November 7, 2011

Real Life Interruptus..back on Sat Folks:) + Hobbit or Elvish Name? + New GoG Fanvid + Tuxedo Tuesday


Hobbit/Elvish Name Generator:

Have you as yet received your Hobbit and Elvish names?  Which do you prefer?  I'll go with my temporary Hobbit name - Daisy Sandybanks of Frogmorton :)  Temporary because if there are no laws against bigamy in Middle Earth, making plans to become Mrs Thorin Oakenshield:)  *what in the world is she sniffing..winks*
You'll understand perfectly why I've chosen the hobbit name when told my Elvish name -- Idril Telemnar.

Just discovered the following group, which qualifies IMO as superior entertainment (same as our fav actor),  because they're not only exceptionally talented but provide the bonus of delicious eye candy treat as well..

Do black cravat and tails qualify as a tuxedo?  If so, John Thornton was formal 24/7..

German fan provides handsome November Calendar...



MsG said...

Oo looove the piccies today....I have been so neglectful catching up with your blog. Need to set aside many days of ogling. Favourite has to be the screenshot from BTS...mmm yum.

Tigerlily Loamsdown of Deephallow

Musa said...

Have a marvelous Friday :)

Thanks for more eyelash ogling!

RiCrAr said...

Hi TigerLily:) & Musa, Some people have all the luck w/elfen names. The elves seem to have a garden theme going - mine was Daisey something.

Thx for the well wishes Musa. We leave for rehearsal & dinner in an hour. Planning to arise about 7am, but you know how it goes with the excitement of the day. Won't be at all surprised if I'm up at dawn. Oh well, that will leave time for leisurely coffee before bridesmaids start to arrive.

Sue's message today, in the 3rd post comment box, says she believes RA will find the time as usual to send a Christmas greeting to his fans. Tend to agree with her, although it might depend on just how much time PJ allows for holiday revelry.

Wedding Themes said...

He looks handsome in every pics !!!

Musa said...

I do hope Sue is right about a message from RA. I have faith he will. Hope PJ at least gives them Christmas off!

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Great pics, and I love going through your poll questions!

RiCrAr said...

Hi Musa & MLC,
Excuse this tardy comment..I've been having such an RA high uploading pix, after wedding drought period, that I just noticed your comments.

Good to hear the polls are appreciated.

I'm certain you're correct that Richard will find the time to send his usual holiday message, Musa. Well brought up hottie that he is:)