmas is so close.

Hope Richard's visitor has an in-depth report about him on her return. Wish we could go along with her to see him :)

Sue said...

Just heard that the crew of TH have pulled out of filming in Nelson due to bad weather - it never rains for what it pours does it? Maybe RA will get an extra few days hols?

About the pet RA is most likely to own RiCrAr, I reckon the only pet Richard could possibly have is one of those robotic or computer generated models of an animal where you have to feed and look after them like a real pet. With all RA's globe trotting it just wouldn't be fair to any animal (or girlfriend)as it would be sorely neglected in every way. Abandoned even!(Maybe he could adopt a NZ sheep, they do have plenty of them and if he got peckish he could always cook himself a nice lamb chop or roast leg of lamb. Sorry all you veggies out there!)

Wonder if Richard had any pets as a child. I always seemed to have a whole host of Rabbits for some reason, oh yes and a couple of newts once in a goldfish bowl (with a goldfish too!)

RiCrAr said...

Longwood is well worth the trip Musa, in any season. The *branding* person representing RA's agent said he warned her she might want to stay indefinitely in NZ. Leads me to wonder if it will become his home away from home in the future. Perhaps purchase land as an investment?

Which ties in nicely with your comment Sue, about the most likely pet for RA. Didn't he show an interest in horses after his GoG riding experience?

Therefore, if Richard has developed affection for NZ, it's possible he could purchase rurual property there - perhaps a farm with a large meadow for at least one horse. Riding is definitely one of those skills he needs to keep sharpened for professional reasons.

Wonder if he knows whether or not Richie is still alive. Wouldn't that be serendipity if the two of them were reunited somewhere on the rolling hills of NZ. haha It's another fangurl scenario..