November 1, 2011

5 New Photos Discovered..Thx to ranetdotcom + Welcome November - Month of Crisp Cool Air and Rusty Red & Gold Leaves

Poll Answer: In an interview when asked why so many dark characters, RA replied "I think I am drawn to darker characters because I am quite a CHEERFUL person.."

New pix discovered - taken during the Recognize Mag photo shoot..scroll..

There's a contest - UK viewers for the next series of Strike Back.  Not sure whether they're calling it Series 2 or 3?  Of course, the first series was the most entertaining both visually and in the storyline - A certain spectacular actor might've had something to do with that fact:)

Following is my fav dance from last night's Halloween edition of Dancing with the Stars..She's the olympic soccer athlete who started the competition 7weeks ago by saying she had difficulty thinking of herself as sexy.  Believe this dance proves she's overcome that misconception :)


Teuchter said...

Some cool air is definitely necessary after looking at these HOT pictures!! :) John Porter in one of my favourite RA characters and I think he played the part brilliantly! Such a different character from either JT or Lucas but he inhabited the role as he always does. *Sigh*

RiCrAr said...

Agreed with your Porter comments Teuchter:)

I found myself comparing Porter's moral compass with Lucas's while watching Strike Back. Of course, that was prior to the latters swift downward spiral. Although luscious Lucas had been my fav from ep 1, Spooks7, Porter won me over with his 'line drawn in the sand' attitude toward terrorists.

As for LN, after hubby watched the final ep of series9 with me, he was disgusted with the destruction of that MI5 character, so he imagined how the series9 web could be untangled for another series.

He suggested it could all be explained away by stating a chip had been implanted by the Russians - it created false memories for Lucas - leading him to believe he was a killer. Vaughn knew about the chip and that's why he had the ability to manipulate the unfortunate spook.

That was all I needed to hear - now all I need do is patiently wait for BBC to decide there should be a series 11..haha..won't hold my breath while waiting;)

Sue said...


I don't know about your dancing show over in America but some of the celebs (I lose the term very loosly indeed)are pretty hopeless.

I was glad to see the back of one particular contestant the other night, called Nancy Dell'Olio, who as far as I can tell, her only claim to fame is that she has been boffed by the Swede (Sven Goran Erricson, ex-England football manager). But then haven't we all dear! Actually he lived in Hale, Cheshire, not far from me, but I'm glad to say I never had the pleasure (or should that be pain?)

Here's a link for further details:

By the way saw an interview over here in England with writer and creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes (a Lord no less). There will be a two hour Christmas special of Downton after this series ends. He's also writing a four part TV series about the Titanic which he says is written from a different perspective. It will be very different from the film (thank goodness, don't like too much mush) alas I'm not much of a romantic. Now then how about a part for Richard, Julian old boy?

RiCrAr said...

You're not much of a romantic, Sue? really? you'd never know it from your reaction to often reads like heated romance:)

Yes, I know what you mean about the recent 'Dancing' shows competitors. After all these yrs, apparently they're scraping the bottom of the celeb barrel for them. For instance, this time one of ours was Cher's daughter,,,err,,,meant to say son(miracle of modern surgery). He's a very nice person but how exactly does he qualify as a celeb?

There are a couple talk show is an excellent dancer but the other's footwork leaves much to be desired. Ironically, the latter is still on the show after 6wks due to her partner being a hottie. Female viewers call in each week in order to keep Tristin on their screens..has nothing to do with his partner's talent. I'll post their latest dance to see if you agree with the viewing public about Tristin.

Wouldn't it be downright delicious if Richard had one of the roles in Julian Fellowes upcoming Titanic drama.

See link above to newly discovered photos of RA. In one he wears a pink shirt with a handsome suit...that color never looked so good. The pix were taken during the Recognize Mag shoot. RA must've spent the entire day in that photographer's studio.

Musa said...

Add my vote to a role for Richard in Julian Fellowes Titanic.

They're really teasing us at Recognize magazine, releasing only a few pics when least expected. They are wonderful aren't they? My favorite is the one with the pink shirt, just beautiful.

Sue said...


I must admit against my better judgement I do like Richard in the pink shirt and suit the best. I don't usually like men wearing pink, not very masculine, but it does suit his colouring and he can get away with it.

They have released the theme tune to Downton Abbey over here in England, sung by Mary Jess.

Here's a link to YouTube:

It's a lovely haunting melody don't you think?

I wonder if Matthew and Mary will get married in the Christmas special of DA. I must say it doesn't look good for Mr. Bates and Anna at the moment. Mrs. Bates committed suicide but it looks like she's framed her estranged hubby for it. (What a tangled web we weave.........)

Had a press conference over here in England today publicising the new Bond film which is about to start filming. Daniel Craig is looking a bit frayed around the edges these days, it must be the trials and tribulations of being a newly married man.

Lets hope Richard gets his job next time around!(Not for the newly married man role though!)

RiCrAr said...

Thanks for sending the twitter heads up about the new photos Musa..much appreciated:)

It takes a man firmly secure in his personal masculinity to wear such a bright shade of pink, doesn't it - it definitely works for him. My fav is the blue suit w/white shirt primarily because it's the only new pix where Richard looks into the camera.

If he wants to avoid the nickname 'sober sides' he'd better try to at least show some balance during photo shoots. Why such a preponderance of serious expressions, when he has such a gorgeous smile?

Yesterday, while expressing the same thought to another RA fan, had a moment of introspection and told her I must sound like his mum -- "Smile Richard - you have such a sweet smile dear." haha:)

RiCrAr said...

Sue, our last comments passed each other in the ethernet:)

We both mentioned pink and masculinity, adding Richard can pull it off. *chuckles*

Thx for the Downton Abbey update. Musa is following each new ep. I tried in the beginning but the UK network would kick me off after the first 5-10min..haha..finally gave up and decided to wait for it's premiere here in Jan.
Oh my, sounds as though Mr Bates does have a challenge ahead to prove his innocence.

Daniel Craig frayed around the edges you say - not easy to keep the UK and world safe as 007. I'm not quite sure Richard would want the role. Of course it probably does have great financial compensation, so perhaps he'd accept the role in order to further his Richard III dream. Maybe the Bond role would finance an RA adaptation with him as producer, director and, if he wishes - in one of the roles.

Isn't he lucky to have fans who sort all these complicated matters out for him. Lol ;) teehee