November 20, 2011

Thorin FanArt + The Hobbit in French Mags + Narration Pt 1: Lost Land of the Tiger + Clever RA Spherical Ball by bccmee + Eric Vespe Tweets: We'll Enjoy Next 2 Reports

Wonderful Thorin Fan Art:

Who knew there's Middle Earth holiday music?...
My fav is Middle Ages Christmas music...

Most recent Eric Vespe tweet to RA fans on Twitter:
" You'll like the next report. You'll LOVE the following one."  9 hours ago

Another Eric Vespe Tweet to RA fans:
" No word on the pics yet. Once they're approved I'll go with the first report of the week. Could be Monday or Tuesday"  9 hours ago

THE HOBBIT featured in a couple French magazines:
See photos and entire translation graciously provided at the RA Net website(see below link):

Excerpt: "When he was a young dwarf prince, Thorin witnessed the destruction of the realm of Erebor. Forced to exile, he became a strong fighter and a charismatic leader, whose only desire is to destroy the creature responsible for his people's misfortune. “Thorin feels a surpressed anger and I take advantage of this role to express my own dark side”, adds Richard Armitage. “It’s liberating! I pushed limits of my performance outside my “comfort zone”. I do not want to rest on my laurels”."

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, when he has a ski lodge to decorate for Christmas:)  - can't take credit or blame..a twitter Lucas made this one last year..funny haha

See following link for surnames found in George Washington's family tree.  Seems RA shares at least one with the first President of the U.S. - Crispin...

EXCERPT from the AncestryUK website(see below link) regarding President Geo Washington:    
The first ancestor of George Washington, First President of the United States, to live at Washington , Durham, England was William, originally known as William fitz Patric. The Washington Family had extensive estates in both North East and North West England, with family properties in Berwickshire (Scotland), Northumberland, Durham and Westmoreland (Cumbria) in England before William settled at WESSYNGTON - now known as WASHINGTON."

     From above website: The Lindisfarne Gospels illuminated on Durham Cathedral, UK...

Apparently Geo Washington was interested in genealogy, which is not a surprise to anyone who is a history buff as well.  The two, IMO, go hand-in-hand.  In Washington's personal circumstances, however, he found it wise to not publicly express his interest in family history - lest his political opponents might be tempted to claim it was proof Pres Washington wanted to establish a monarchy instead of his true preference - an American Democratic Republic.

Here's another one of bccmee's clever projects. It demonstrates the primary reason I've said she's one of those who keeps the RA eternal flame burning brightly. Her contributions are welcome indeed during these days of almost total darkness in new fan material...



Sue said...

I like the sound of the character Thorin. Charismatic, now that sounds just like our Richard.


Don't know whether you're aware of all the fuss going on regarding the Murdoch empire and phone hacking but Hugh Grant was giving evidence at the High Court of Justice over here in England. I must admit it's given me an insight into the murky world of publishing and how celebs are treated. Actually Hugh Grant went up in my estimation, he proved to be very articulate when being questioned and I admire his true grit for taking on these people. I must say though I don't envy Richard when it comes to the perils and pitfalls of media interviews. Hope it never gets as bad for him as it obviously has for Hugh Grant. He did have a little spat of course in one particular interview oops moment. Let's hope it never gets repeated. To be honest I haven't bought any of these so called celebrity gossip magazines or Sunday papers for many moons as I think they're not worth wiping my ar*se with! Perhaps if there wasn't the ferocious appetite for this kind of rubbish from readers then these hacks would probably leave people alone as there would be no big financial gains from it.

I must admit I think I've become rather sanitised by the whole gossip thing relating to footballers, actors and the like regarding stories about who's bonking who. Strikes me a story about a celeb being intentionally celibate would be more shocking in these times. (Not to say unusual!)

RiCrAr said...

Interesting topic Sue,

Yes, I've been watching the phone hacking story but don't believe for a moment that only Murdoch reporters are guilty. The liberal media predominates in Europe and the USA, therefore they focused on the Murdoch aspect in order to cast a dim light on the more conservative side of the political ledger. Murdoch's FOX news is under the same sort of double standard from the unprincipled liberal reporters.

Murdoch's news empire does try to keep to the traditional standard of unbiased journalistic reporting while here in the US the vast majority of national media is simply the propaganda arm of the liberals(Democrat Party). It's a great challenge under that type of firestorm for Sky/Fox(Murdoch) to avoid being painted as the sole perpetrators of hacking when evidence has proven all news outlets guilty of that celebrity phenomenon.

IMHO, an actor whose career is definitely in a slump(Hugh Grant) cannot step forward in such a prominent case without readers/viewers suspecting he might have professional motives along with personal reasons to testify.

Yes, the description of Thorin as charasmatic does explain why PJ found Richard perfect for the role, doesn't it. Did you read, what sounds to me like a new RA quote, when he told a Frend mag that he unleashed the darker side of his personality for Thorin. He said it's liberating which triggered a flashback for me of his remarks about Guy of Gisborne.

We're still waiting for Eric Vespe(embedded with Hobbit set) to get approval for photos in his next report. He tweeted yesterday that RA fans will like the next report and LOVE the one after that...yippee:) We should soon have some new RA sustenance to feed on for awhile.

Question is, is PJ planning to film both Hobbit movies by June of 2012 or will shooting continue beyond that timeframe? Seems they've already been in production almost a year. If it runs through Jun 2012 = 18mos total. Hopefully it will be wrapped up by then.

Sue said...


I have wondered myself just how long it will take to film both films, taking into account that the actors etc. will finish work quite a while in order to let the whizz kids add all the effects and editing of the final article before released.

In the photo of Thorin (above) I think Richard's eyes convey an inner sadness and troubled soul (oh not again!)

Regarding newspapers/media I believe the press have gone too far in the way they pursue their prey and need to be properly regulated. I seriously doubt if it ever will however as the politicians are in hock to these media magnates. I certainly don't believe that their tactics are restricted to only the Murdoch empire but is inherent in this incestuous world of publishing.

I do have great sympathy for the celebs that are being hounded by the press funnily enough. If I was ever in their position I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't be tempted to throw a wobbly and tell them all to "naff off" (or something similar)as Princess Anne used to be renowned for doing.You really would need to have the patience of a saint.

RiCrAr said...

Yes, Richard's eyes certainly convey Thorin's steely gravitas (find that word more accurate than 'nobility' often ascribed to the dwarf leader - probably due to the egalitarianism in my DNA)

The photo above reminds me of those taken during a pause between Spooks scenes - Ros was in conversation with a crew member as RA meandered about, hands stuffed in his jeans - apparently focused on staying within his Lucas character. Isn't it amazing how his intense eyes pop beyond that mass of hair/mustache/beard.

I understand how you feel about celebrity phones, etc being hacked. Everyone should have at least a basic amount of privacy - even those who have voluntarily chosen a profession that benefits in many other ways from the notoriety of being a celebrity.

We're still waiting on PJ to approve the photos in Eric Vespe's latest report...seems to be taking forever:) I don't know if Thanksgiving is celebrated in NZ, if so it could give the director some extra time to examine the pix.

In the spirit of that holiday, just want to thank you for all your great insight here. It's very much appreciated. While munching away tomorrow on roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc, I'll give an extra thanks for all the fun we've had following a wonderful actor and good person's interesting career. *a toast to the RA universe at the start of yet another Christmas season*

Sue said...


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday over in the USA. Apparently the day after Thanksgiving you have a discount sale in apartment stores (sounds like our Boxing Day sales over in here England)and it was reported on BBC News that in order to get the best bargains a woman used pepper spray on the other shoppers!

I wonder if RA will be home for Christmas? If he is no doubt he will cram in some more voiceover work if at all humanly possible.

RiCrAr said...

Hi Sue, our Thanksgiving holiday was very relaxing this year. That's exactly what was needed after all the weeks of wedding commotion.

Hope you're right about Richard managing to fit some voiceover or other work into a Christmas visit home. We'll all be waiting in anticipation of another of his thoughtful Christmas greetings to fans, but will perfectly understand if PJ chooses to keep TH production working through the holidays.

I saw the pepper spray story as well but must admit to being skeptical about the authenticity of that type of news report. The current crop of reporters tend to be more into creative writing than a journalistic standard of providing the public with the pure and simple facts.

The day after Thxgiving is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season when the annual bottom line for retail businesses finally turns from 'in the red' to making a profit and therefore can be recorded 'in black'. IMO many Americans don't really understand the significance of the term 'black Friday' and assume it means a horrific day to shop. In truth, in the past few years IMO it has lived up to it's name although with a far different context.

If you don't mind, I'll post your recent comment in the latest post as well - it's dated Nov 25. We expect an Eric Vespe RA report tomorrow - no doubt will require it's own post to do it justice. He has definitely raised our expectations with many promises that we'll "love it".