November 23, 2011

Today's Eric Vespe Report w/RA Mention(see Guy swinging sword below) + Project Mag Videos

Ideas for dressing for cooler weather:

More fashion ideas - this time for work or as gifts:

FINALLY  Eric Vespe's latest from The Hobbit set with his promise we'll really enjoy the next one...

The Hobbit NEWS:  Excerpt from website below:

Amongst the stash of treasure and weapons taken from poor dwarves, elves, orcs and men captured and eaten by these trolls is a tiny elvish blade, barely bigger than a dagger for a regular man, but just the right size for a Hobbit.

Unless I’m misremembering Fellowship, Peter Jackson filmed Gandalf handing Sting over to Bilbo to mirror Bilbo giving Frodo the sword in LOTR. In other words, he makes a moment out of it. With the beautiful green forest in the background (cave entrance), Martin reluctantly receives the sword, pulling it slowly out of its sheath.

Thorin gets Orcrist here as well, which you can see him wield in his promo picture by the way. Orcrist is a long, flat blade and they filmed a scene of Richard Armitage swinging it down in a wide arc striking down a leaping evil thing to be added in digitally before all is said and done.

Next up is a small report about a big dialogue scene. Richard Armitage fans will be interested in the next one, I guarantee it. See you then!

-Eric Vespe
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Richard Armitage for Project Magazine (Part 2) by Matt Holyoak from Dan Stoddart on Vimeo.
Richard Armitage for Project Magazine (Part 1) by Matt Holyoak from Dan Stoddart on Vimeo.
Richard Armitage for Project Magazine (Part 3) by Matt Holyoak from Dan Stoddart on Vimeo.

Past Post from July, 2011...Captain America reaction:



Musa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ricrar!
I think we are all grateful for Richard Armitage.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday to everyone :)

RiCrAr said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Musa. I'm especially thankful for your faithful input here and with our fun and diversified activities elsewhere.

May you and all RA's wonderful fans find much to be thankful for during this holiday season and in the New Year ahead. Won't we all breath a deep sigh of gratitude one year from now, when all of us will no doubt be overjoyed at the anticipation of soon seeing The Hobbit.

RiCrAr said...

Wowza! Today's Eric Vespe report describes RA wielding Thorin's Orcrist. Oh my...*wibble* visions of the dwarf leader being all manly and virile thrusting Orcrist at a middle earth baddie.

haha...Eric promises we'll really love his next report. If a couple sentences today caused shortness of breath, we just might need a visit from Dr Alec after the next one. *chuckles*

vani said...

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