November 25, 2011

Editorial Out of NZ re TH + Thorin & Company: Hobbiting Around the Christmas Tree *hilarious*..(Thx Musa for the headsup)

Following created by the One Ring website...


            THE HOBBIT: Interesting editorial yesterday from one of NZ's newspapers:

Thank you to the  website for the originals of these John Mulligan photos..


Musa said...

LOL Isn't the JibJab video great! I've watched it several times now and love it. Especially RA and Aidan in the rock band scenes :) Will it help us wait for Eric Vespe's next blog post!

RiCrAr said...

It's great Musa:)

Thorin appears to be not only the dwarf leader but also leader of the Middle Earth band. haha

Gollum really rocks those drums. *chuckles*

Eric promised we'll love his Mon report - I'm guessing he took a shirtless pic of Thorin.*giggles*
...might be setting myself up for disappointment;)

Musa said...

You are too funny! I think a shirtless Thorin may be too much to hope for!
Can't remember from the book if the dwarves ever disrobe? Maybe we'll suggest it to PJ :)

Musa said...

Oh my! More eyelash pics - especially that last one!
Thanks! Good way to start Saturday.

RiCrAr said...

Knew you would appreciate the last Mulligan shot, Musa:)

He was of course a very badddd boy BUT he looked so good trying to seduce his dinner partner - then the shocked expression when she abruptly walked out on him. Flashback to the GoG/Marian wedding ceremony..when she left him at the altar.

I'm still amazed at the number of females who broke RA characters' hearts - Carole in Sparkhouse and Laura in Ultimate Force come to mind. Even Margaret's marriage refusal caused dear JT many months of suffering through a broken heart. On the positive side, Richard's real-life experiences have to be more positive than his on-screen love life.

RiCrAr said...

Following is a copy of Sue's latest comment(& my reply to her) which can be found under the Nov 20 post. She said..

"Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday over in the USA. Apparently the day after Thanksgiving you have a discount sale in department stores (sounds like our Boxing Day sales over here in England) and it was reported on BBC news that in order to get the best bargains a woman used pepper spray on the other shoppers!

I wonder if RA will be home for Christmas? If he is no doubt he will cram in some more voiceover work if at all humanly possible."