November 29, 2011

Ian McKellen Blog Post +Thornton Thurs + Great Find by Musa..RA Mention:See News Report Below + What 'Scorching' Looks Like

NEWS: THE HOBBIT on Location - Thank you Musa for finding following NZ news report:

Thanks to for the above link and report on N&S in Russia


Just noticed this quote from the UNPOPCULT website (Oct) about Strike Back 3 being given the green light:
“while it’s a completely different beast from the show it originally was last year, and it’s no replacement for my beloved Spooks, I’ll be giving it a go.”

        Past Post from 2010 - discussion re the almost concluded (at the time) Spooks 9:

"Are you OK baby?"(LN quote from Spooks 9)
More holiday gift ideas for your full-grown *baby*:

Something for the man who might wear a hot pink dress shirt…who might that be? ;)
(Link should take you to an Armani gunmetal watch with pink detailing)

Quote: “perfect for the man who unwinds at his cabin on the weekend” (this one should be a puffy hooded ski vest from Gant Rugger)


Musa said...

Ha! RA as the Christmas Baby! Scorching baby :)

Now you've made me think about scorching looks from Thorin in 3D - swoon

Will you be in line for the opening of TinTin to see The Hobbit trailer?

RiCrAr said...

When will Tin Tin premiere Musa? Isn't it an animated film? If so, I'll probably be content to read fans reactions to the Hobbit trailer.

Have we learned anything new about The Hobbit filming schedule? Is it only the first movie that will be a wrap in June, or has PJ been simultaneously shooting both of them? Last strategy would no doubt be the most economic - Although the budget for the two films certainly sounds generous indeed.

haha couldn't resist the 'scorching hot baby'..his Christmas bow is strategically placed on one(or is it both;) of RA fans fav locations. *naughty, naughty*

Sue said...

Love the baby RA with the strategically placed bow. I bet he was a cute little baby boy!

RiCrAr said...

A baby with stubble, Sue :) We don't see that everyday.

Agreed that he was no doubt an adorable baby..and still is. Come to mama, baby. haha

Sue said...


I remember RA commenting that he didn't get away with things as a child because he wasn't a cute kind of kid (something to that effect as I recall anyway). I think that must have been just Richard being modest. I bet he and his brother were a right couple of little tearaways.