January 25, 2012

Thorin Oakenshield's Genealogy + Richard Armitage Pic Smileathon + Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black - See Poll

Always be prepared is the GirlScouts motto(or is it the boy scouts?) Either way it's definitely a good idea.  Therefore, just in case a miracle occurs in your life and you receive a phone call saying you're invited to attend some event with RA - you have the wardrobe for almost any occasion....denim, fleece lined jacket, more formal event when he might wear a suit/hot pink shirt -  or the worst scenario, if he shows up wearing Dr Track's orange jumpsuit - you have that covered as well...(a girl can  always dream;)

Thanks for the mention Angie :) appreciate it (easy to miss it but there's are 2 'r's in allthingsrarmitage;)

Thorin Oakenshield's family history in great detail:

Whoa! Hands off! He's ours;)*sniggers* - nice idea for a backboard for the single females out there..

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A lovely RA fan on Twitter gave a 5 rating to the resemblance between RA and Daniel - she then added "Daniel smiles a lot more often".  Must have triggered my slight *cough* RA defense mechanism - as a result, here are some of my fav smiling Richard photos:

Latest poll asks - "on a scale of 1-10, with 10 meaning "huge resemblance" - how closely does Daniel Radcliffe resemble RA?


                       Downton Abbey vs Spartacus--Most ridiculous comparison ever:
I've never seen such great efforts taken to try to sell a sow's ear as a silk purse. (see link below to full article) IMO, there's only one reason why it's worth taking brief peeks(it's impossible to watch an entire ep) at the Starz series 'Spartacus'. That is, to take a glimpse at the new star - Liam McIntyre.  Yes, those who find it exciting to see blood spurting in 10 different directions, from fresh gaping wounds, have found nirvana in this series - usually within the first 5min of each new ep.  Unbelievably, the writer states both Downton Abbey and Spartacus are almost like watching the same show. *LOL* What a jaw-dropping inaccurate comparison that is! It triggered incredible amazement over the lengths a person will go to justify watching the brutal crapola displayed during every hour of the gladiator epic.  There are so few scenes in the Starz series, without the gruesome butchery, that it's almost impossible to even care about the storyline.  The writer does admit there's plenty of gratuitous gladiator sex, and this season the gorgeous new lead will of course participate - therefore, we can only hope the writers will start to fade out the blood and gore and instead allow the handsome, muscle rippling hunks to obey the 20th century flower childrens' command - "Make love - not war!"



Musa said...

I'll have to watch The Woman in Black, though I don't like horror films. Daniel seems like a very level headed young man, also similar to someone we know :)

RiCrAr said...

Yes, Musa, feel the same way about horror films but will watch to see what Daniel does w/the role. In the *everything is relative* department - there's also a horror film starring Henry Cavill called "Black Creek" that's patiently waiting by our TV. Although that one has a WWII plot so hubby should find it interesting as well. We've just finished the 38th ep of The Tudors, so will finally move unto other dramas. One of them is "Cash" starring your other fav actor - 'sharp' Sean Bean.

Actually, the fantasy genre is another one that usually holds no appeal for me, but Geo Martin managed to weave a fascinating enough tale to make it worthwhile - and a certain hottie dwarf enhanced Tolkien's saga as well:)

As of the mo, the "not much resemblance" vote is ahead by 2 in the Daniel vs Richard poll. Considering we have most of the week to go for that one, it's really almost a dead heat right now.

Musa said...

RA has such a great smile - thanks for the smile pics! I love his laugh too. After The Hobbit he needs a comedy, a smart romantic comedy!

Laura said...

I absolutely second that, Musa. I think we should start a petition. I'll write it. And we can all go together, en masse, to present it to him!! ;)

Anyway, Ricrar, can I just tell you this? I don't want to sound like a stalker, but I absolutely love it when you show up on Pinterest! Suddenly my screen is filled with all these beautiful images! That, of course, I must repin!

Laura said...

At least, I think it's you! If not, I just totally made a fool of myself... (not all that uncommon, unfortunately)

RiCrAr said...

I third the rom com suggestion, Musa. We deserve at least one romantic comedy after patiently waiting for Thorin until Dec.

Laura - yes, I was on pinterest for about 20min earlier tonight. What's your username on that board? Don't remember a Laura. Now you've done it - I'll pester you w/comments once I've tracked down your boards. Musa was pummelled tonight with all sorts of comments from me re her fascinating travel board(think she's visited Bangkok) and her other luvvvvv - Sean Bean.

Laura said...

I already follow you!! I'm Laura Hayes... and I'm a Pinterest Addict! I have about a zillion pins.

Sue said...

I'm not sure about the resemblance between DR and Richard, perhaps a little when RA was younger. Those bushy eyebrows of DR's need taking in hand and his face seems more angular. There is another thing that Richard and he have in common though. Apparently he is taking some stick for not looking like the character he is to play called Allen Ginsberg in "Kill your Darlings". He has got very defensive about this criticism. Does this type of criticism hurt the actors involved I wonder? RA did seem to also go on the attack at the conference in NZ about his age amid the criticism about him being to young to play Thorin. I watched DR on the Jonathan Ross show recently and he appears very weedy and ill at ease. (No muscles to die for).Got a new girlfriend now I believe and the media is having a feeding frenzy.

RiCrAr said...

Ooooh Sue, do I ever have a shirtless photo of DR for you. It must've been taken while he was appearing in Equus because his muscle definition is totally hot. First thought was that it seemed indecent for Harry Potter to look ripped - which was quickly followed by the reaction that he looked like a mini-Lucas North. The photo is posted on the Pinterest website.

Daniel always exudes true humility, which to me is so rare in the entertainment community that those are the very few actors I admire. They don't believe their own press like the vast majority of other show biz types, and are usually highly skilled actors. If a role requires an arrogant attitude, they can carry it off but in their personal lives they remain real, down to earth.

They're the only ones I consider worthy of our attention. I'm definitely not into celebrity worship, but will admit one particular actor has managed to render me a fangurl.

Have you heard the latest RA rumor? Buzz on twitter has it that he was cast in series3 of Downton Abbey - despite the fact there has been nothing official announced. Community of friends must be getting desperate for something new about Richard - during this lonnnng drought period.

Sue said...


I'm doubtful that Richard will be in Downton Abbey, if only because he will be too knackered filming The Hobbit to moonlight and appear in DA. If he does I hope he plays a real baddie!

I can't imagine Harry Potter with muscles. I do remember him appearing in a stage play which included full frontal nudity. He made a comment about a hamster as I recall. Now if we are comparing notes with Richard's physique I think it might be more akin to a polecat/ferret! (Or should that be a tiger?)

Laura said...

I saw DR in GMA this morning, and immediately came here and changed my vote from "looks a lot like RA" to "barely any resemblance at all".

I can see why people think there's a resemblance - I noticed it too, very early on. But now that I've done a very detailed study of RA's face...

Daniel has a square face, whereas I'd classify Richard's as more Oval. Definitely longer. I think that's the biggest thing, for me. Watching this morning, I kept thinking, "No way".

But I still think seeing the two of them in a role together - perhaps as brothers, or father and son, would be interesting. There's enough resemblance to pull that off, I think. Except for the voice...

And Sue, I don't know if you did it on purpose, but you are totally cracking me up with that ferret reference to Daniel. Probably because I'm such a Potterhead... Malfoy was turned into a ferret in "Goblet of Fire".

RiCrAr said...

Sue, apparently the DA rumors surfaced because a major announcement was about to be made re new Downton cast member. Well, it will be Shirley MacLaine playing Cora Grantham's mother in series 3. That news is more of a disappointment to me than anything else. Shirley's style of acting is always uncomplmentary to Americans.

She never fails to play a loud, obnoxious, often crude woman. Just had a mental image of her opposite Downton's dowager Violet *chuckles* That's probably the reason they chose Shirley to play the role. Should be good for a few laughs anyway.

Laura, as for Daniel's ferret :) miniatures are always so cute.

IMO, Richard & Daniel have a strong enough resemblance that I'd say they have more than an average amount of DNA in common. At some point in the past their must've been a coupling of at least two of their ancestors. If Daniel's family roots are also in No England, that could explain the resemblance.