December 6, 2011

Is it Richard in Your Opinion? (See poll & pix below of Hobbit cast/crew members) + Brits United Running Poll Asking Who is Sexiest Brit Alive(see link below) +Ted Hughes Given Place in Poet's Corner(listen to RA's reading of Hughes 'Song') + Two Hobbit Related Articles(see below links) + Yet Again..Waiting on Espe

UPDATE:  Much evidence was presented before the court including the fact James Nesbitt is 5'11" tall while RA is 6'2" tall - yet the man in blue shirt looks shorter than the former.  Case closed:)

Some speculation on Twitter that the following man wearing a blue shirt - talking with James Nesbitt - might be RA.  There's a second photo of the man as he walks away from the camera.  (IMO, he's not tall enough to be RA--posture isn't straight enough either) tall is Nesbitt?  I'm going to start a poll asking youropinion whether or not it is RA. 

An unexpected time traveller guest arrives for The Tudors Christmas festivities...

Who is the sexiest Brit alive asked the britsunited blog..currently RA has 94 votes to Henry Cavill's 102..latter is a hottie as well but doesn't sizzle on screen with nearly as much heat as..

HOBBIT NEWS: Thanks for the heads up to Musa-Fabo for the following:

Thanks to Sue for informing us "The poet Ted Hughes has been given a place in Poets Corner at Westminster Abbey."  Following is her fav RA reading of one of Mr Hughes poems - it's mine as well.  Must have recommended it to RA Twitter fans at least a doz times in the past 18mos and posted it here a number of times as well..

Sheesh!  FedoraLady has found the ultimate formula for exploding...err...ahem...causing us to be almost overcome by the vapors *blush*....

How did I miss this one until today?...might've been certain ethernet vibes keeping it at bay, but now that it's discovered..can't resist - with one important caveat.  The following is the song I've sent to my RL squeeze every year on our wedding anniversary -  He and RA share the title of *Simply the Best* in my heart. 
Bravo Angie! - it's another majestical match of music and man/men, which leaves me lost in alliteration heaven:)



alfie said...

And a merry x-mas to you too ;-)

Looove the one with the blue pixie hat (is that the right word - dont know what it is called in english:-))

RiCrAr said...

Hunkiest pixie ever, right Alfie:)

The v-neck tshirt certainly inspires a warm holiday spirit, doesn't it? Then watch fedora lady's "time of the season" fanvid and we're ready to jump into the nearest snowbank. haha

We're getting into all sorts of devilment while waiting for Eric Vespe's latest Hobbit set report. *winks*

Sue said...


Just a little snippet which indirectly affects Richard. The poet Ted Hughes has been given a place in Poets Corner at Westminster Abbey. I loved the readings Richard did of his poetry with that velvet voice of his. I actually downloaded a copy of one from YouTube on my MP3 player ages ago. A fan had added background music which I liked and thought only enhanced Richard's dulcet tones. The link to this is:

Watching a recording about Ted Hughes on the news I couldn't help comparing him with an older Richard, especially his eyes and nose. He looked up slightly with his eyes and it reminded me of Richard very much. (That habit of looking up with his eyes, yet his head is looking slightly down. The clip of RA in the NZ press conference where he answers a question put to him illustrates this exactly).

Who knows maybe one day Richard will get to act out TH's life story, albeit a life seemingly littered with tragedy.

See link:


Sue said...

Just looked at the links re the cast and crew being photographed arriving ready for filming in NZ.

There is a piccy with someone wearing one very large boot and a shoe, obviously someone who likes to mix and match! He's also wearing a blue shirt. Could it be our Richard? Otherwise he seems as elusive as ever!

RiCrAr said...

Thanks for the Ted Hughes news, Sue. The 'Song' poem is my fav RA poem reading as well. I've recommended it at Twitter numeous times over the past 18mos and often have posted it here as well.

I've added the fan vid/narration to the latest post.

It would be wonderful if someone wrote a screenplay about the poet's life - although a sad story, it is the type of conflicted character Richard seems to relish portraying the most. Would be delish if he was the star of our proposed film. haha *fangurls know how to dream* ;)

I enlarge that pic of the guy with mismatched footwear, and it's not Richard. His posture isn't straight enough and I believe his face can be clearly seen in one of the other shots. Mr anonymous is a cutie..can definitely understand why you wondered if it might be our fav TDH.

I've just been reading news stories announcing one of Anne Rice's novels will be produced for the screen. It's expected to premiere in 2014. The book was pub 2005, entitled "Christ the Lord:Out of Egypt". At first, memories of Richard in the Nottg'm prison cell came to mind - his resemblance was uncanny in that scene to many portraits of Christ.

Upon further reading I realized the book focuses on Christ as a 7yr old boy..his maturing years were not mentioned, so the idea of RA as Anne Rice's Christ:out of Egypt faded away. Too bad because she definitely has a case of Armitage fever and mentions his name quite often to her followers.

Musa said...

I voted in the poll. I don't think the man in the blue shirt in The Hobbit cast pics is Richard. I think that's not his body or his profile. There are some similarities, but I don't think that's him. Well, back to waiting for Eric Vespe :)

Love RA with the blue elf hat!

Carolynd1 said...

No, that's not Richard. Mouth is all wrong. Back of head is wrong. LOL

Love the video, Simply the Best!

Love the poem Song, by Ted that Richard does. My phone is set to play the clip 'oh my lady, oh lady' when I get a text message, love getting text messages.

Sue said...


I must admit after seeing the enlarged pics it definitely isn't our beloved Richard - far too weedy looking!

I agree that it would be nice if Richard could do Ted Hughes' life story on film. It would be as you say be a conflicted character for Richard to play, an added bonus for us as that seems to be his thing.

Mind you fans of TH's may complain that RA is far too young to play him as they did with his Thorin character. I certainly think those comments irked him a little, hence the "40 years" answer to the journalist at the NZ conference.(Which sounded a little mean).Funny they didn't put any questions to the other actors isn't it? (Or maybe not!)Wouldn't be at all surprised if RA had expected that question and had engineered it somehow. (Just my suspicious nature).

Lvn said...

The guy in blue shirt has a cast on the left foot.

RiCrAr said...

aha, Lvn, I wondered what he was wearing - thought he might be hiding a top secret hobbit foot:)
We'd have heard if Richard was injured - more evidence it's not him.

I agree Musa that it's not Richard..the blue hat matches his eyes - we like our TDH's to be color coordinated. *chuckles*

Sue, it's ashame all the skeptics, who complained RA is too young to play Thorin, won't see how wrong they are until a year from now. Imagine how giddy with excitement we'll be at this time next Dec.

Yes, Carolynd1, I luvvv the 'simply the best' fanvid as well. As for the pix above..the man might be slim, black hair, slightly similar features but that's where the similarity ends. His shoulders are not broad enough, sideburns form a different line, posture isn't upright enough and the measurement that cannot be denied - James Nesbitt is 5'11" tall(see his IMBd page) & RA is 6'2" yet in the pic Nesbitt looks taller than Mr Anonymous.

Now I must check the latest results at the Brits Reunited poll..Richard was ahead by a few last time I looked.

Laura said...

I wonder if the "look-alike" in the boot might be his stunt double? Often they look enough like the actual actor to be mistaken at first glance, even if the height is different. And an injured foot kind of goes along with that...

angieklong said...

I have also wondered if it was a stunt double--there is a definite resemblance there, as if this guy could be his brother. Looks more like him than his stunt double for RH did.
As Laura said, the boot (just like the one my husband wore after fracturing his leg) would go along with that theory.

I love all the festive RA pics. Puts one in a holiday mood. :D I have a Christmas video in mind--if it all comes together--I think it will be a winner. Thanks for the video love.

RiCrAr said...

Angie & Laura, that's an interesting theory about the man wearing the boot. Is it evidence Richard's double was needed for a particularly action packed Thorin scene? or did the man simply injure his foot while skiing or playing rugby?:)

Looking forward to the new video Angie. I don't know how I missed your 'Simply the Best' until the past few days. It's one of my fav songs of all time - we all seem to be in total agreement that RA is indeed simply the best actor possible in every way we could ask.